Golmal is an Comedy based movie. In which, Ameer Khan (JD Chakri) and Amar Sastry (Ramesh Arvind) are buddies in a village. Ameer Khan is a rich guy and has a long-cherished dream of flying to USA and to do the white collared job. Amar Sastry is a poor guy who has lots of responsibilities and the entire burden of his family is on his shoulders.The conventional parents of Ameer want him to join the college run by Abdullah - a friend of Ameer

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sebastian m (ag) wrote: Call me crazy but the movie is actually funny. I mean it isn't for everyone but if you like hilariously offensive content and black humor than this isn't bad at all. I also really like Zack Ward in his leading role here. It is also much better if you have played the game. 80/100

Jedi C (it) wrote: At least adults can enjoy the clever moments.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: One of his lesser movies.

jenny m (au) wrote: THIS IS A GOOD MOVIE

Jack M (fr) wrote: not as good as the first but still good

Brian W (es) wrote: Great comedic writing! DeNiro and Crystal are stellar!

Wes S (it) wrote: Slow, with nothing knew from the first film or any slasher flick for that matter. Same bland characters, same old twists, and an eyesore of a setting. Utterly pointless, but at least the final climax was decent.

Daniel Q (ru) wrote: Let me start off by saying, this is NOT as bad as everyone says! With that said.... it's still crap Summary: Zane is DEAD! The media reports he died of a supposed "heart attack". Wisely however, before his death he decided to send all his information on the secret alien terraforming of the planet, to a group of people he believed would carry the torch if he were to perish. One of the persons he sends it too is his brother Jack. Jack is not quite as intelligent as Zane and seems to have a chip on his shoulder. At first Jack is in denial of the alien invasion, and is reluctant to take any action in the plan to expose the terraforming of earth. However, when the rest of the people that were supposed to help expose the terraforming secret and save the planet are killed by the aliens, it is up to Jack and a reporter named Bridget Riordan to help expose the truth about the impending destruction of human life on earth. The Good: This was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be! The original was a "B" movie by ALL standards, and this one follows in it's footsteps. The story is quite interesting as was the story in the first movie. If you watch this movie for any reason it would be to see the story of the original advanced. The lead actor Patrick Muldoon surprised me with his acting. By no means was it "great" but for a cheap "B" movie sequel he definitely surpassed my expectations! The special effects were surprisingly well done! Most of it is CGI, but for a 1998 low budget movie, it was more then you could ask for! The aliens and their gadgets look just as good here as they did in the original. The Bad: Ok, there is a lot BAD to say about this movie! First of all, while I mentioned the story was interesting, it was definitely poorly told. It jumps from one non-sensical scene to the next. The amount of times our heroes escape from the "bad" guys with out a scratch or even a chase is RIDICULOUS. This movie features some of the laziest police officers the world has ever seen! They chase our heroes on foot, but as soon as they jump into a vehicle, it's over! Literally there was several scenes where it shows them begin chased, they jump into a car and thats it, no one ever goes after them and the movie simply moves on! PREPOSTEROUS! The vast amount of unintelligence is brain numbing. I think the likes of zombies and DR. Frankensteins creature would have their intelligence insulted by this film. Oh and don't get me started on the cliches! From forced romances, to predictable twist's, this film had them ALL! The acting was ATROCIOUS! The "bad" guys tried so hard to be monotone and unexpressive that they looked silly. The good guys tried so hard to be funny that they looked like morons! Overall, even for a "B" movie the acting was pretty lame. Out of everything that was wrong with the movie the biggest fault was poor execution! The movie had like half a dozen "twists". Some of them wouldn't have been half bad if the director would've known what the hell he was doing! It goes from failed action scene, to failed comedy scene, to failed horror scene, to failed chase scene, to failed "twist" scene. The amount of failed scenes is unprecedented! Everything happens too fast and too awkward. The way the movie is directed makes you feel extremely distant from the characters and their situation. This is what ultimately finishes ruining a movie like this. Overall: The concept and story are interesting, the lead actor can be charming at times, and the special effects look great for it's time. Unfortunately, the story is poorly told, there are one too many nonsensical and preposterous scenes, the acting is terrible, and the cliche count is high. The overall feeling is that the film wasted it's potential due to failed execution and poor direction.

Stephen S (fr) wrote: I picked this up from the library a while ago. It's very much in the style of a stage play, with some interesting dialogue and performances. Oskar Werner, especially, is very good.

Mike C (kr) wrote: Rewatch: Figured I'd seen this before but didn't remember the points made so re-watched. I'm keeping it 5/10 and actually had a lot of the same stuff to say.I did want to make this one extra point: the strongest idea of the movie, in my opinion, is that without fear of death/suicide, people would die at alarming numbers. Religion promises certain alluring things. Death can be achieved relatively easily as a do-it-yourself kinda job to reach those things. So religion makes suicide unacceptable. Pretty convenient. But I wonder what would happen if suicide was not frowned upon? And finally, I'm not opposed to movies with two people talking. The Before Sunset series are quite effective, Gerry was good, and I have a Phillip Roth book that is all dialogue. The McCarthy screenplay might have been decent because it's philosophy and the reader can depict the characters as he wants. Not so much in this movie. I just did not find the TLJ character believable at all. Maybe that's more on him since he acted and directed it. Original: Tommy Lee Jones and Sam Jackson have both taken commanding roles here and there. In this movie, they are much simpler roles: literally the only two people on screen the entire time. One (Jones) a suicidal professor and the other a blue-collar worker who saves him. The discussion revolves around life, death, and religion mostly. I am generally quite impressed with movies that feature few actors or mostly dialogue. Gerry, and the Before Sunset and Before Sunrise movies come to mind. This one, is more easily forgettable despite a promising set of topics.I've had these conversations many times, so maybe that's why I'm less than intrigued. Secondly, they aren't even that well done. First of all, I don't see someone who has just tried killing himself to be all that interested in carrying a conversation with a complete stranger. Kind of odd that Jones not once throws a fit and demands to be let out. Finally, it's just overdone. I've had many conversations and watched a lot of others, and I've not really seen people act like this while telling stories or listening. It's kinda silly: they wanted a simple movie...just two people talking, but then had to movie it up with the "acting" bits. A movie like this can be really good or really bad. Really bad if it seems exploitative and a cheap effort to put two stars on screen and bring in some money. Unfortunately, that's what I thought about it. Want some real conversation, watch the aforementioned Before Sunset and Before Sunries movies. Heck, I even own both of those.

Andrew B (ca) wrote: Being a professional wrestling fan since I was a kid obviously made me really excited when I first heard about this movie being made. The fact that Aronofsky was directing it made me even more interested in seeing it, not knowing what his take on the entire subject was going to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the outcome to say the least as you can tell by me giving it 4 stars. Maybe I am a little bias because of the fact that I am a wrestling fan, and as I have gotten older I have become really interested in reading books by older wrestlers about the life and behind the scenes outlook on the business. So I went into this film knowing a lot about the subject and felt I would be a good judge if it matched up to something authentic or something that was rather silly, and the former was the case with The Wrestler. Other than a pretty cool role in Sin City, Mickey Rourke's career was all but over. But wow did they hit the nail on the head casting him in this role, its perfect. I cannot see any other actor being able to pull this role off now that its all said and done. Not only was he great at the acting part of it, but physically he looked the part. From his body to his old battered face. Through reading the books and watching documentaries on the real life of wrestlers this movie really cannot get more authentic. And the fact that real pro wrestlers endorsed this movie gives it an even higher mark in my book. Because most pro wrestlers are very reluctant to endorse anything from outside the business. Rourke gives the performance of his career here. And I will continue to say it, in my opinion him not getting the Oscar for Best Actor is the one of the biggest all time snubs in Oscar history. He lost to Sean Penn for Milk, really ? Even Penn mentioned Rourke in his acceptance speech, probably knowing that he didn't deserve it. It was a good performance, sure, but not even close to Rourke's performance in The Wrestler. But that year the Oscars were all over the place. Slum dog Millionaire won for Best Picture, a movie that was pretty much forgotten after that night. The Dark Knight was the best movie of that year, but god forbid the academy votes for a superhero movie. But this isn't the place to debate Oscar wins and losses. The Wrestler is a fantastic movie with fantastic performances and a great story.

Gordon B (kr) wrote: There's a good premise here (Aliens form outer space are a new immigrant group). There's even some decent performances, but in the end it becomes just another 80s cop film full of chase scenes, shootouts, & macho melodrama

Jason C (mx) wrote: It is well acted and has a bit of a different story angle but it did nothing for me to make it more than just "ok".