Godard's Passion

Godard's Passion

While shooting a film, the director becomes interested in the unfolding struggle of a young factory worker that has been laid off by a boss who did not like her union activities.

On a movie set, in a factory, and at a hotel, Godard explores the nature of work, love and film making. While Solidarity takes on the Polish government, a Polish film director, Jerzy, is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew K (fr) wrote: The Signal is a movie with a truly ambitious vision that unfortunately ends up being it's downfall. It has a very gruesome and gripping first act, a rather comical second, and a trippy disappointing third. It has elements that, if expanded upon, could have made for an excellent movie but as it is, it's just average popcorn entertainment.

M D (mx) wrote: If you didn't come of age and weren't part of, on the immediate periphery during some part of, or never heard of, the era of zines, pirate radio, audio and visual collage, cut & paste flyers, "The Cassette Mythos", "The Anarchists Cookbook", The Church of the SubGenius, ReSEARCH, and everything else that encompassed the early low-tech, pre-digital, DIY movement then it will be difficult to fully appreciate the cast of characters in this wonderful documentary that is way more than the sum of it's parts. For some it will be evident, regardless. For others, well, they didn't get it then and they certainly won't get it now.

Paula L (mx) wrote: So sweet and the story so matches with mine atm :D

Nick M (nl) wrote: "Little Fockers", an unnecessary sequel with little to add to the series, is a complete misfire. The jokes are forced, in poor taste, and string together like a collection of crude, unfunny sketches from MAD TV, serving only to further what little plot there is. (The deliverance/plot feels like an a rehashed storyline found in most TV sitcoms.) The characters have worn out their welcome and their performances come off as tired with having little to do to complete the so called "Focker Trilogy." Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro provide fine chemistry once again, but its plot is a rehash of its predecessors so we see no new relationships between Greg and Jack (You'd think after 10 years that Jack would finally trust Greg to take care of his daughter!) Owen Wilson is a full fledged character in this installment which works better in doses; Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand are completely wasted and underused; Jessica Alba is completely miscast and comes off as annoying. Underdeveloped story lines/subplots disappear without any closure of what happened in the end (Kids possibly going to the fancy private school, Greg's deal with the Alba and the pharmaceutical drug.) There are little, small laughs here and there but not enough to justify even the mere idea of making a third "Fockers" movie. Skip. 2/5

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