Godsmack: Smack This!

Godsmack: Smack This!

A live concert DVD recorded over a period of 5 years.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Godsmack: Smack This! torrent reviews

Mish R (kr) wrote: Great gore but otherwise, pretty dumb. Definitely put me to sleep.

Joel A (jp) wrote: A very simply constructed & more intimate documentary on legendary Art House director David Lynch.More focused on his creative process than his actual films I appreciate that unique outlook of this Doco Film.He is no doubt a strange figure in Cinema but this film definitely adds the human element to him.

Alex K (ru) wrote: Not the best Weston but still good.

Spencer S (ag) wrote: A very straight forward, beautiful piece about the world of the insect, and how big their world is, though we view it as so very small. Directors Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou got up close and personal with the world of the ant colony, ladybug, dung beetle, and dragonfly. Only briefly narrated and accompanied by a great soundtrack of smooth classical music, this film only tries to show how insects view the world and the processes of said world. It drags at times, but it is truly engrossing if you see the world with a philosophical view or just want to know more about the world around you. It's short, sweet, and educational if you don't know much about insects or anything nature related.

Ahmed T (ru) wrote: One of the greatest movies I've ever seen, although I understood only 30 percent of the words. Story beyond words and history beyond dates. Exceptional.

Gordon T (nl) wrote: I KNOW there is a good movie lurking-around somewhere in this poorly edited film . . . River's Last (aside from DARK BLOOD) would somebody release the footage from Dark Blood please?

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - Late teen years)

Simon M (de) wrote: Okay, this over-simplifies what the film is, but this feels like a British "angry young man"/"kitchen sink drama". No idealizing, no clear answers just a very good depiction of the drama of life. A real gem if you can find it.

Mike O (kr) wrote: A great readjustment movie for the flight home from Paris. All the 70s mise-en-scene was perfect (except the doubletime dancing in the discos) and the acting, dialogue and pacing terrific for a long movie. The two leads looked too much alike for my taste, but Dujardins is compelling saying one word, no less 135 minutes of dialogue! Fun and respectful to its forebears, it helped the time literally fly!

Ian S (ca) wrote: Maybe the plot is way to obvious and maybe it was a poor start to a franchise building movie it tries to be deep and meaningful without being deep and meaningful. Cat and mouse thriller that in the end just doesn't deliver

Eric P (br) wrote: a film that can't make up it mind what it wants to be and when it reaches the final act some of the twist it takes make go did they just go there