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Gokinzo yaburi


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Hari Krishna D (es) wrote: Technically very brilliant film. Pawan is amazing but very slow screen play.

Paul D (nl) wrote: A gentle feel good love story which appeals, the only criticism is that it just doesn't feel genuine when Pierce Brosnan constantly understands all the Danish being spoken to him, but only ever replies in English.

Moneeb A (ca) wrote: Brilliant sequel. It would of been better of it carried on. I like the two lads when they fight they still like one another. It turns out to be that the quiet guy became the evil guy at the end.

Charles S (kr) wrote: it desperately WANTS to be Amazon Women on the Moon, but except for the Tampax commercial it falls flat

Mariam H (br) wrote: It really opened my eyes to how much we are effecting the shark population. A very good documentary. I enjoyed it very much.

Fraer M (mx) wrote: luved it cause of the monk lol brill

Hayley C (au) wrote: Oh My God!! What can i say about this movie?? hmm... that it is like the most stupidest movie i have ever watched!! It is just plain weird, boring, confusing... it really does not make any sense. The acting is terrible, i feel sorry for jess alba to have had been in this movie! ha ha lame!

Stuart K (es) wrote: The original TV series of Whoops Apocalypse done in 1982 for London Weekend Television was a big cult success, and 4 years later, writers Andrew Marshall and David Renwick got offered to do a big screen version, though it grew out of an abandoned American version, and there is a big American influence on this one, even if it is British. It isn't as contained as the original series, but some of it works. Santa Maya is a small British colony in Central America, but when it's invaded by neighbouring Maguadora, led by General Mosquera (Herbert Lom) who have ties with the Soviets, the President of the United States, Barbara Adams (Loretta Swit) and British Prime Minister Sir Mortimer Chris (Peter Cook) try to find a way to sort the matter out, but the peace talks are sabotaged by Lacrobat (Michael Richards), the world's most notorious terrorist. A British task force are able to get the islands back, but in retaliation, Mosquera kidnaps the British Princess Wendy (Joanne Pearce), who was on the British Navy ship sent to Santa Maya, ran by Admiral Bendish (Ian Richardson). It's an obvious parody of what was going on in the Falklands, and it depends on surreal gags and silly names and wordplay, but along with the TV series, it feels quite relevant now. But, it has a good supporting cast including Richard Wilson, Graeme Garden, Ian McNeice, Alexei Sayle and Rik Mayall, (who naturally steals the film!!)

Loes O (it) wrote: it's allright... i guess

shelly b (us) wrote: was a bit disappointed with this one

Vida D (kr) wrote: A fun campy musical cameo by Frankie Goes To Hollywood makes this one of the best films with an 80's New Wave edge to it.

Dylan R (it) wrote: Just gets worse and worse.

Spencer P (mx) wrote: A very smart futuristic noir that, while it can disappoint those expecting a space movie, is still a sharply directed look at fraud, technology and the human condition.

Karl Edgar T (es) wrote: How do u mix a helicopter with a horse. A dragon with tanks? Great job.

Barbara L (jp) wrote: Where can I see this?