Golden Balls

Golden Balls

Benito González is a flamboyant engineer in Melilla, with a brash and pushy personality. His dream is to build the tallest building ever in the region. After his girlfriend leaves him, he devotes himself entirely to his ambitions, deciding to let nothing get in his way. He marries the daughter of a billionaire, intending to use her father's money to realise his project. Benito waltzes his way through a career of excess, fetishes and deceptions, but the personal conflicts he unleashes ultimately send his life spiraling down to disaster.

Benito González works construction in Melilla and dreams big - of building the tallest building in Benidorm, a great phallic symbol of power, González Towers. Over several years, we see ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric R (ag) wrote: "Man from Deep River" (also known as "Deep River Savages", "Sacrifice!" and "The Man from the Deep River) has the notorious reputation for kickstarting the whole brutal Italian cannibal subgenre. To be honest that's how I actually heard of the film. However if you are a fan of this questionable subgenre you better change your expectations. Even though it's directed by Umberto Lenzi, the man responsible for two of the most notorious films in the genre with "Eaten Alive!" and "Cannibal Ferox", this is a far cry from the extreme nature of those films as this is more of a survival drama film with cannibalism only being an element in the picture instead of being the main focus.The plot is actually almost identical to the popular American western "A Man Called Horse" only substituting the western background with a jungle and changing the Native Americans to jungle tribes. So the film starts with a photo journalist visiting Bangkok with his girlfriend, who leaves his ass and he somehow kills a guy while drunk in the bar. On the run from the authorities he decides to hire a local to take him deep river so in order to take picture but it only serves him to get captured by a reclusive tribe and in turn forced to be a slave. The daughter of the tribes leader, who just happens to be smokin' hot, takes a liking to him and after proving himself to the tribe and their customs, he 'marries' the bitch and then knocks her up.The film is the life and times of living in a jungle tribe and if you've seen "A Man Called Horse" then you know exactly how the plot will unfold as it really is identical. Because of this I actually found the film do drag a bit. Even though it has the reputation of being a "cannibal film", it is actually more of a slow moving drama. Think of "Dances with Wolves" extreme Italian exploitation style.The whole story arc of our main character is extremely clunky and haphazardly strung together. The beginning of the film is horribly cut, to a laughable extent, as within 5 minutes of arriving in Bangkok his girlfriend leaves him and he ends up killing a guy in a bar. It's truly a "what the fuck" string of events that leads him to the jungle and just left me shaking my head.For an Italian exploitation film the acting is acceptable but it is no where it needs to be in order to realistically portray the love between the man from the city and the tribal beauty. Ivan Rassimov, whom I knew from numerous Spaghetti Westerns, and Me Me Lai, who shows off her glorious nude body on numerous occasions, just seem wooden together.Enough of that 'plot' stuff, you're wondering about the CANNABLISM. Don't worry my friends, it's coming. Apparently the rival of our main tribe is a ferocious cannibal tribe that lives further up the mountain. We get to see this cannibal tribe in full on bloody glory when they attack a female tribe member and Umberto Lenzi spares no carrnage as he full on shows this graphic attack. The scene, though extremely gruesome, proved popular enough for Lenzi to re-use as stock footage in his next cannibal-fest "Eaten Alive!"Of course with these type of films 'cannibalism' isn't' the only exploitative element. Lenzi also loads up the film with tribal nudity and sex scenes. There is also a few instances of real life animal killings, an element the genre would be known for and also the one element I despise in these films.Overall "Man from Deep River" is a survival drama with a serious douse of Italian exploitation and because of this it will fail to truly enthrall audiences. It's too dramatic and drab for fans of Italian extreme cinema and it's too exploitative and brutal for fans of survival dramas. Needless to say, for better or worse, it was a hit in the underground circle for it's one, pinnacle cannibalism scene and the setting and that one scene would go on to inspire a slew of imitators, all more bloody and extreme than the next so the grindhouse theaters would be flowing with gore for years to come.

Sanjaya B (fr) wrote: Surprisingly good drama from Woody Allen about post-traumatic life that make an ex-housewife struggle to pick up the pieces about the life that she had before.. A remarkably strong performance from Cate Blanchett, as she already an Oscar winner before, no doubt that she portraying the leading role in this movie really well.. Truly deserve all the credit and the awards awarded to her.. While Sally Hawkins' performance in this movie is some scene-stealer and for me she did it..

Francisco L (us) wrote: Child's Play is an original horror movie that is well-acted and well-fundamented, however I predicted everything since the beginning until the end, and the thriller scenes weren't very clever.

Hady M (nl) wrote: One Of My Favorites Of All Time .... This Movie Is Real Masterpiece ... Peter Mullan Had Gave Everything In This Picture, Remarkable Picture.

Jia L (br) wrote: stupid shit ass movie with no ending. only good thing was there was a cat in the movie.

Ethan W (kr) wrote: This movie is painfully dumb. Please, no more sequels.

Jamie S (au) wrote: I couldn't stomach this horrible movie for another second. I had to leave the room!!

bill b (ag) wrote: What the heck.....Full of clichesThe most stupid characters that i ever sawScreenplay.... better forget itand the editing was reallyyyyyyyyy bad :)Wow... from where do they find money to make movies? I wonder who pays.....

Nina M (jp) wrote: This was worth watching just to see Alexander Skarsgrd in drag! He?s actually kinda cute, and he?s nailing his part! He really is a good actor. It?s those small quirks and movements he adds to his character that does it. The movie in itself was rather boring, and all kinds of weird! It may have had a couple of half-good scenes, but they?re already forgotten. If it hadn?t been for my obsession with Alex and the fact that I always watch a movie till the end, I would have shoved it in the trash can after 30 minutes or so ? thankfully the virtual trash can seeing as I downloaded it.

Markus K (nl) wrote: Nice low-budget zombie flick with amazing old-school gore-effects.

MARS D (au) wrote: An extremely well put together blend of great actors and superb dialogue based on a stellar play.

Lora R (au) wrote: A classic! Everyone loves this movie :DGreat performance by Rajnikanth :)

broken h (de) wrote: As a huge WHO fan, there isn't much that I can say here that will not be bias, but that being said, this is a fucking great film.I hadn't seen this documentary for ages, and now there is a dvd that comes with a fair bit of additional footage, the best part for me being a couple of songs with only the late John Entwistle's amazing bass, with the rest of the sound removed. Pretty amazing.If one wants to be critical, the film is short on interviews and heavy on concert footage, but that suits me fine. The bonus disc also features a good interview with Roger, so that may help strike a better balance as a documentary.Overall, time well spent.

Greg W (br) wrote: Hallstrom creates such a giddy environment of interviews and stage domination, it easy to get sucked into the touring whirlwind and appreciate this special moment in the history of a legendary group.

Brad G (fr) wrote: The Birth of the 80s Buddy Cop flick happened in 1974 with the release of the bizarre, freakshow clash between James Caan's Freebie and Alan Arkin's The Bean. Beating out confessions and shooting lowlifes in the back punctuates the comedy, and you've got at least two of cinema's finest weirdo car chases. Politically incorrect in the nicest way possible, Freebie and The Bean should be cherished by all cop genre fans; the film wanders all over the place but still manages to deliver a rollicking climax. VF.

Mark D (es) wrote: Bizarre is the only thing i can think of to say in regards to this part animated racial commentary.

Nadjib R (ca) wrote: Easily the best comedy i've watched in a long long time, i laughed like there's no tomorrow, Well done boys well done

Cameron C (au) wrote: An enjoyable film that has laughs. Grade Score: B

Cody B (kr) wrote: +1 stars for Matrix reference. Also, family.

Michael R (fr) wrote: Some great action and a committed villainous performance by Jonathan Pryce cannot make up for the rather disappointing and honestly boring second adventure for Brosnan's 007.