Golden Door

Golden Door

The story is set at the beginning of the 20th century in Sicily. Salvatore, a very poor farmer, and a widower, decides to emigrate to the US with all his family, including his old mother. Before they embark, they meet Lucy. She is supposed to be a British lady and wants to come back to the States. Lucy, or Luce as Salvatore calls her, for unknown reasons wants to marry someone before to arrive to Ellis Island in New York. Salvatore accepts the proposal. Once they arrive in Ellis Island they spend the quarantine period trying to pass the examinations to be admitted to the States. Tests are not so simple for poor farmers coming from Sicily. Their destiny is in the hands of the custom officers.

The story is set at the beginning of the 20th century in Sicily. Salvatore, a very poor farmer, and a widower, decides to emigrate to the US with all his family, including his old mother. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim (gb) wrote: I liked this one! Not the best movie I've watched, but pretty good!

Denis C (ca) wrote: Il Dr Plonk uno scienziato di fine XIX secolo, che riesce a scoprire la data della fine del mondo. Deve dimostrare la sua teoria al governo australiano. Film molto molto simpatico.

Chris B (kr) wrote: The actors deliver good performances and the script based on a true story gives a glimpse into the effects of war long after the battles are over. It's a little long and the ending is a little anti-climactic.

Ryan L (kr) wrote: This movie is awesome! Hands down one of my favorite. It really makes you think. Shows you not to give up on your dreams...No matter what gets in your way. The quotes in this movie have you feeling optimistic by the ending. Inspirational. A feel good movie for sure. I can't name one movie that's had the effect this movie had on me. That's why it'll always stand out in my mind.

Graham P (gb) wrote: A Takeshi Kitano film without the great man himself in a starring role, Kids Return is a look at the lives of two high school dropouts whose initial hapless forays into the adult world bring them some success, but ultimately get them into a world of trouble: After failing to find success as a pair of stand up comedians, the brash Masaru becomes a henchman to a low level Yakuza boss, whilst his friend Shinju proves to be a naturally talented boxer Essentially this is a coming of age piece that includes Kitano's usual combination of slapstick comedy, beautiful cinematography and sparse but efficient dialogue. The performances of both leads are subtle but well layered and the pacing, as with all of Kitano's films, is spot on with not a scene that feels wasted or extraneous. I would have given this one an extra half a mark but for the fact that in some places this felt a little bit too saccarine and contrived for my liking, particularly in the final ten minutes and also, if I am honest I do miss the rather lackadaisical and sporadic violence that intersperses the more tranquil and reflective moments in Kitano's Yakuza features. Guess I'm just like that. This is certainly a marvellous film though.

Scott A (kr) wrote: Or the better title, CLINT EASTWOOD ACTS LIKE A COMPLETE DICK FOR TWO HOURS.Seriously, he was beyond annoying in this film. It's like he just went to insult and anger every single person in the rest of the film.I guess it was somewhat based on The African Queen, or making of, and the cast are dead ringers for that film's cast. I guess I don't understand why they changed all the names, yet everyone still looks like who we know they are really playing.The movie also bored me to tears. I had enough of Eastwood ripping down Fahey in the first five minutes...but sadly that continues for the entire film.I did like the scenery, so it had that going for it. And the funniest Elephant attack ever.

Dan S (ca) wrote: Petersen... 'nuff said.

Ethan H (us) wrote: Nicely Acted and Photographed.

Kevin P (gb) wrote: This was a great Netflix find! You didn't really know what to expect at any turn. I only remember Selma Blair as the stuck up preppy gf in Legally Blonde. Her acting was good in this, and an odd surprise with a bit part was Benson. Even the dude from My Name is Earl was in it but he was good. I liked the storyline and it was my kinda "thriller".

Ken S (kr) wrote: This is my kind of documentary. It is all about the importance of the National Film Registry, how it came to be, and what kind of films have been selected for preservation. It talks to several people from different roles in the film industry, and how these films affected them. It is interesting to see just how many different kinds of films are in the registry, things range from big Hollywood features, to cartoons, animations, educational films, serials, and even home movies. This documentary is well made and features a subject matter that I am definitely interested in.

Jeremy B (jp) wrote: Stallone...the 90s, you can't go too wrong. Nice to see Liotta play the role of a good guy for a change.

Jennifer S (au) wrote: love this movie, especially @ the end, the two best singers in the world.