Godzilla 2000

Godzilla 2000

Godzilla saves Tokyo from a flying saucer that transforms into the beast Orga.

Godzilla has razor sharp teeth in a gargantuan mouth; claws that can cut through steel; a roar that echoes back through the centuries; dorsal fins that resemble crimson lightning bolts; and fiery breath that incinerates everything it comes into contact with. He sounds scray but in fact, he saves Tokyo by battling a mysterious UFO that later transforms into a mysterious kaiju dubbed Orga. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed S (gb) wrote: pretty good for a "direct to dvd" horror movie... good performance, and i must say that Macelle Baer has a promising future...she's talented, she has a pretty face and her performance is awesome...

Eric W (it) wrote: What I liked: Usually these type of documentaries the back story is more interesting than the actual event the people are tied to. You don't need to be Freud to understand Skip's reasons for escaping to Darkon stem from his brother ousting him from the family business that he longed to run. Skip is so invested that a conflict in character spills over to words being exchanged at a local Dennys. The Iraq Veteran who shares his story and why he likes to roll play and what a "real" warrior has left him with adds a big chunk of reality to film. The scene where the inner city kids are watching a bunch of fat white people practice pretend sword play in the gym was priceless. My favorite character is the neighbor kid whose explanation of what makes a movie good sounds like it came straight out of Michael Bay's playbook. Not everyone is happy in the land of Darkon. One warrior who is just looking for someone to tell him he did a good job laments how people shouldn't act like a holes in Darkon because that's what he gets in the real world.What I didn't like: Belly dancers with....bellies. I feel for the kids of these families with an interest in sports. "Put down the football and pick up that bastard sword young man".Weird thoughts: Do Civil War re enactors ever fight them?Final Thoughts: The film does a good job demonstrating the benefits of this type of game and how it can make people more confident and successful in the real world.

Rickey M (kr) wrote: Beautifully acted and shot, just wish the story was more than trite cliche of a thousand movies before it.

Nolan M (us) wrote: One of my all-time favorite movies. This zomedy will have you dying with laughter. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost give terrific hilarious performances. Highly recommended for anyone who loves horror films.

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Pretty great little action horror. Pleasantly surprised. Was not expecting much. Great ending too. What's weird to me is why this one has pretty solid CGI, considering the time and budget, but Stephen Sommers gets bigger budgets and years of progress in the artform, yet craps out some of the worst CGI around...

michael g (au) wrote: this movie is hilariously bad me and my friends still talk about how bad this movie is characters are introduced and forgotten, other characters are boaring or pointless. the plot seems to be one of those that everyone has thought of but thought was just to silly to actually do. i almost forgot about the many pointless scenes. 10% rateing for how bad this movie is but i do recamend finding it simply to laugh at how bad it is.

Robert B (us) wrote: I saw this film when it came out in 1994, and I've always remembered its brutal hyper-realism. It starts out with a picture of idyllic New Zealand -- an extraordinarily beautiful scene of the lakes and mountains. But wait... It's just a bill board, which as the camera pans across, we see that it sits above a super highway with cars speeding past. Then a woman pushing a baby carriage comes into view. She lives in the projects right next to the highway. All the while an acid guitar version of "Little Wing" is playing. Wow...

Lisa J (au) wrote: Alright, but a little unrealistic.

Davidus B (br) wrote: This movie is the best illustration of a negative utopian society since 1984.

Senor C (au) wrote: Foxes feels like a dirty after school special. Although hardly a classic it's probably the best female teenage angst flix out there that greatly benefits from having a solid cast involved..yes even Scott Baio. Fans of the late 70s should check it out from The Runaways Cherie Currie alone. As the most fucked up of the four girls she is the stand out just on sheer presence alone. She just has such a natural charisma that works so well w/ Jodie Foster's natural acting talent. Even though it's the girls (& the other teenage cast involved) show the adult cast is strong. Sally Kellerman has always been underrated & her mother/daughter relationship w/ Foster is fantastic. Randy Quaid was once a great actor before he was forever to be type cast as Cousin Eddie in Vacation movies. A little too melodramatic @ times to rank up there w/ something like Over The Edge it does have it's place & if I had a teenage daughter I would make her watch it..& then lock her in her room until she was 21

Gavin P (us) wrote: Decent thriller/drama, with Samuel L Jackson falling for his capturer. Interesting story.

Chris S (fr) wrote: It is a let down after Chronicles of Riddick that most of the cool mythology is ejected in a transparent effort to recapture the success of Pitch Black. If you are going to make three movies, make them all different, no apologies. Fairly entertaining, but disappointing.

Bobby L (fr) wrote: Its oddity and weirdness transcend definition, but it somehow works to deliver a quirky dark dramedy that certainly won't be for everyone. However I applaud the originality. 3.5 out of 5 Stars