Joseph McKelheer and Cory Knauf (The Hamiltons, The Violent Kind) star in this intense thriller set in the lingering light of the Alaskan midnight sun. Charlie Shepard, a modern day faith healer with a small flock of believers, is stunned when his family is brutally murdered. Six months later a young, mysterious girl (Courtney Halverson) appears and becomes the link to his family's killing and the murderers themselves, ultimately leading to violent consequences for all.

"Godspeed" is an intense, dramatic thriller set in the lingering light of the Alaskan midnight sun. Charlie Shepard is a modern day faith healer, a man who claims that if you let go and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phantasm G (mx) wrote: Usually not a ''doc'' fan but this was informative and well made.

Rachel H (au) wrote: Awful! I'm a huge sucker for romantic comedies, but not even I could like this one! For a romantic comedy is wasn't all that romantic. I found the plot ridiculous, contrived, and sooooo predictable! The leading man wasn't charming or likeable, but in fact, sleazy and a bit scary. The story is basically about a guy who pretends to be a priest to get close to a girl he has fallen in lust with, by offering to fallow her around and give her guidance during the two weeks before her wedding so she won't fall victim to "temptation." He basically dose this just so he can get her in bed, but then, after knowing her for like three hours, insists he's in love with her, and then pretty much proceeds to stalk her and do things that would have any normal woman, in reality, running for the police. Two thumbs WAY down!

Tommy T (nl) wrote: Food. Love. Ethics. Modernity. Generational conflict. Suppressed desire. Lee Ang's movie.

Aspen T (au) wrote: An excellent movie that I own!

Aka A (ru) wrote: Scarlett Johansson badly portrays a geeky reporter. However Hugh Jackman gives a wonderfully charming performance as well as an interestingly funny performance by Woody Allen. A laughable mystery element and the lead not putting her all into it gives a bellow average Allen film. But for him that's just middle of the road. It's worth watching but don't be surprised if you don't enjoy it.

Nolan P (kr) wrote: Easily one of the top 25 funniest comedies of all time! What do these so called idiot critics know??? NOTHING!

Michael B (fr) wrote: At times dazzling and beautiful, but also confusing and not totally satisfying.

Simon T (fr) wrote: Very boring early space drama, flatly directed, woodenly acted, mysteriously overpraised. Hard to believe Kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey was filmed only twelve years later.

Draculalover18 l (jp) wrote: sounds awesome duuuuuuuuuuude

Harry W (de) wrote: Considered by critics to be the last great film of Alfred Hitchcock's career, Frenzy sounded like a great look at one of his final visions.Being a low budget British crime thriller, Frenzy is largely a return to Alfred Hitchcock's roots. The entire film has a distinctively British feel to it due to its locations and its cast, and that evokes the memories of a lot of Alfred Hitchcock's earlier works. The entire film has the charm of a good piece of British cinema, with one of the most distinctive elements being the language of the script. The screenplay is intelligent partially because its story is unpredictable and full of all kinds of twists and turns as well as many strong characters. The film is built on firm material from the ground up, and Alfred Hitchcock gives it an edge and an atmosphere to it. Things in the film are tense in a clever fashion, in an original and unconventional manner which shows Alfred Hitchcock taking a different kind of perspective on his story which is admirable, so it is one of his more creative explorations of cinema from the end of his career. It is certainly a step up following two rather familiar and similar efforts on Torn Curtain and Topaz.Frenzy is interesting because it takes a different angle to the usual thriller. Usually, films chronicling the hunt for a serial killer with the mystery being the prime driving force behind it all. Frenzy instead diverts cinematic conventions and takes an all new look at its story. It is interesting because the tale is partially a mystery and partially a game of cat and mouse. The story has audiences fully aware of its twists with many of its characters aware of none of them, making it a film with an intriguing narrative structure. This helps to elevate the film above some of its other story flaws such as the slow pace of the feature. Although I will admit that this takes its toll on the movie in the long term because it means that the focus is all over the place and there end up being a lot of characters to keep up with. The non-traditional plot structure of Frenzy makes it both a memorable film and a somewhat confusing one. The general premise of the story is strong with the dynamics surrounding protagonist Richard Ian "Dick" Blaney and serial killer Robert Rusk being interesting, but there are many things standing in the way of it. As there is no mystery in the film, a lot of the plot elements relating to characters trying to figure out the identity of the serial killer really just prove to drag on. The mystery is absent in Frenzy in favour of a different form of intensity which is built on the progressing discovery of the Robert Rusk at the hands of Richard Ian "Dick" Blaney. Frenzy is all about the game of crime and it does so with an atmosphere which is tense but also makes it all seem natural without much forced dramatization, so it is an interesting feature as a whole, for better and for worseVisaully, Frenzy adheres to a lot of Alfred Hitchcock's signature abilities as a filmmaker. It takes its low budget far and has a lot of powerful scenery and strong production design with no German Expressionism this time around. This makes the story feel very genuine and gives it a strong edge. Everything in the film is captured with firm, atmospheric cinematography which makes the tense mood of the experience very clear. Frenzy is packed with strong imagery which gives it a strong sense of legitimacy and makes it an intriguing experience, even if its style is sometimes superior to the quality of its story. It is a case of style over substance perhaps, but as Alfred Hitchcock is a master of intelligent filmmaking, he is able to give Frenzy an effective and memorable style to it.And the cast in Frenzy do their part to ensure that the tale succeeds on a human level.Jon Finch makes a fine lead in Frenzy. Caught up in all the confusion of the murder case, Richard Ian "Dick" Blaney has to incur a lot of unpredictable stressful situations in the plot dynamics. And Jon Finch succeeds at consistently keeping his emotions on par as the tale progresses through its gritty territory. He remains firm constantly throughout and interacts with the surrounding cast members with a strong sense of emotion without going melodramatic. He plays the role of Richard Ian "Dick" Blaney essentially as the everyman that he is which makes him an easily sympathetic figure, so he is a natural talent in the lead role.But it is Barry Foster who stands out from the cast. Barry Foster does a good job as Robert "Bob" Rusk. In his part, he captures an interesting level of insanity. He hides it very nicely in a manner where he largely plays out the part with multiple personalities. He does it well because he establishes a character that is intense and unpredictable at during some moments of the film and so easily casual in others. The balance he puts into the part is grand and he does it so organically that he fits the profile of the serial killer antagonist easily. Barry Foster's performance in Frenzy is one of the finer aspects of the film, and his efforts make the feature a memorable one.Alec McCowen puts a sense of determination into his role as Chief Inspector Oxford and he delivers his lines with a sense of wisdom to it and a real dedication to the script. Anna Massey also does her part in a matter of a few scenes.So Alfred Hitchcock's "last great film" Frenzy is one with scattered focus, a slow pace and an abundance of subplots and extra characters. But it is a stylish film with an interesting plot structure, constant atmosphere and creative visual style to it.