Goddo supiido yuu! Burakku emparaa

Goddo supiido yuu! Burakku emparaa

The 1970s in Japan saw the rise of motorcycle gangs, which drew the interest of the media. The movie follows a member of the "Black Emperors" gang and his interaction with his parents after he gets in trouble with the police.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   police,   japanese,  

1970s Japan saw the rise of biker gangs, known as Bōsōzoku, which drew the interest of the media. God Speed You! Black Emperor follows a member of the bike gang and his interaction with his parents, after he gets in trouble with the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Atanu B (au) wrote: This movie is a teacher! It teaches us how to manage recession: with an alternate, primitive and sound way of income! It starts with an unconventional treatment towards the most talked about topic of all time, financial crisis, but seems to have lost at the round about midway! Akshay Kumar, the great star that he is, looked faded, whereas John, with his great body, looked good only in strip scenes; hope he works on his facial expressions. Deepika could not make her presence felt, Chitrangada had a short but a better role than the main female protagonist. It's probably time that someone reminds Mr. Dutt about this famous past, probably he has totally forgotten it. I was disappointed, probably because I had Dostana in my mind while watching it. But then, even as an individual movie, much was expected out of it. Two and half star, just because of Akki.

Nathan H (ca) wrote: From a technical standpoint, "Death of a President" is a remarkable little film, the "mockumentary" of what might have happened had the anti-war and anti-America movements in the U.S. and abroad led to actual assassination attempts. The film commands a modest budget, but is still able to manipulate real footage of key political figures in ways far more striking than those at-the-time revolutionary clips from "Forrest Gump" fifteen years ago. Kudos to the technical crew on this movie.And from a social commentary standpoint, "Death of a President" also has some interesting things to say about protest and violence. If war brings unintended and tragic consequences (no matter the motivation behind the war), think of the consequences for the death of a major leader (again, no matter the motivation behind the killing). If a president were truly to be assassinated in this day and age, I agree with one of this film's primary theses: there would be no end to the legislation enacted, and there would be a remarkable loss of civil liberties for the average citizen. Not to mention the racial hatred, the racial profiling, etc.But technical achievements aside, and commentary aside, "Death of a President" just isn't a captivating film...not after the first thirty or forty minutes anyway. Once the immediate aftermath of the assassination is over, we lose interest, but yet the film keeps going for another forty minutes. We don't really care about the manhunt because we don't really care about all of the phony characters. This is really the problem with "mockumentaries": we aren't "learning" anything, as we might in a real documentary, so in order to hold our interest, we've got to have some solid character development, and we've got to really have someone to root for. Without that, we're just sort of learning a history lesson for a history that never happened, and...well...who cares?On a slightly different note, though, I'm astounded to read about all of the commentators and critics and news outlets who declared this film to be "dangerous" and "inappropriate," etc, without ever having seen it. Well. Maybe not astounded. Because there's always political capital in criticizing other political statements. But I'm disappointed. Especially by the film critics. No, it's not a good movie. But it *is* an attempt at art, an attempt at creating meaningful commentary out of fictional events, and the use of a real president as the victim is necessary (not gratuitous or exploitative) for the storytellers' purpose. Personally, I think that the destruction of the White House in "Independence Day" (as amazing as that was, from a technical standpoint) was far more gratuitous, created as it was for the simple shock-and-awe value of seeing a treasured symbol destroyed.

Alex S (mx) wrote: As smart as it is chilling, The Orphanage is a beautifully shot and wonderfully directed horror film that serves as an excellent example of how to create a tense atmosphere with no gore, only subtlety.

Daniel V (ag) wrote: A wonderful introduction to Steve Rogers that starts off as a fun and exciting period piece of with a hero who starts below average in all aspects but determination, compassion and courage. Some super steroids later and he's Captain America Super Soldier. Cap starts off as a mere mascot until he shows what he can do and becomes Captain America leading his Howling Commandos on missions against the Nazis/Hydra/Red Skull. You get the idea. While the movie is lots of fun it's second half is quite forgettable with the exception of the Avengers setup which at this point isn't as exciting since we can see the Avengers any time. This is Chris Evans first time in the role and he owns it very early as he is being bullied and beat up, before steroids of course, his bully yelling "Had Enough?!" Steven stands up, holding a garbage can like a shield and says "I could do this all day." Knowing he is going to get pummeled no less! Like most of the firsts in the MCU, this one stands alone while subtly planting seeds for the future, only overtly doing so in the post credits scene.

Meredith W (br) wrote: A charming little film. Although Topher Grace may have filled out a bit since "That 70s Show", his voice is still that of Eric Forman. Nathan Lane's appearance as Josh's agent adds some zing to what is otherwise just a run of the mill, dime a dozen sweet, light, romantic comedy.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (fr) wrote: A real good movie, and very long also, think it was a little over 2 hours, but it's really good! SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!

Tyler T (kr) wrote: WOOT!! This movie has the academy award for best picture written all over it! I love to listen to jazz music when hunting people through a forest. Or the part where the woman has a baby WITH her pants on! That is sheer talent. god this movie sucked.

Fong K (de) wrote: Contrary to the suggestive title, there is only so much insinuation of sadomasochism and Stockholm Syndrome in Pedro Almodvar's slightly warped but strangely winning love story of a B movie actress and her abductor.

Aimee C (nl) wrote: Excellent Simenon adaptation.

Esteban G (ru) wrote: "A man can be an artist... in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasy's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece." I don't know what it is about this formulaic revenge film directed by Tony Scott, but I absolutely fell in love with it from the first time I laid my eyes on it. As much as I love Tarantino's script in True Romance, I still consider Man on Fire to be Tony Scott's best film. I'm also a fan of Denzel Washington's work so their collaboration together in this film is probably the main reason why I enjoy it so much. This was their first film together, but they went on to make three more action films after this one which I enjoyed to a lesser degree. Scott's last film, Unstoppable was a pleasant surprise, but they never matched the quality of Man on Fire. I'm probably alone in this claim, considering it wasn't received well by the critics. There are two other performances here that I really enjoyed. Christopher Walken playing Paul Rayburn, one of Creasy's (Denzel Washington) closest friend and Dakota Fanning as Lupita, the girl that Creasy is hired to protect. Fanning gave one of the cutest child performances I've seen and you couldn't help but feel enraged during the scene in which she was kidnapped. That believable performance and the strong chemistry she had built with Washington is one of the main reasons why the familiar revenge tale manages to work so well and engage its audience emotionally. These are the roles in which Denzel seems to excel at, and he recently proved it once again in The Equalizer. Man on Fire is over the top in its portrayal of violence and it's very stylish, but I was always entertained. Well I think I've written enough about this film so I'll be off to Blue Bayou now! "Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting.""Last wish? I wish you had more time."

Tim S (gb) wrote: Even though Rudy Ray Moore's career began with Dolemite, it certainly isn't the best movie of his career in retrospect. It isn't as funny or as much fun as some of the others, including Disco Godfather and The Human Tornado. It's not altogether bad, but it certainly feels pretty boring at times. It has a few moments that will induce some laughter, mainly with the minor characters rather than Rudy Ray Moore himself. I have to say though that I never understood why his stand-up act was so popular. It gets really tiresome and is mostly unfunny, except when he delivers unintentional comedy. The way he phrases things and the way he says them is where his appeal comes from, and not really the quality of his material. This movie has a bit of it in spots, but it gets old fast. I'd say if you're interested in blaxspolitation, then you should definitely give it a spin, but there are more enjoyable films starring Rudy Ray Moore out there than this one.

Antonios g (mx) wrote: elf is a great Christmas comity

Adam S (br) wrote: Implausible and downright ludicrous in times, but miles above other comtemporary disaster films such as "2012", Wolfgang Petersen's reimagining of "The Poseidon Adventure" is not without it's charms.Featuring a cast led by Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Mike Vogel and Richard Dreyfuss, amongst others, this films shows a handful of survivors struggling to escape a sinking cruise liner that was hit by a rogue wave.Many of the scenes play out like a puzzle game, with handy clues and tools lying around in convenient places, and the acting is as sub-par is in most disaster films, but at least there's some attempt to explain away some of the occurrences, making this film at least fun to watch in a mindless sort of way, rather than a frustration.There's better films out there, but this isn't THAT bad.

Tim W (us) wrote: Action comedy buddy cop film. Sure we can be mad at Hollyowood for exploiting Jackie Chan, but this was one of the only times it worked. Fun funny and good ol Jackie action. If you can stand Tucker. 6.5/10

Scott C (mx) wrote: Interesting British drama. Tilda Swinton is always fascinating to watch.