Godzilla vs. Mothra

Godzilla vs. Mothra

A greedy developer unwittingly hatches a gigantic baby moth upon Tokyo, while Godzilla strikes once again.

A greedy developer unwittingly hatches a gigantic baby moth upon Tokyo, while Godzilla strikes once again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ibrahim s (gb) wrote: nothing in this movie is worth your time

Erin H (jp) wrote: A heartfelt drama about love, loss and surprisingly about being open to new cultures and religions, although this isn't explored as well as it could have been and it's a bit slow at times but a very touching performance from Brenda Blethlyn

Marina N (ca) wrote: "In our society we feel we must be happy , if we're not happy, we feel hopeless, we feel like failures." - Dr. Blake I haven't read the book but was intrigued by the plot sumary of the movie. My only concern was that Sarah Michele Gellar wouldn't be able to pull it off. Let's be honest. She didn't really become famous by playing deep characters. I was positively surprised with Gellar's performance. This is her best so far. I've read multiple reviews where the film was said to be shallow and pretentious. I do not share this opinion. The film certainly does no try to be 'the tree of life'. And it's far more accessible. The music is wonderful as well and helps carry the message to the audience. The movie makes you step aside for a second and just become fully aware of what's around you.

Scottie T (br) wrote: good stoner comedy, i love seth and james duo's they are amazing together, roll a joint, kick back and watch this funny stoner comedy

Kevin L (fr) wrote: I let the boy and one of his buddies watch it. It's wholesome and good for the whole family with a good moral message. Plus for you that care Ryan Gosling is a teenager in this movie.

Simon D (jp) wrote: If you like Bottom you'll love this, if you don't know Bottom you may still love this. It's overly slapstick but you'll be hooked from the starting scenes of Eddie on the motorbike.

DONNA J (de) wrote: Synopsis: Littlefoot and his pals are back in this second installment of animator Don Bluth's opus about warm and caring dinosaurs. This time out, they're living in the Great Valley, and their adventure begins when the pint-sized Brontosaurus set out to prove ... Starring: Candace Huston, Candace Hutson, Heather Hogan, Jeff Bennett, John Ingle Directed by: Roy Allen Smith

JasonRudolph P (us) wrote: Hilarious in a bad way and good way.

Henry B (us) wrote: A fantastic film that never ceases to amaze people of all ages. No one can go toe to toe with Hayao Miyazaki in creativity.


Mark B (mx) wrote: The movie is very atmospheric; its makers put much effort into creating an authentic setting and realistic scenarios and characters. One really feels transported into the historical situation, without any nostalgic cheesiness. I also appreciate that the movie is leisurely in its pace; it's definitely all about getting to know the characters and seeing them evolving. Very refreshing in this age of fast-paced punchlines. Lisa Eichhorn delivers by far the best performance in the film as she portrays conflicted emotions, torn between her loyalty to her fianc at the front and her attraction to the brash and charming American sergeant pursuing her. Amazingly, Eichhorn is American--I have never seen an American actor/actress portray a British character so genuinely. Her body language, facial expressions, and accent seem British through and through--not a trace of Americanness.... Gere is charismatic and delivers a good performance as well. What bothered me most about the movie was the uncritical way it portrays the sleazy adulterous affair between the Vanessa Redgrave and Walter Devaine characters. Those two characters are supposed to be very sensitive people with real emotional depth, yet they seem far too untroubled about the spouses they are cheating, even though, at a certain point, the Redgrave character does encounter compunction. Devaine just seems smarmy and ingratiating--it's unconvincing to me that the finely sensitive Redgrave character would take him seriously. She acts as if he's somehow this sensitive kindred soul, but as a viewer, it's hard to share her viewpoint. And yet the movie seems to insist that one ought to see him that way. The movie's ending is painfully inconclusive--one is left wondering with painful uncertainty about the ultimate future of the Gere and Eichhorn characters. Of course, one is supposed to feel what the characters are feeling--the painful uncertainty of wartime...

Kyal B (ca) wrote: Surprised by the love for this one. At no point to me does it even feel like a James Bond movie

Brent C (br) wrote: Raymond Chandler's iconic private investigator Philip Marlowe has been portrayed by some of the best actors. James Garner adds his name to the list with his wonderful performance here. His laconic laid back persona fits the character and perfectly delivers those great one liners one expects from a Raymond Chandler character. Marlowe in a late 1960s setting is an interesting proposition and this one is certainly a movie of its time. The clothing, music and settings of a movie from this era are unmistakable for good or bad. Without Garner's performance this movie would probably not hold up but overall it is very entertaining.

Crissy B (es) wrote: that seems all dark and cool.

Hank Y (de) wrote: Ok, not the best old vampire movie, but a nice diversion from haunted castles and European accents. You can't forget this death scene ... no matter how much you may want to.

Tommy C (kr) wrote: this is a good one. the last scene definitely made the movie.

Marcus W (us) wrote: A haunting and glorious tale of the dangers of repression.

Lee H (mx) wrote: I always enjoy a movie based on a true story. Who knew this happened? Not me, until I saw the film. I was enlightened and entertained!

Matthew P (nl) wrote: Languid and heavy-handed.

Tasos L (nl) wrote: You'll be having a great time...!