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Going By


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Kenneth Y (it) wrote: Really a very normal normal & again normal love story...

Martin I (fr) wrote: An interesting premise that doesn't quite deliver as a comedy or drama. Giamatti is his dependable, downcast self and delivers through his performance some of the films best moments. However, they are fleeting.Slow, sometimes downright boring, Cold Souls has enough intrigue to keep to going initially but by the hour mark you've already lost interest.

Eve C (kr) wrote: Parmi les 1er films scandinave que jai vu

Simone W (kr) wrote: A tear-jerker... Not bad...

Adam R (fr) wrote: A cheap thriller. All elements of the plot are weak, and the end is disappointing. (First and only viewing - 6/22/2015)

Dustin D (kr) wrote: The sequel to Scorpion, while continuing the saga of Matsushima Nami, is a very different film from the first in style and content. There is very little gratuitous nudity here, but even more intense violence. This movie has a few surreal sequences, rather than just off-beat camera tricks. The characters are more developed, and the plot is established better. The first frame, however, tells us this is a work of fiction. Here I was thinking this was a series of documentaries (see my review of the first film)...

David F (de) wrote: Breezy and charming film from the can't miss team of I.A. L. Diamond and Billy Wilder, known best for their hard-bitten cynical comedic style of the 50's and 60's, but in this film, taking a more leisurely, free-spirited and 'with-it' approach of the 70's (Jack Lemmon appears bare-assed in not one, but two scenes!) Beautifully shot in Italy, with a colorful cast of characters, most notably Clive Revill as the accomodating hotel manager, Juliet Mills in a 'Georgie-Girl' type of role (side note: she looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst!) and of course, the great Jack Lemmon.

danny d (gb) wrote: an entertaining, cheesy, dated, and stellar (or should i say inter-stellar) film. it's hard not to laugh at the effects, but as survival films go, it's quite fun.

Stanley K (ag) wrote: Lovely visuals, computer generated characters that work as characters and not mere visual distractions, and classily put together action make up for a narrative that can be completely and accurately summarised as sci-fi Dances with Wolves, marked by an overwhelming and overbearing urge to hammer home some rather obvious points about history (Iraq, 9/11, colonialism etc.), an insincere attempt to both decry and exult war, excessive amounts of New Age imagery and an appalling closing theme song.

Carl T (it) wrote: Blazing Saddles is constantly Irreverent, politically incorrect to a fanatical degree; and disarmingly hilarious. Though the film may not be the best Mel Brooks spoof film, it is worth the watch.

John C (de) wrote: The plot and ensuing developments are intriguing, but it appears that Dead Ringer suffers from shoddy, emotionless acting and questionable scripting.

Noah S (fr) wrote: Truly underrated comedy and I had a blast watching it.

Joetaeb D (br) wrote: Too stupid for adults and too inappropriate for kids, Zookeeper is commits the rare sin of the Sandler crew by failing to appeal to ANYONE.

Chris V (de) wrote: I cannot believe that this garbage came from the same man who directed The Godfather, Apocalypse Now and The Conversation. A modern Horror embarrassment, that's for sure.

jesse k (us) wrote: Attica, Attica, Attica. The best part is when Sal gets plugged in the head at the end.