A recently divorced man tries to find the one aspect of his marriage that still matters to him: his missing cat, Goliath.

A recently divorced man tries to find the one aspect of his marriage that still matters to him: his missing cat, Goliath. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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EmmaLouise D (br) wrote: Loved it, loved it. One of the best since Wolf Creek, great Aussie cast!

Nick K (jp) wrote: Amazing documentary about those wounded in Iraq and the polticians who decided to send them there.

Luis G (it) wrote: A nice light hearted comedy, that won't leave you astounded but with at least a smile on your face. The only issue with this film is that the comedy is based on the language dialect so if french is not your first language then this won't be as funny a film. But still worth a watch indeed!

Andrew D (ca) wrote: I'm all for giving things the benefit of the doubt, especially when it results in the unearthing of a cinematic gem. Not so in the case of Necrosis.The acting and dialogue are blatantly poor from the off but, surprisingly, the film still manages to deliver enough intrigue to keep the viewer curious enough not to turn it off. Or maybe I'm just gullible. By the time I was certain that this film was going to get no better, I had already committed myself and had to see it through. The script is dreadful and the story is a travesty - I'm sure there's a lot of potential in the Donner Party tale as a vehicle for a good old slash 'n' scare horror a la The Hills Have Eyes, for example, but the film barely doffs it's cap to the genre. In the end it comes down to a guy who didn't take his medication and starting seeing things (I think I'd also flip out if my girlfriend was as dull and up-tight as his was). Tiffany didn't even get her baps out, just to cement my disappointment.I'm just glad I didn't waste a trip to the cinema on it.

Bruce B (ca) wrote: More or Less a Modern remake of the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Enjoyed the Rental, but will not own this one.,

Deusdedit D (nl) wrote: Nisiquiera los zombies estn bien maquillados, la trama es un insulto y una especie de moralidad ante el uso de las drogas siendo que en este universo todos son estpidos y se drogan como si nada.Si a eso le agregamos que tiene chistes malos y actuaciones horribles, estamos ante una secuela innecesaria; realmente de esta saga te puedes quedar con la primera, las otras solo van cayendo mas y mas bajo.

Caroline S (mx) wrote: the movie was adorable

Laura B (au) wrote: What a terrible movie! Seems like a 1950s B movie.

Eric B (fr) wrote: Six bizarre fetishists -- not necessarily focused on sex -- carry out their unique, elaborate rituals in Jan Svankmajer's unsettling "Conspirators of Pleasure." Svankmajer, best known for stop-motion animations, turns his microscope onto live actors with predictably provocative results. He retains his coroner's eye, eternally digging into the inner gears and giblets of his subjects, but his ability to blur the line between people and machines is both a talent and a handicap. The guy just has no sense of humanity. But what a remarkable set of impossible behaviors he has constructed. Revealing too many details would spoil the fun (advice: skip this website's exhaustive synopsis), but let's just say the perverse games involve items like fur scraps, bread balls, false arms, rolling pins, live fish, porn mags, chicken masks, straw and a balloon of blood. It's just a shame that he is so endlessly fascinated with slurps, sloshes and squirts -- any chance he has for a tight shot of something (anything!) making an unpleasant noise, he grabs with gusto. The action literally turns nauseating at times.

Jennifer Z (mx) wrote: It was a great movie kept my attention, I love he plays his father also in this movie!

Matt H (us) wrote: Nice "hangout" movie with an interesting character and actor. Very affable, low-key slice-of-life movie the like of which isn't made anymore. Carney shouldn't have won the Oscar for Best Actor, but still a very good performance.

Jake R (ca) wrote: Women w/out Men has moments of heartbreaking lyricism, both visual and written, but around halfway through I couldn't help but become disinterested in its narrating character, Munis. I found her disappointingly undercharacterized compared to her side-story counterparts, at one point becoming more of a tool to illustrate the historical context of the film than anything else. The film found its strength during the more intimate, painfully personal moments with its female leads, which resonate in a piercing and timeless way.

JeanFranois S (es) wrote: L'arriv (C) d'Alberto Cavalcanti aux studios Ealing en Angleterre va soudain propulser la qualit (C) des films de ce studio sans grand prestige. Originaire du Br (C)sil, ce r (C)alisateur va merveilleusement croquer le caractre flegmatique des anglais et surement le fait qu'il soit (C)tranger lui donne un recul de l'image britanique qu'il n'h (C)site pas caricaturer jusqu' l'extrme dans ce film allant mme rendre ces h (C)ros anglais ridicules face l'ennemi allemand. (Une leon que G (C)rard Oury reprendra pour sa "Grande vadrouille"). Tourn (C) en 1942 en pleine guerre, le film, pr (C)cisons le, est une pure fiction, alors qu'il est narr (C) comme s'il commenait aprs la guerre. La bataille de Bramley End n'a (C)videment jamais exist (C)e et le film avait comme but propagandiste de r (C)veiller la vigilance des citoyens anglais. Bien que fort drle et plutt r (C)ussit, le film n'eut que peu de succs sa sortie.

Rorshach S (gb) wrote: Chaplin's charm and stuntwork elevate The Gold Rush above its formula-ridden narrative.

Scott R (fr) wrote: A different way to tell a well known story.

Justin A (ca) wrote: Once the unnecessary paranormal stuff stopped and it became a whodunnit akin to Rear Window/Insomnia, it got much more entertaining. While the blending of genres didn't quite work and a lot of the twists just made the whole thing feel like a sloppy patchwork, I did find myself enjoying some of the well shot action bits. It was fun, although not quite well constructed.

Harper C (kr) wrote: It's a little confusing at first but a good first installment to a great series