Going Steady

Going Steady

Teenage romande, parties and sex in 1950s Tel Aviv. Music is at the core of the lives of these teenagers. This iscomedy about three friends.

The same young stars from LEMON POPSICLE. The trio's budding interest in women and sex is put into idle when their girls talk them into going steady. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (us) wrote: B-NSFW is a blumhouse production, and this film reminded me of the film ATM which debuted a couple years ago, which was about three young people and how they get trapped in an atm booth with a killer outside trapping them. Now take that premise, but take out the atm and add an office building. Tbh I liked ATM, and I liked this.vsuoensedful

Kristina K (fr) wrote: Made by amateurs. You don't start a vegan journey by introducing SOY based shit substitutes to people... You don't say Oreos are vegan ... You keep your mouth shut and make them eat fruits, veggies, legumes and seeds like its supposed to be. soy based crap is for mental breakdowns. No wonder they didn't lose weight. The whole approach was wrong, too much stupid processed foods information, not so much health related information. Huge emphasis on slaughterhouses, which is effective for most, but not everyone... Even the 2 people in this research said they might go back to meat. Pathetic. 1 star for good homework, another for promoting veganism.

Ray B (jp) wrote: Typical die hard movie. Lots of action and of course John survives. I enjoyed the movie when watching on TV. Great TV movie simply because it's basically the same type as the others.

Eliabeth M (nl) wrote: Hubert Minel: What would you do if I died today?Chantale: I'd die tomorrow.Xavier Dolan es un joven director que sana a travs de sus pelculas. En I Killed My Mother lidia con la difcil situacin de odiar a su madre. En esta pieza autobiogrfica conocemos a Hubert, un adolescente que tiene una relacin tensa con su madre Chantale. El padre de Hubert desapareci de sus vidas cuando l era pequeo, por lo tanto en su infancia solan tener un vnculo estrecho. Al pasar de los aos, la distancia entre ellos se fue ensanchando hasta que slo quedan cenizas de lo que solan compartir. La tensin llega a un punto tal que Hubert es enviado a un internado y esto sirve para empeorar la situacin entre ellos. Mientras est en el internado Hubert experimenta con drogas y se encuentra ms confundido que nunca con el odio hacia su madre. En una de las cintas que graba con monlogos dice que la quiere, y que si alguien tratara de hacerle dao lo matara, pero hay cientos de personas que quiere ms que a ella. Por cierto estas cintas sirven como una reflexin interesante y que permiten lograr una intimidad con Hubert que de otra manera faltara ya que este personaje suele ser bastante desagradable.Es una historia dolorosa realmente. El odio que emana Hubert es venenoso y es difcil de ver. Hay hasta una escena que escala a un altercado fsico y esa es la gota que colma el vaso. Igualmente es fascinante ver lo compleja de la relacin entre los dos. El vnculo entre madre e hijo es fuerte pero puede llegar a ser tormentoso y dejar secuelas peligrosas. Dolan cuenta esta historia tumultuosa de manera absorbente e intensa. Juega con simbolismos e imgenes de manera interesante, y tiene elementos originales en su narrativa. La manera de filmarla, y sus encuadres son atractivos cinematogrficamente y el ngulo que utiliza, especialmente los lejanos y de frente, donde se puede apreciar todo lo que los personajes tienen alrededor y no solamente sus caras, hacen que las escenas sean vistas desde una distancia prudente, sino sospecho que seran imposibles de ver por la intensidad. La relacin entre Hubert y su madre es la central en la pelcula, pero su sexualidad tambin tiene un valor importante. Su novio Antonin es una gran parte de su vida, y la relacin entre ellos parece lo nico estable. La qumica entre los dos es increble y se nota la complicidad entre ellos. Me llam la atencin que pareciera ser una relacin madura dentro de todo el caos. Tambin las diferencias entre sus familias es interesante. Antonin y su madre son cercanos, a pesar de que ella no sea exactamente el mejor ejemplo para su hijo, pero para Hubert es todo lo que su madre no es, y que quisiera que fuera. Tambin Julie, su maestra, hace de figura materna en los momentos en los que ms lo necesita. Ambos se necesitan en este momento crucial.Las actuaciones son reales en todo momento. Dolan logra capturar con toda intensidad esa rebelda adolescente, y vemos aflorar con Antonin esa persona dulce que su madre recuerda de la infancia. Anne Dorval como la madre es genial, ya que tiene la facilidad de poder ver como si toda esta situacin no le molesta y puede manejarlo, pero luego se derrumba y vemos como su orgullo y el amor por su hijo la mantienen a flote.

Pavan R (it) wrote: Was fairly interesting but somehow didn't feel like a complete story....ok watch

Laurence K (mx) wrote: Marion Cotillard is phenomenal. The editing and scope of the film is brilliant. An immediate 5 stars. ??????

Bobby L (jp) wrote: Terrible animation, flat, boring voice acting, and an illogical plot make this a chore to sit through. Yes, this is an animated movie, and I am more than willing to suspend my belief for just about anything, but once a movie goes against it's own logic, it looses me. This movie, does that.

Henry M (br) wrote: Has to be one of the best Kung Fu movies ever made! The plot in this film is similar to any other movie in the genre, but the fight scenes and humor included are really what set it apart. This film is entertaining from beginning to end and I highly recommend it whether you like the genre or not.

Justin O (au) wrote: A cool heist movie with lots of twists, though most predictable. Hoffman is great as a gangster with mental conditions.

Farah R (fr) wrote: I was very fond of this movie as a kid and watching it now, years later I can see it's very enjoyable indeed.

Paul W (it) wrote: I am bewildered by the gratuitous, one-sentence disparaging remarks about this movie. They don't offer any substance about WHY they didn't like it."Holy Man" is one of my all-time favorites! It is a fun, witty, romantic comedy with lively action and ironic twists of spiritualism thrown in. Essentially no vulgarity, heart-warming themes, snappy dialog with a great performance by Jeff Goldblum playing the ultimate unctuous manager.I have watched it many times and shared it with many friends and I think it is one of Eddie Murphy's best roles. If you liked "Coming to America" and "Trading Places" this movie is very much in that same category.One of the few movies I bought a copy of, just to watch once in a while. It is edifying, uplifting and happy.

Ryan V (de) wrote: In the hands of a competent studio with an actual budget, it's not a bad idea. Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be.

Alleah A (br) wrote: Cried so hard at this movie. Thumbs up for Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott! You are so hot. :))

Andrew L (us) wrote: If you are right into martial arts rather than the story then this is something to watch. The film has it's good moments with lots of great stunts and style of martial arts, but not much of a story.

Gordon I (it) wrote: If you want to understand Ozu's style and most common themes, this is the one to seek first. It's also my personal favorite. The final shot is unmatched.

Corey n (fr) wrote: This is a decent drama starring Cary Grant. Grant plays a drifter that returns home to visit his mother. He is about to leave again when he learns she has cancer. He stays and helps her run her shop. But this drifter is in need of money and goes in with the wrong gang. Cary Grant is excellent as usual in his role. He was nominated for a Oscar in Best Actor in a Leading Role category for his role in this. Hard to believe this was his last nomination for a Oscar considering his great movies and performances after this film. The story is great and the acting great throught out this film. Top mention to Ethel Barrymore and June Duprez in their roles. They were excellent as well. This is not one of my favorite Cary Grant movies overall with the body of work he has done. But this is still worth a watch for Grant fans or those looking for a solid drama to watch.

raven (br) wrote: blood cool...sand not really....this movie...no way in hell

Galvy F (mx) wrote: When we got fresh eyes on the ground when we are sering war for the first time. When we see faces whom already seen war to know they are happy to go. When we see that we have to be in certain shape and good health to have each others backs. When we see this war on our point of view when it's politics, unnecessary and just another job when we are moving up ranks. When we see we must contribute in however way. When we see we come from various parts from where we come from. When we see we are fighting for some people when they are our loved ones back home. When we see in these parts we faces any outcome and challenge when our eyes are always on approaching enemies and mind on our loved ones back home. When we see whom we came here for, to not move when it gives away our location when the enemy approaches. When we see that others have their eyes always open to have our back and see to it we are alive. When we see that we must fight through anything including pain to survive. When you can't hide when we can see you. When we see to it we have as many men as we can to fight and have our back. When we need to see our troops are on their toes, alert and ready to fight when we are in charge if them and we must work together. When we wish not to see somethings, but have to when they are orders. When we can't see some people joining up to find out we volunteer to serve. When what we see, we see all to often when we come from places and lifestyles that makeup our views to see life as it is. When we see we must fit in with those whom have our backs when we are all seeing the same shit and fighting the same shit to know we are seeing eye to eye on somethings. When what see we can't believe when it's crazy & relaxing.When what we see we don't like, when we are walking in on all sorts of life to see whom has it in them to fight and withstand the odds to go even further into enemy lines. When we see that we are in need of a break from it all when what we see keeps us down. When we see there are no walks of life when they flee when they know we are coming. When we see that we have to keep our eyes everywhere and make sure we are prepared and certain we are safe. When we see that they could be hiding anywhere when they have already been here. When some walks of life we see we are not bothered by when we got greater fears to worry about. When we see some still remain hidden. When we see that we have been lured into traps when we can't help but want to see something's useful. When something's we see we can't help but see when war is cruel. When something's we see we wish not to see but can't help it when it's better to know then wonder. When something's we see we hate when we see they are all the same enemy. When what we see we hate when we hate being here. When what we see is victory, and expects others to surrender when they are not the dominant ones. When what we don't see we add to the fuems of evil to a war that makes us seem we are on the wrong side when we see our targets and aims are on innocent people. When we see ourselves in charge to have full control of lives and the situation to get information and send the message of whom we are. When what we see is the total destruction of lives torn apart for the sole purpose of war. When what we see is our humanity disappearing when we don't see the lives that are at cost when we treat them less of a human being. When something's we don't need to see but feel that it hurts, that what we are fighting for is uncertain whether its right or wrong. When we see we are fighting in the worst conditions to know it ain't pretty as what is above when we are looking at the night time stars. When what we don't see, our enemies opportunize when they see us and aim at us. When we see that we have plans how we attack while others do, when we are aiming at the same people including ourselves at times when we can't agree to see eye to eye on everything. When we see that we want to go home alive, when we wish to see our plans after war to go through when we are done. When we see we are taking heavy fire and can't see where it's coming from to fire back. When we see that we must pull back and regroup while we can when they are heading towards us with full frontal attack. When we see there is no large enough army to take us down when we are in full assault mode. When we see in the fog of war are the fatalities that die by our own men that we don't see but others see. When we see we must carry the bodies of the dead back home, when we see to it we leave nobody behind. When we see that we couldn't get everyone when it's too late and we can't go back. When we see some of us are really tough soldiers when we can take so much and still be able to stand up for one last chance at an afterlife after war. When we see that we made it and others didn't to know the realities of war is some of us make it and others don't and we must rely on us. When what we see we based on the eyes of those whom we judge when it says something about them. When we see that we can't trust those to lead us, regardless of how much they have seen and been through. When we have to see those whom we disagree with but have to see regardless when we are all in this war together. When we don't need to see when we hear the news of other soldiers like us got hit worse too to see we are losing this war. When what we do see and hear are those whom we rely on not seeing and hearing us out to know we are fighting each other as well. When what we see is a bunch of soldiers ordered to work together when they can't and we are fighting the same war but can't seem to find our aim when our enemy's targets are hitting us and we are hitting nothing but ourselves to know why we are losing this war in the first place. When we don't see is we didn't bother to check our egos and power struggles at home before we enlisted and joined to take each other backs and arms to fight. When we see that we are all suffering in pain one way another, when we are uncertain of the outcome when we have no positive enforcements, no good news, no good leadership taking us to victory and back home. When we do see is some tickets heading back home when it's the only way out to what we signed in for. When what we see is not the mindsets that bring us together or give us the strength to fight, when we don't see eye to eye on what is on our mind. When what we don't see we hear when our own men can't speak when they are dead and what we hear is our enemies on the other end. When we prefer to fight at certain times when others can see our position clearly when they know where we are firing from. When we see that our back is running away when they see how many there are to stay to get killed. When we see that we are losing our position and grasp of this war when we are too busy hiding rather than fighting. When we have to be careful that we don't close our eyes when we wake we don't want see our enemies on the other end. When what we can't seem to hear or see on the other end is help to back us up when. When we see is our enemies everywhere, sacrificing themselves to kill as many of us, and picking us off one by one even our own when we know the end is now and we have one last chance for revenge and see to those pay for their betrayal. When we see that we position ourselves to survive a full out assault destroying everything in its paths. When we get to see the light of day, when we see we survived the impossible when everyone else died and we are in bad shape. When we see others survive to know where our target remains. When we see that reinforcements came at the right time. When we see that reinforcements came on time at the cost of so many enemy soldiers and too late for many of ours. When we see that we made it out of enemy lines, and some of ours whom we started with. When we see from another point of view the cost of war to know what was it all for to see all the destruction and suffering it leaves us during and after war that remains with us and in history. When it's hard to see a life of war that remains with us when we are responsible for so many deaths to know what do we see and whom do we see when its all over when we are judged.

Tyler R (au) wrote: It's been a while since there's been a good, old fashioned murder mystery. Transsiberian follows two American missionaires on the way back from China via train. Along the way, they get entangled in a murder investigation in Russia. Who knew a film set almost entirely on a train could be so tense? The eerie atmosphere is established early on and carries through to the very end. Acting wise, Woody Harrelson has never been better. Playing the honest and devoted husband, it's a nice change of pace from his usual ego-driven characters. Emily Mortimer does a fantastic job as Harrelson's other half, but I won't go any further for fear of spoilers. And then there's Ben Kingsley. This man has become pretty reliable over the years, so needless to say, he does a fantastic job. The film moves briskly, and it never overstays its welcome. It was a very good thriller.

Kellie C (us) wrote: I loved it. Nonsense and funny. Love the gadgets!!!!