Golden Ninja Warrior

Golden Ninja Warrior

A rivalry between the Golden Ninja Warriors and the Red Ninja Warriors. The Red Ninja Warriors want a Golden Ninja Statue that the Golden Ninjas Have, which is never seen by the audience. Then, the action moves to Hong Kong where we see a criminal organization running a prostitution racket, made up of kidnapped women, out of a hotel.

Two ninjas, Michael and Sherri are on two seperate missions but always team up to find the same Ninja attacking them. Sheeri is out to find her father's murderer and Michael must protect ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (fr) wrote: Amazing opening sequence. Jane and Rhames were made for noir. Fantastic noir film. Could have used a bigger budget and better directing, but it's fun ride.

Howard C (mx) wrote: Bill Plympton at his best

Paul D (gb) wrote: A film mostly about nothing but general life, however the relationship development between the two main characters is a sensitive pleasure to watch.

Stanley K (fr) wrote: Amusing that a movie that postures itself as being grittier and tougher than the Bond movies it was knocking off ends up being as stodgy, pedestrian and cliched as any Bond movie (pre Casino Royale). All attitude, no bite.

Corbin R (de) wrote: Satanic garbage. If you have any morals you won't waste your time with Rob Zombie's sick vision of glorifying evil.

Matt H (jp) wrote: From Gumby to Mr. Robinson to James Brown's Celebirty Hot Tub to Velvet Jones, Eddie's great comedic talent proves that he is the main reason we still had SNL after the early 80s.

Sarah F (ru) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

David R (de) wrote: gorgeous tony ward in a trashy gay movie.

Jason M (br) wrote: Bruce Li tries his best impression of the more famous martial artist but this story goes nowhere. It isn't until the very end that there's a semblance of style.

Darren R (au) wrote: Charming romance. It's nice to hear the Beatles' "Something" instead of a cover version (not to mention incredibly rare to hear any Beatles at all).

Donald W (us) wrote: This movie was made at the beginning of the downward spiral of the Western Movies. James Garner made this movie a few years after the Maverick TV show was cancelled. It's basically just a longer version of a Maverick episode. There is no real story, just a spoof of all the western clichs. The main joke is a spoof of Rio Bravo and El Dorado. Between this movie, its sequel, and Blazing Saddles the serious Western died except for Clint Eastwood movies. The sequel to this movie is Support Your Local Gunfighter. It's much funnier and has a real story. I didn't see this movie until it came out on TV in the 1970's. It will make you laugh but only if you're a Western fan and get the jokes.

Peter K (kr) wrote: Entertaining but my conscience hurts.

Marilee A (jp) wrote: Movies like this are why I love Old Movies, Excellent Story Well Portrayed, that Warms your Heart & Drains your Tears

Mikey M (au) wrote: I liked it idk. Only for the fact that the Chernobyl disaster is fascinating but I do agree, it is poorly acted & directed.

Graham M (br) wrote: There are some serious issues that prevent this from being the definitive Frankenstein. Branagh is neither sufficient at direction nor as the title character; just when the tone of the film seems as if it's about to settle, he felt it necessary to throw in a few comical moments that do not blend with the supposed Gothic horror this is meant to be. The pace is jarring - the first half is too fast and the second half drags. The casting and acting is very questionable too, though De Niro actually plays the Creature reasonably well.

Anna B (jp) wrote: I support anything Tyler does.