Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla

Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla

Godzilla is threatened by two new forces: Mogera - another UN built machine; and Space Godzilla - a beast spawned from Godzilla's particles in space.

Godzilla is threatened by two new forces: Mogera - another UN built machine; and Space Godzilla - a beast spawned from Godzilla's particles in space. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norman F (nl) wrote: A good laugh.. but that's about it.

Ellouise O (es) wrote: I think that every one should watch this it looks so good xxx

David H (gb) wrote: Defently on of My Favourite Movies!!! Such a Funny, Charming and Entertaing Comedy!!! Im a totally Fan of the Spanish Humour and this is a Prime Example of it!!! Also Love the Soundtrack!!!

Sam D (de) wrote: Does anyone know were you can buy this DVD in new Zealand ? Can't find it anywere :(

Yohann B (gb) wrote: Si on s'attend a un thriller ayant pour toile de fond la dictature argentine, alors on ne sera pas decu. Si on s'attend a un film portant sur les disparus (comme moi) alors on ne peut etre que consterne par cette histoire de medium maladroitement symboliste et par cette fin simplement ridicule.

Cathryn A (it) wrote: I loved this movie. I thought it was a sweet story. I love a movie that can pull me in emotionally.

Tyler W (jp) wrote: Better Than First Cause Higher Body Count!

Robert H (ru) wrote: Oh Japanese splatter porn where have you been all my life? Entrails is more porn than splatter but it does have a couple really good scenes of the disgusting.While many might comment about how you never get to see anything good in the porn aspects of the film due to fogging, camera angles (blame the censorship laws not the film) my biggest beef comes with the terrible sound. Post produced dubbed sex scenes are just hard to watch sometimes and considering how much of the film is filled with them, I did find it troublesome at times.While the story is well above standard pornography levels, it is still a bit light. It's also a little weird to boot (though not uncommon in Japanese film).One thing that surprised me about the film was the almost art house qualities mixed with almost a giallo feel at times. The film does seriously try to life itself above simply sex and blood as it tries to attain a level of art uncommon for splatter porn.

Kenny V (es) wrote: "sub-Coen Brothers caricature"

Jake C (us) wrote: LMAO, but I'm only recommending Mystery Science Theater 3000 version.

Dean K (kr) wrote: Remember watching a few of these airport disaster films as a kid, always had a big budget for the time and A list actors, not bad films but ended up being quite a few in the end. Ok to pass the time.

Sean H (ag) wrote: Burt Reynolds and Yul Brenner in semi-comedic cop drama.

EightThirty (br) wrote: 24/01/2011 (ONLINE)Didn't think I'd like this but I saw it to the end and was quite speechless, I did not expect that. A film that starts with an innocent habitual erotic fixation caused by blindness that slowly eventuates into a 'Romeo & Juliet' twist. I found it amusing as I thought how the Japanese twisted this pervading theme into 'so called' art, an excuse to entertain the flesh with hungry eyes.Very convincing performances and a fat dose of drama. Quite psychological and quite deceiving, who is bad? And even at one point I was hoping for the horrible to flourish and fulfill the evil task at hand, fruition in what is bad is what I kept hoping for but at the same time I was angry for having a twisted mentality where my wicked thoughts anticipated the next portion.This can be an incredible watch if you can tap into the minds of the characters and think for a moment, should I be understanding? A gloomy thought thickens the darkness while befriending evil for a taste of the devil's pie, truly, sex and beauty is never enough!

Nicholas D (nl) wrote: It's has it charming moments and is beautifully filmed with a good surprise ending, but the odd feel just made the whole film feel very unnecessarily awkward.

James W (ca) wrote: The only DIRTY HARRY movie to be directed by Clint Eastwood. A lot of it was filmed in Santa Cruz, CA with a big shootout at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It's fun if you don't scrutinize the plot too much. Harry is investigating a murder that takes him to a small costal town of San Pablo, CA (actually Santa Cruz, there is no San Pablo). The man was murdered by a woman he raped in a gang rape. The women is seeking revenge on her and her sister's rapist, which includes a nasty lesbian. Of course this was the 80's when homophobia was pretty rampant. Not a great film by any means but fun on a certain level and filmed in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, which I enjoyed. This is the one where he says, "Go ahead! Make my day!"

Li S (jp) wrote: Bad dialogue, almost no character development. Seemed horribly derivative of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film. Boring