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Igor A (fr) wrote: ??????? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ????????? ?????? ?, ???? ??????????? ? ?? Bill Evans...

Lemerica A (gb) wrote: This is my favorite dance movie ever! I love it so much, you should watch it also!

Cheryl C (jp) wrote: a little more to it that it seems on the surface, but it's just that little more. I did love their comments about cars and the mindset we get into as drivers.

Kaushik V (nl) wrote: really really well made movie! the realistic potrayal of kashmir is as disturbing as much as it brings of hope in the paradise! the boy has played the role to the core and the movie shines all thanks to him!

Jose Luis M (jp) wrote: Almodovar mas cinefilo que nunca ! Con una historia tipica del director ,llenade guios a peliculas cl sicas e incluso a su propio cine , logra una pelicula visualmente poderosa y un diseo de produccion magistral , pero con un argumento flojo,previsible y muy alargado .

Joanna R (nl) wrote: It's an ok documentary, a bit superficial, but with the required zizkian touch.

Lucille K (fr) wrote: loved the people, the children, hated the competition.

Kim M (ca) wrote: Guy Pearce is outstanding as always and movies like these seem to slip past without getting the credit they deserve. There were a few red herrings but I did see the end coming and couldn't look away just to be sure!

Raji K (mx) wrote: Sylvester Stallone stars in the futuristic sci-fi action film Judge Dredd. Large concentrations of population and the lack of food and resources have resulted in large densities of crime. A new program has resulted in human soldiers that have the ability to be judge jury and executioner. Judge Dredd is one of the best in his field, but at times his judgement is in question as he seems to want to kill first and ask questions later. A council of individuals determine the law, trains new cadets to be justice, but even the head of the council wonders if the program they have created is truly the best for the people. The program's sense of justice is in question, but to make matters worse Judge Dredd is framed for murder. His friend Judge Hershey (Diane Lane) tries to defend him, but the evidence is overwhelming which includes a DNA sample. Dredd is sentenced to life in prison and is transported with Fergie (Rob Schneider) a prisoner he sentenced not too long ago. The two work together to clear Dredd's name and return things to order. He is up against his brother (Armand Assante) and violent mechanic robot.Judge Dredd is a pretty typical blockbuster action film from the 90s. The film is not without campy and cheesy moments. Schneider tries his best to offer the comedic relief in the film. Stallone gives his usual performance. The film does not have many thrilling action sequences, but does a good job with sets to give the movie a futuristic feel. Dredd is pretty much what you would expect and that was not much. -2.10.2017

Calvin C (gb) wrote: I think I laughed more than I was scared. At least director William Castle knows how to entertain the audience. Good sound design and music. Definitely a movie that only worked for its time period, and nothing else.Grade: B

Allan B (ru) wrote: my favourite carry on, and the first of the collection

Bruce M (ag) wrote: Hal Holbrook has always been one of my favorite actors. At 84 years old he is as good as ever. Watching him in this solid simple film is a pure work of art. Nominated many times in his long career, the Oscar should have been his.

Evan H (au) wrote: "I lost an eye for this gang!" This trashy film is actually pretty good. It deserves more recognition. It has Kitty Bruce (daughter of Lenny Bruce) in it. She plays a character named Donut!! The script is a real riot and so are the costumes. The acting is bad, but you some how don't care because this movie is hilarious!!