Golden Rendezvous

Golden Rendezvous

Action-packed suspense thriller finds innocuous-looking purser Carter (Harris) the unlikely hero when the floating casino on which he works is hijacked by a heavily armed group of mercenaries, led by John Vernon. Complicating matters, a nuclear warhead has been smuggled aboard as collateral for a rendezvous with another ocean liner, loaded with gold bullion. A cast full of supernovas, dazzling set & stunt work, and a catchy theme tune by Jeff Wayne create a pleasing audio-visual experience light on logic but fast paced and entertaining nonetheless.

Aboard the cargo vessel converted into a luxury cruise ship SS Campari somewhere in the Caribbean is lying in port due to a succession of delays. Chief Officer Johnny Carter, who has to put... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Golden Rendezvous torrent reviews

Kelsey F (fr) wrote: I love the entertainment aspect of this movie. However, it does kind of show what society has turned into.

Rachel M (br) wrote: if i knew it was a gay movie, i wouldn't watch it although i wanna open my mind and learn new things.

Guy B (fr) wrote: Intelligent, subtle and genuine. Jonathan Zaccai steals several scenes.

Julia B (us) wrote: It's refreshing to see a movie in real-time and with such limited setting. Reminds me of Hitchcock. Apparently he already had that same idea with a whole movie set in a phone booth, just never realised it.

Sunshine C (au) wrote: Such a sad sad story. I loved it to the end. Romances are my down fall.

Craig S (ca) wrote: Godard & Russell's segments are the best. In case you didn't know, this is pretentious as hell.

Carlos S (ca) wrote: The despair and complex facts of life are together to make a very good movie.

Clay B (au) wrote: TWO MOON JUNCTION (1988)

Michael P (nl) wrote: Elliott Gould and Robert Blake are perfect for this film. They remind me of gangsters with the way the talk and carry on.