Going in Style

Going in Style

Three senior citizens in their 70s who live together are slowly decaying in endless days with nothing to do but feed the birds. One of them comes up with an idea - rob a bank. They certainly could use the money if they get away with it and if they are caught, what could happen to three old men?

Three friends who are living on the dole decide to organize a bank robbery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca B (kr) wrote: "The Hangover" in aussie sauce, less original, more predictable, and gross: actually A Few Good Laughters... and Olivia Newton-John.

Reem W (mx) wrote: i didnt like de movie bt saw only 4 john

Tex P (it) wrote: Sad, but true. For the truest Weasel fans.

Ipoy I (mx) wrote: B movie of Bale and McConaughey , wow

Steve W (jp) wrote: The Asian equivalent of Backdraft. A group of firefighters have their personal issues collide as they go on small errands, and then have to deal with a giant factory fire as the film's climax. The movie does a good job of developing characters, before putting them in danger. One scene had me convinced the character was dead.Lots of heart tugging character development a plenty for a character driven drama.

Nene (it) wrote: One of my favorites!!

Simon D (jp) wrote: Excellent film, really sends your mind all over the place trying to work out the background but all becomes clear by the end. I would describe this as a film about mental illness. It's very cleverly made with a very small script and some very powerful images.

James H (fr) wrote: A far fetched but exciting tale. Well edited, rousing score. The cast does fine, the characters are a little extreme though and River Phoenix?s character is needlessly abrasive.Good pace. Not bad.

Mark Z (ru) wrote: I thought the same thing Paul did.I've watched every movie and most of the TV episodes....and I'd still have to say On the Road is the best.

Bill P (mx) wrote: Shlok, unengaging, preachy. Yuck.