Twelve year old Sei has hit puberty and is quickly becoming sexually aware, sometimes not as privately as he'd like; erections in school and other inopportune times plague him. He talks about it with his school friends, Kinta and Nyanko, in between their feuding over the affections of classmate Yumi, but can't figure out what to do about it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gomen torrent reviews

Carlos D (ag) wrote: buenos efectos y elementos basicos de horror presentes: comedia,historia mistica y pie para secuelas.entretenida y divertida para quienes gustamos del genero.

Marischa B (ag) wrote: It's not often I find a well scripted movie these days. Most are badly written and try too hard to be "modern" or "edgy" in order to try to get laughs in the crudest way possible.Well this movie is a refreshing respite from that sort of thing.When I looked into seeing this movie it had a rating of 7.0 on IMDb. There was only one review and it was a good one.After watching it, I gave it an even higher rating than that because I was not expecting much.Boy was I surprised. What a pleasant Christmas story and what a cast of musicians! Very worth seeing especially this time of year.By the time I watched it, the rating had dropped below 5. No more reviews, just lots of 1 ratings to bring it down. This is what happens when you make a movie that shows what the majority of the country believes in. We get the far left haters who give it a 1 without ever watching it, just to bring the ratings down presumably because they hate Christianity.Well, don't fall for the low rating. It will probably go down more as more far left Christmas haters find out about it, but don't be deterred.I'm glad to say that good family movies are not gone. Hope we get more.

Dolores H (nl) wrote: Absorbing story from the servants' point of view.

Kristen S (fr) wrote: A lot weirder than I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it.

Konrad L (br) wrote: Wirklich nur etwas fr perfektionistische Spezialisten und Liebhaber des Konzertflgels.

John C P (mx) wrote: Excellent film. It is actually 2 stories involving the lead character. The stories are well told, with one exception. the two stories are separated, there are bits and pieces that are left out, that would have made the story more understandable. It is a love story and a ghost story The question is who is the beast and who is the human?

Mahmoud A (es) wrote: Donkey is the hero :-)

N M (jp) wrote: I still remember reading the short story when it was first published in Ms. Magazine and bursting into tears even though it was just a few pages long. The movie is a faithful rendering. The story is similar to Nevil Shute's " On The Beach" about how people cope knowing they are among the last survivors of a nuclear war and summoning up their best to meet their certain end. This is a smaller, more intimate story as it focuses primarily on one family in a small town. Somewhat clichd, it is nevertheless a touching story with good performances, especially Jane Alexander. Well worth watching. I was lucky enough to have taped it and am glad I still have the vcr tape. It is a surprise it isn't on DVD or at in iTunes, especially since it features early performances by Kevin Costner and Rebecca DeMornay and even Lukas Haas who went on to star as the little boy in Witness.

Heather M (fr) wrote: I have no desire to watch this movie.

Shelly M (us) wrote: let down - goes on forever and really doesn't have an ending per say. Felt kind of hichcock-ish.

The Critic (jp) wrote: Struggles, perhaps, to stretch beyond its stageplay roots, but Neil Simon's sharp dialogue and charming performances from Robert Redford and Jane Fonda keep things bubbling along nicely. Consistently amusing.