Goli Soda

Goli Soda

Four lads find themselves in a situation where they have to take on a powerful man (and his innumerable henchmen) to reclaim their identity.

Four adolescent boys fall prey of a baddie and things turn ugly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elliot R (ca) wrote: this movie was poop.

David T (nl) wrote: Don't let my almost 5-star rating fool you. I never recommend this movie to anybody, unless I know for certain that their tastes lie in the extremely dark and morbid. Otherwise, its probably going to either bore them or make them uneasy (men uncomfortable with themselves often seem to revert to verbal homophobia to cope with their unease), or I run the risk of losing a friend or acquaintance. But if your cinematic tastes are firmly in the WTF-realm, this truly is a brilliant film to behold. It will replay in your mind and profoundly disturb you for quite some time afterwards. Visually, audially, emotionally, spiritually and digestively shattering. A monster of a ride, but not one you're likely to jump right back in line for.

Doug M (br) wrote: A very good war film, about Bosnian Serbs & Bosnian muslims (& Croats). A little too difficult for my studentsd though because of the flashbacks & the violence bothered some.

Jao R (br) wrote: what a piece of shit. a total piece of shit movie.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: It took me forever to finally watch this. This movie is fuckin jokes but also just a nice story.

Garick G (it) wrote: A clever concept done at the height of claymation.

Christopher C (it) wrote: Not really this funny this time around.

Richard D (it) wrote: If I was forced to pick a favourite filmmaker, I would have to pick Luis Buuel. He saw people for the deeply flawed things we are, yet really kind of loved us for our absurd refusal to accept our weaknesses. His last film stars Fernando Rey as an urbane, dignified gentleman who falls hopelessly in love with Conchita, a young woman he meets working as his maid and who he actively pursues and couples with on and off throughout the film. She returns his affection, but refuses to let him conjugate their relationship. She alternates between hot and cold, promising to sleep with him and then withdrawing at the last moment, viciously rebuking him and then begging him to come back. This sounds like she is the villain of the piece, but it's never that simple with Buuel. Her repeated statement that she loves him wholeheartedly, but is refusing him only this one small part of her has a certain absurd plausibility to it. When Maria Schneider walked off the film, Buuel replaced her with two actresses. Conchita is alternately played by Carole Bouquet ("For Your Eyes Only") and ngela Molina ("Live Flesh"). It's tempting to seek a pattern in this bold bit of weirdness, but really there's no deeper meaning to this move. It's a last bit of absurdist genius from a true master.

Drago C (fr) wrote: By no means a good movie but creepily effective and prescient, particularly in this age of Siri and Cleverbots. It's Basically Hal 9000 meets Rosemary's baby with a dash of Altered States. Worth a watch.

glucky 2 (br) wrote: too many Elvis movies

Anthony M (fr) wrote: Ghostbuster works on a multitude of levels you have 4 four Snl comedians in there prime you have great special effects for the ghost I mean slimer ,state puff are such icon in the ghostbuster universe there's a lot going on in this movie even a romance with one of the ghostbuster you see Ghostbusters didn't need to have ghost to succeed it's the comedians you could of put them in any job and it would still work cause of there chuckle a minute jokes

Raquel J (jp) wrote: Since the original godzilla is waaay before my time, I'm pretty loyal to the '98 version. I loved this movie and despite the terrible lighting (its horribly dark throughout the movie :( ) i think this godzilla is much better than the original. The japanese original was cheesy and unappealing to me. I couldnt even get through 10 minutes of the original. Instead of looking like a mutated lizard looks more like a fat guy in a mutant teddy bear suit. I know its from the 50s though. I think the 90s godzilla was more believable and more appealing. I know the original has one hell of a cult following and thats why most people were not open to it but i still love the '98 godzilla. I think to say it was complete crap is unfair especially considering that the 90s version does have a following as well. I think its good that someone improved on the design, but if someone thinks its crap their welcome to go back to the original

Zachary B (it) wrote: It was mediocre. Definitely didn't deserve 4%

Joetaeb D (de) wrote: Drenched in mind numbing brutality and repetitive plot points that go nowhere. Bound to vengeance fails to subvert the torture horror cliches that have been played out many times before