A fallen angel seeks redemption for the death of a child under his protection.

A fallen angel seeks redemption for the death of a child under his protection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Godforsaken torrent reviews

sam v (ca) wrote: one of the most amazing biopics ever

Marilyn W (br) wrote: It was a great movie!!!

Florence (jp) wrote: Num perodo de 24 horas, o filme descreve a vida de Fausto e Jesus, dois trabalhadores mexicanos em Los Angeles. Como em todos os dias, eles sofrem grande presso no trabalho. Mas diferente de todos os outros dias, dessa vez Jesus carrega uma espingarda na mochila.

Richard F (ru) wrote: A great and historically accurate account of this part of the American Civil War, which is why the progressive critics rated it so low. Excellent movie good for all families to watch together. Infinitely more informative and educational than most public school history classes about the Civil War.

Paul M (de) wrote: I kinda think the Director's Cut for this is beautifully done. The choice of using cockroaches as a source of creature-horror is a brilliant idea and used to perfection. It's a beautifully filmed and well-paced slow builder that delivers on thrills and atmosphere.

Laura M (ca) wrote: Maybe more like a 2.25. I watched this movie because it always comes up when people talk about Amitabh Bachchan because he almost died filming it. Like Koyla (1997), the writing just wasn't there and the lead kind of carried the movie as best he could. It was just one ridiculous thing after another, but it was engaging, which saved it from being a really hot mess.

Marcus L (au) wrote: Pretty bad acting and a ham-fisted direction from Aja.