A contemporary psychological thriller in which a young British couple travelling through the Australian outback become involved with a mysterious and charismatic American whose motive for imposing his friendship upon them becomes increasingly suspect and sinister.

A contemporary psychological thriller in which a young British couple travelling through the Australian outback become involved with a mysterious and charismatic American whose motive for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (nl) wrote: The critics must always expect spoon fed storylines.Granted it started slow, but no slower than life itself. The editing led us through the experiences of LaBeouf's Drummer characters life before the moment his life changed, and showed a version of the hell he and these veterans experienced in the real world, once they returned. The writing was thin at times, the dialog simplistic between LaBeouf and Oldman, but so is the mindset and abilities of these veterans, and the armies incapability to deal with PTSD. It was actually analogous to what these guys go through.Critics seem to want more than the regular guy can do in such paranoid, troubled times. Sometimes these guys don't have the words, and their view of the world around them is just as quiet and simple.It was an incredible performance by LaBeouf. We actually watched, believing, as he slid into the place he ended up in.Critics; Watch it again as if he was not a hollywood star following the storyline of a hollywood writer, but your brother once he returned home.

Carl C (us) wrote: A bad b movie, enough said.

Benjamin (kr) wrote: ridiculously boring but well cast

Marc S (es) wrote: Not a straight cradle-to-grave narrative, but more of a collection of vignettes, tied together by the story of an author assigned to write a biography. It's rather uneven - some portions seem amateurish, some portions much more compelling. Apparently it's not as historically accurate as it could be, but then, one expects that of biopics. Still, some work better as movie than this. But it was, at least, interesting.

David F (it) wrote: Bad - stick to the first one.

Juliana C (mx) wrote: Really sweet and a good reminder about the importance of our "chosen families." A bit soap opera in parts but a good flick.

Cameron L (ca) wrote: A good entertaining movie

Kevin H (ca) wrote: As funny as a talking horse movie can be

Orlok W (de) wrote: Peter Weller's almost one man show--Humour and Irony makes it good!!

Weul S (au) wrote: War is sex, booze, golf, & gore in this black comedy. The film starts strong but falters in the middle. I guess I'm just not an Altman fan.

Tomas T (nl) wrote: Sweden at the height of its European dominance, in the 17th century, provides a great setting for a fictional love story between the Queen of Sweden Christina (Greta Garbo) and a Spanish envoy Don Antonio De La Prada (By John Gilbert). Christina succeeded her King father only at the age of four and since then her life has been devoted to tedious politics and war. Growing bored of both, Christina camouflages herself as a man and sets out to live among her subjects for a time. By chance she crosses roads with a comely Spaniard envoy Antonio, on his way to Swedish court. Finding each other as kindred spirits, Christina and Antonio fall in love in no time. However jealousy and intolerance flare as their relationship becomes public forcing Christina to make some profound choices. Queen Christina features the two heavy weights of silent movie's, Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. I found both a pleasure to watch with sound as the overacting, so typically found in older films, was quite well kept in check by the actors. Especially Greta proved to be enchanting with her subtle expressions and infatuating laughter. Other than the love story between the main characters, the film nicely mixes real life with fiction in a seamless manner making the movie entertaining and interesting. I could not help but to head straight to Internet encyclopedia after the film to find out more about Queen Christina.

Becky F (ca) wrote: Braff tries really hard to show what it's like to be in your mid-thirties and go through life-changing events. The sad thing is, that in reality, the big-events in your 30's, just aren't as exciting or fun as the big events in your 20's, which is why this certainly isn't Garden State 2. There were nice moments in this film--but, unfortunately there's way too much schmaltz.

Senor C (ag) wrote: I wonder if this is what an Amicus anthology would look like in the 80s. 4 Twilight Zone aspiring shorts about a woman who goes out for smokes & finds an escaped mental patient in the back set of her car, a priest who lost his faith terrorized by a Chevy truck, a family has a giant rat infestation & (the best segment) w/ Emilio Estevez obsessed w/ a video game. This episode is 80s awesome as Estevez listens to old school punk while he takes on the BISHOP OF BATTLE..it's like Repo Man meets Steve Wiebe

Stewart F (ca) wrote: Definitely worth a watch :-)