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Godhuli torrent reviews

Adriano B (kr) wrote: Not perfect, but curious and affectionate tribute to Osaka and its peculiar cultural heritage. Kansaiben goes forth!

Ajayesh S (kr) wrote: Movies about death are rare in themselves, as its the toughest topic to make a movie about. Kukoonoor goes one step ahead and takes a stab at the very concept of dying. Most will find this movie disconcerting and heavy, but I think its a good attempt. I do wish Kukoonoor had waited to mature as a filmmaker prior to tackling this subject, he'd have done a superior job. The emotions are somehow lacking in the pull required from a death flick and it shows. The cast is too inexperienced for this subject and overall, it turns out just OK. But a great concept with execution lacking finesse expected.

Lene (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this. I liked the movies and I love the cartoon and comic strip. However, this movie fell flat horribly. I liked the way they looked, but it was something in the animation and the way they moved that really bothered me. Especially since the reactions are one of the main components of the humor. Kids unaware of the history of Garfield would enjoy this more than actual fans.

Janet W (es) wrote: This movie is fun to watch and Diane Keaton was OK a acting, but Dax Shepard, apart from being deadly handsome he is a good actor. I must said Diane Keaton's career has gone for the worst. The movie was a good as a wanted. The acting was eh...the script was awful and the movie was plain boring.

Cheryl T (ca) wrote: Finally a movie i really enjoyed. We've watched a bunch of duds lately. Well done

Thomas B (gb) wrote: A horrible horror movie. (Very bad movie)

Graydon B (nl) wrote: This movie was both funny and greatly sentimental. I really don't know what else to say, but go watch it if you haven't seen this one. One of the best.

J K (kr) wrote: A fan favorite on Skinemax.

Tim B (es) wrote: Definitely my favorite Rodgers & Hammerstein film. Characters are a little darker than expected in such a production (would have even liked to see more character development), but this lends to its charm & intrigue. People of any ilk can fall in love, and this is a good representation of that here. The fact that the singing talent and the songs are stunning doesn't hurt either. This one has stayed with me.

Adam R (ca) wrote: A sad but well-made classic war film that still holds up well today. (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Amy M (nl) wrote: freaking UK amazon....pfff. Doesn't have it.

Joe A (au) wrote: The story of Dracula has been told and retold so many times that I don't fault anyone for taking liberties with the original story... though very few, if any, film or TV adaptations have been very faithful to Bram Stoker's novel. That being said, this Masterpiece Theater production has Lord Arthur Holmwood (Dan Stevens) seeking help from a bizarre religious blood cult to find him a cure for the syphilis he contracted from his father at birth. Their solution is to bring the mysterious Count Dracula to England (Marc Warren) so Arthur may use his blood to exact a cure. Things obviously go awry as Dracula has his own plans for his stay in London that include Holmwood's wife Lucy (Sophia Miles) and her friend Mina (Stephanie Leonidas). Despite the liberties taken with the story like the whole cult/syphilis thing and having no Renfield but, a slightly off kilter Van Helsing, this production is actually effective and entertaining. Director Bill Eagles gets a lot of atmosphere out of his shots and lighting and is capable of building tension and gives the scenes that need impact the strength they recquire to work. The acting is a mixed bag to a degree. Stevens' Holmwood is a little over the top at times as Tom Burke's Dr. Seward is a bit bland. Marc Warren gives a very creepy performance as Dracula channeling both Klaus Kinski and Malcom McDowell from Clockwork Orange and Sophia Miles is hot as always especially when she turns seductive and thirsty vampiress. Overall this is a decent and somewhat original adaptation that could have used more then it's scant 90 minutes as some scenes go too quick and some characters, like Van Helsing, needed to be fleshed out with more screen time. But, for Dracula and vampire aficianados, it sure beats the Twilight saga.

Jos M (us) wrote: Alien Resurrection is one of those particular movies in which almost every single aspect of it is wrong.

Samboujang T (fr) wrote: this movie teaches courage, faith, responsibility taken by security personnels to make sure the high official persons are save at all cost!!!

David A (de) wrote: No disrespect to Prince. He's a great singer and performer, but when it comes to this film, it's awful. The storyline was terrible and all over the place. The acting was cringe worthy at best. The actors really overly acted when they didn't needed to. Theres a few moments that I almost wanted laugh because the scene was either absurd or badly directed. "Purple Rain" would have been better off if it stayed as an album rather than a movie. Might as well call it, "Prince: The Concert Movie." Yes, I know the movie was made to show his talent, but was it difficult to least to make the storyline decent?