Follow the infamous ninja bandit named Ishikawa Goemon (Yosuke Eguchi) in an epic story. One night while looting treasure from Nanban (Southern Barbarians), Goemon finds a mysterious box hidden inside a secret grave. A forgotten relic from the past containing untold powers.

Based on a Japanese folk legend that echoes the tale of Robin Hood, this ninja thriller follows the exploits of Goemon Ishikawa (Yôsuke Eguchi), who leaves his fighting clan after its chief... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goemon torrent reviews

Sagar A (fr) wrote: Apne dil ki shikayat khoon se kardi, bas ek shikayat hai ki kaash mere khoon ka rang mere ishq ki tarah gehra hota

Ken A (au) wrote: A bit late to the party but finally saw this film - loved it! Even if you have little interest in wine, it's awe-inspiring to see what these guys go through to become (or not) a Master Sommelier. Brian McLintic = Top Man...!

Nguyen Thuy H (br) wrote: After a rewatch, what can I say? I wish the film could take over me...forever :)

Ben V (fr) wrote: This movie missed getting 3 stars by THAT much

Anna R (it) wrote: its a really odd and even creepy movie (especially near the end) but i just like it for some reason...dont know why

Scott M (ru) wrote: I am a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan, and I really enjoyed this documentary.

Julietta D (us) wrote: pniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiible!

Natalie U (ru) wrote: I've wanted to see this movie for a long time! I suppose I should watch Meet the Parents first...

Jason Y (fr) wrote: [b]DVD[/b] First Viewing, 2 Kay films seen Nick Stahl's always good, but the director of [i]Boogeyman[/i] can't keep his mind off [i]Requiem for a Dream[/i] during this made-for-MTV production.

April C (gb) wrote: a bit slow-moving, but haunting, if you give it the chance.

Chris L (ca) wrote: This movie is ridiculously fun. But you don't get it from streaming. You have to buy the DVD or the Blu-ray (and neither offer a digital copy code).

Lee B (it) wrote: Interesting seeing the dynamic of this young artist in that beautifully hectic city background. Basquiat himself speaks of the wonder of the city, the joy of walking around in the grit. And seeing the bronx when it was still in a state of decay was gives great insight into how much New York has changed. Basquiat is comical, as he was in real life, his everyday manner. That nonchalant swagger.The appearance of Blondie was great, and the fact that the two kissed? Bien!Seeing bands and sounds of that time period, and the way a little hip hop get together was in yesteryear was all good fun. His passing, and how it happened, remains a needless tragedy and great loss to a more diverse art world.

Jose M (nl) wrote: I actually enjoyed this blood soake messy film of terror. It's not much, but it's enjoyable.

Daryl K (au) wrote: A pretty stagey adaptation of a pretentious stageplay, but Bogart's magnetic performance as Duke Mantee is required viewing. It made him a star, kids. I also admit to a fondness for Leslie Howard, but I get that not everyone feels that way. Bonus points for being early enough in Bette Davis' career that she was still cute, less annoying, and didn't take herself as goddamn seriously.

Justin B (es) wrote: Just dreadful but still one of Adam Sandler's better movies. There is a sweet idea here and even if they didn't want to make a depressing film about memory loss, a breezy romantic comedy could have worked but it's bastardized by Sandler's typical brand of PG13 raunch and dopey supporting characters.

Jason D (nl) wrote: Julia (Trish Everly) is a teacher for deaf children who has lived with the secret of a psychotic and abusive twin sister who has been hospitalized for several years. As their birthday draws near, Julia's sister escapes from the hospital and begins killing all of those closest to Julia, including the landlord, a deaf child (oh yeah, they go there), and some others. Julia's crazy sister isn't alone though; she's also got a rabid rottweiler doing most of the killing. Dare I say there may be a third killer involved? Dun Dun Duuuuun!! Anyways, There was a Little Girl (or Madhouse, the alternate title the movie was released under) was a decent surprise and effective slasher. That's not to say it had it's share of corny moments, such as the rottweiler clearly being a puppet in many scenes, not to mention the priest Uncle who does a little too much over-acting for this kind of movie. Still, this movie was fairly entertaining and worth the rental. I liked it.

beverly j (it) wrote: I know you remember this movie.. Redd Foxx was crazy..

Michael H (br) wrote: This movie is by no means a classic, but it provides lots of silly random acts of funny that entertain, especially if you're already fans of Lonely Island.