A mechanical brain is programmed to sabotage the government's secret lab while working on the first space station.

A security agent investigates sabotage and murder at a secret underground laboratory, home of two experimental robots. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy E (kr) wrote: Essentially, this movie recounts concepts in SyFy's older flicks: A mad king aided by a wizard summon a monster to dispatch their enemies, just as in Attack of the Gryphon, and a heroic duo must then quest for a means to destroy it. However, the recycled plot didn't come with any of the effort from SyFy's traditional fair. This is bad even by their practices, and that's saying something.

Shalini G (it) wrote: An easy repeat watch at home on Sunday afternoon

Steve G (ag) wrote: Bill Engvall is hilarious in this one and Foxworthy is okay but Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White were not too good.

S B (ag) wrote: A really good film, well acted and every detail scrutinized meticulously. The story is over told as a song can be over sung. I enjoyed it though and the directors just as long special feature commentary...in which a few of the twists and turns were explained. All in all I vote>>>SEE IT.

Prashan F (mx) wrote: Mani z da best, dis z best bcoz of mani...!!

Shawn W (it) wrote: Two female students from Pennsylvania on a road trip get a taste of Southern hospitality after a flat tire in the wrong county leads them to cross the local sherriff (Chuck Connors!). A sentence to hard labour on a prison farm is their reward from the local justice system with no contact to the outside world. Viewers should be cautioned that the rather chesty female prison guard on the Vidmark box cover does not appear in the film.

Caleb B (ag) wrote: This is a typical mediocre gore movie. Most of Herchell Gordon Lewis's movies uses the same formula in most of his films: Gore and lots of it. It has a somewhat of a sensible plot to garnish what's being seen here. The plot is basically a few "northerners" took a wrong turn and ended up in Pleasant Valley, but things may look pleasant at first, but these "Southerners" wants revenge for losing the Civil War to the North. They come out every century (I think?)to continue with their vendetta. With its' overall over-the-top gore and its' nonsensical and untentional humor, this is an ok movie for what its' worth. Not the best in the Herchell Gordon Lewis series.

Joel A (es) wrote: A colorful, melodramatic love triangle set against the backdrop of a prestigious Paris Circus. Although rather predictable & very Hollywood in its nature the color is beautiful & striking.The story basically revolves around the greatest trapeze artist not long after his near fatal blow trying to perform the coveted triple flip.He takes on a young with much promise before the lady comes on the scene & tensions mount. Nothing original story wise but the backdrop of the circus is great. It's fun & exciting film.

Roland H (nl) wrote: I enjoyed Centurion. Beyond the gratuitous gore, It was well conceived and delivered.Until near the end where it felt they ran out of money and simply got it over with.Also, I detest the recent trend of "everybody dead!!" in film.I understand the predictable ebb and flow of movies, how certain characters can be immediately pegged to survive, whereas others, usually gruff unyielding at first, sacrifice themselves for the company. I actually appreciate and depend on that formula. Don't kill off the cook, that came up unexpectedly and astonished everyone with battle and survival skills!! That guy gets to live, you dolt!!Unless...you're going to kill everyone, leaving me to wonder why I bothered joining this march to abject depression."Get them home, Centurion." Your oath, your honour. ...yea, not so much. I got some Welsh witch waiting for me in the woods. The End.

Huw G (ca) wrote: Sometimes funny, sometimes nice or touching, but there's also dodgy jokes and scenes that are really just flat. Uneven.

Loreno A (ca) wrote: I finally saw this film recently. Not much happens in the film, but Pacino is captivating. I kept wanting to see what would happen next. I was surprised by this film, because so many of these "classics" rarely hold up and this did just that.