Jill Parrish is trying to rebuild her life after surviving a terrifying kidnapping attempt. Though she is having a difficult time, she takes small steps toward normalcy by starting a new job and inviting her sister, Molly, to move in with her. Returning home from work one morning, Jill discovers that Molly has vanished, and she is certain that the same man who previously abducted her has returned for revenge.

When her sister goes missing, Jill is convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two years ago has returned, and she sets out to once again face her abductor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (es) wrote: One shallow & loud but overlong & unfunny horseplay.

Nicola W (de) wrote: I thought about giving this 3 stars then realised its a comedy and I only really laughed once and that was the final second of the film. The best thing about this film was Albert the pig. I enjoyed the film, it was stupid just wasn't funny

noel n (au) wrote: The best Kurt Cobain doc out there.

Rob F (de) wrote: Entertaining but too much CGI

James M (fr) wrote: Little known gangster film about arguably California's most influential gang. Can see why it's little known as it's a little boring

Kyle M (it) wrote: The nature exploded albeit being the most appealing of the trilogy at a clichd scale, with convoluting transitions, and benefiting from the production design asset. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Arthur P (kr) wrote: A pitch perfect political satire made in one of the scariest times in modern times and does an insanely great job of turning a setting of mass tragedy into really smart great humor. Very subversive to treat the Nazis in this way when at the time the world was terrified of them and a lot of great comedic chemistry and running jokes as well. Superb!

(us) wrote: Understandably slammed but really not that bad at all. Exorcist II is a visual delight, and for me a better film than the original in many ways. It has some great ideas but unfortunately is still too closely tied to the original to work on its own terms, and be as compelling as it should be. A real treat for film buffs willing to open their minds to what is essentially an attack on the original film though. Very interesting, just not compelling enough.

melissa u (us) wrote: CUTE!!!! So glad no cuties die in this.

Tiffany D (us) wrote: Slow-moving and laughably melodramatic, Marnie is far from my favorite Hitchcock piece. Connery didn't quite seem to fit the role, either. Overall, it was worth watching, I suppose, if only to have been able to see it. 2.5-ish stars

Zachary C (fr) wrote: First film ever staring one of the greatest comedy duos ever, and it ultimately failed to gain my approval. While Abbott and Costello's performances are exceptional as always, the remaining problem is that the film has less to do with them, and more to do with characters that don't even matter. The two almost have nothing to do with the film at all, as if all their meant for is to add laughs and nothing more than that. The true main characters don't have any real substance, nor do they make the film worth watching. It's no wonder they needed these two because they were the only good things about it.

Jim D (fr) wrote: Back on my IMDB Top 250 project. This is # 140...110 to go. Loved this movie...cannot believe I never watched it before. I love Kubrick, though I am not always sure if I understand what he is getting at. Here the utter pointlessness of the way the movie is divided I think is supposed to convey how pointless the Vietnam War was. There really wasn't much of a story, just a series of events pulling the characters along. They fight, they die, with no speculation as to why...just like the war.

Alexander C (de) wrote: A tense thriller with Julia Roberts in the lead role, escaping her deranged psycho husband.

Omar G (kr) wrote: Just finished watching this on Showtime. What a class act documentary about one of the most iconic persons ever. And the sound mixing? WHOA!!! Bravo, Spike!!!