Gods of Olympia

Gods of Olympia


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gay interest,  

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Gods of Olympia torrent reviews

Mike L (ca) wrote: Totally ridiculous, obviously but you expect that going in when you pick one of these movies. It was definitely more original than the average B movie and if you can get past the cheese level it's a decent enough one time watch when there's nothing else on. You have to have lower expectations with these ones.

Tyler R (es) wrote: Was a very good sci fi movie. The pace was awesome and it never stopped. Great suspense and gore. Awesome underrated movie.

Holly I (ca) wrote: If there ever were such a thing as a feel-good cheesy fantasy movie, well... look no further. It really is reminiscent of the Neverending Story - albeit much creepier.

Gabriel H (kr) wrote: "Millions" starts out as a movie for children, but it quickly evolves into something like "A Simple Plan" with children. It starts out with two brothers of about eight and ten. One brother has visions of saints while the other is a distrusting pragmatist. They find money by a railroad track, and it starts off good, but things go wrong before very long.

Jason S (gb) wrote: it was somewhat funny

Judge L (ag) wrote: Another TNT Tom Selleck cowboy movie. Good enough of a cowboy movie to keep on entertained.

Robyn M (nl) wrote: This movie is JADED! spectacular, bold and pushing movies to the edge. Filmed in San Francisco the place i love the most, this story is erotic,bizare possiblie guilty of every don't in the rule book of making a movie. thats what i like most its creative side, the womans a pyschologist or is she just a Psycho?Her husbands niave for a lawyer.who murdered who? who did what with whom? its a crazy trip from one side of upper Pacific to North Beach area.

Omar M (nl) wrote: I can't say it's a good film at all, A less than mediocre picture based on a glourios naive script, with bad acting in most cases including the great Mr. DeVito at his worse.. It' just a " Love-is-Blind " rate !

Benjamin W (br) wrote: Definitely one of those "fish out of water" films that thrives on stereotypes and racism, which would probably explain the reason why most of us think of this as the "quintessential Australian".

Elvis D (mx) wrote: I love this film, not for the story but for the acting...and it provided me with great samples for my noise band

Steve J (ag) wrote: The only thunderbirds to watch, ain't that right Brains? Yes Mr Tracy!

Spencer H (mx) wrote: Scary as hell, but kinda boring.

Cory T (de) wrote: Ray Harryhausen would be flattered with the stop-motion animation that adorns Quetzalcoatl, a prehistoric reptile who decapitates window-washers with a single munch. In the midst of it all is Jimmy Quinn (Michael Moriarty), a scurrilous low-life wheelman for criminals. It's as if Larry Cohen gestated on interjecting Ratso Rizzo from 'Midnight Cowboy' into a cartilage-laden creature-feature and against all odds, the raw, seedy B-plot of Jimmy Quinn is a stupendous switchback on archetypal horror-movie protagonists insofar as Quinn is a profiteering scoundrel who is flailing with reforming his felonious tendencies ("Maybe I can't make it outside the slammer."). Cohen is a Roger Corman-esque shlockmeister at heart and the titillating sight of a nude sunbather is juxtaposed with an ineptly shot scene of the droplets of the women's blood descending on pedestrians. Mostly due to budget, Cohen refrains from showing too much of the titular character and it extracts palpable suspense. Truthfully, 'Q - The Winged Serpent' is a wistfully scalene endeavor as it jostles back and forth between Moriarty's filching scheme and the occult angle with human sacrifices to appease the Aztec god Q. Nevertheless, the strain of self-effacing humor (Quinn states he never wants to "see eggs again" after witnessing Q's hatchling in his Chrysler Building lair) assists in digestion of the more disparate elements and it emerges as another unexpectedly witty character study with New York verisimilitude masquerading as a monster movie.

Sam R (it) wrote: Touching and sad. Dustin Hoffman at his best.

Monty H (es) wrote: Exceptional drama that has two plots crossing over. The first one is the opening scene as American forces are battling the enemy in Kuwait under Operation Desert Storm. Tanks led by LT Colonel Nathaniel Serling (a riveting Denzel Washington) are engaging the enemy when a mistake leads to a friendly fire casualty. Serling's friend is killed in the accident and Serling himself is the one to blame. Flash forward a few years and Serling is requested by his superior to lead an inquiry into rescue pilot Captain Karen Walden (Meg Ryan) who is to receive a posthumous Medal of Honor award. But as Serling begins his investigation, conflicting stories begin to cast doubt on the whole situation. This is really a strong and intriguing movie with top notch performances. Denzel is solid as usual. Lou Diamond Phillips is fiery as Sgt Monfriez, one of Walden's crew. Matt Damon is very good in an early role as her medic. And Meg Ryan herself shines in one of her few dramatic roles. She imbues Karen with heroic and strong values. She easily carries the role off and makes you realize she is a really good actress. We knew she could handle comedy, but she handles drama just fine also. There are also several explosive battle scenes that add to the movie, but doesn't over power it. The only regret is that Denzel and Meg have no scenes together since their stories take place at different points but still Courage Under Fire is an excellent movie. As a former soldier I can relate to all the jargon and customs and can say the film makers did it an awesome job. A wonderful music score is an added bonus.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nathaniel Serling: I think, uh... in order to honor a soldier like Karen Walden, we have to tell the truth, General, about what happened over there. The whole, hard... cold truth. And until we do that, uh, we dishonor her and every soldier who died, who gave their life for their country.[Colonel Sterling gets up out of his chair, walks over to General Hershberg and throws his report on the desk]Nathaniel Serling: My full report General.

Paul D (us) wrote: Loved it! Although, would have been 1'000x better if there were Honey Badgers!!!!