Golapi Golapi

Golapi Golapi


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Panalo A (us) wrote: Very idiotic movie just like its characters..

Liam H (gb) wrote: An interesting & unique concept, this intellectual thriller has no other to compare to it and twists & turns right until the end.

Waleed A (fr) wrote: good basic movie. suspenseful and enjoyable (2 viewings)

Larry W (nl) wrote: This movie is almost a duplicate of 1997's Event Horizon, which makes the vast diffence in critical reviews on these two films all the more suspect. As they are near clones, I'll give this film the same rating.

Michael H (de) wrote: The bones of a good movie are here, supported by a few tasty performances, a savory score, and the delightful confection of credibly period accurate (though a bit overly flambed) sets. Sadly, the hearty bones and tasty toppings are unfulfilled by the undercooked meat. The courses are served at too slow a pace, and the most interesting and tasty ingredients are dispensed with early on. The result is a longing for desert to be served rather than enjoyment of the meal in front of us. And the desert is a bit of a let down.

Ian V (fr) wrote: Beautiful, makes me cry.

Steve P (mx) wrote: Inane and overacted. The photography of Venice is about the only thing of any value. Katherine Hepburn is terrible.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Entertaining effort has bond tracking a jewel smuggler when another agent turns up dead with a forged Faberge egg listed in an upcoming auction. As usual, some impressive action scenes, particularly through the streets of India. For those that enjoyed Roger Moore's turn as Bond, this is one of his best.