Gone Hollywood

Gone Hollywood

Al gets an inheritance from his dad- but there's a catch, he must go back home to reopen his dad's bar. Along the way, he finds laughter and a woman who might change the course of his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gone Hollywood torrent reviews

Danielle W (nl) wrote: It was a good a movie loved it enjoyed it

Kendrick M (gb) wrote: Aaron Eckhart is excellent in this movie. It may be the typical Rom Com but it warms my soul. Say it with me... "Cinema yum yum!"

Sonic H (mx) wrote: This is proabably one of the best traditional Christmas movie to ever watch on the holidays. Funny, original, heart-warming, heartfelt, goofy, and whimsical charming film.

Mimi S (it) wrote: Thirteen is one the best teenage films out there and is one of many favourites. Thirteen isn't your typical clich high school drama rubbish, it's far more sinister than that. Thirteen epitomises the dark and terrifying aspect of growing up that every parent dreads. Thirteen is about 13-year-old Tracey (Evan Rachel Wood) who is a good girl and the apple of her mother Mel's (Holly Hunter) eye. Tracey is unpopular and nerdy and isn't noticed by the most popular girl in school, Evie (Nikki Reed) whom Tracey longs to be friends with. Tracey does everything in order capture Evie's attention. Finally Evie decides to let Evie be part of her group and the two develop and close and unhealthy friendship. Evie is has a destructive influence over naive Tracey and the two take drugs, stay out all night, wear provocative clothing and have sex with boys. The most shocking thing about this film is that these girls are only 13!! I thought that they were at least 16!! Thirteen is a realistic and harrowing depiction of how fast kids grow up nowadays. This film is moving and haunting in every way. Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki Reed and Holly Hunter give terrific performances. The film also portrays the relationship between Tracy and her concerned mother and the impact that her behaviour has at home. This is a film that mothers and daughters should definitely watch together! There is a lot that can be learnt from this film. I highly recommend this film. It's scary and it's daunting but it's a real eye-opener. Grade: A+

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Nothing real special about this movie. (Except it was made here in Pittsburgh) lol

James B (mx) wrote: This film is pure eye candy but with it's 2 hour running time I worry how captivated today's audiences may be over shag carpets, deep dish divas, and fuzzy bass

Kaitlyn J (ca) wrote: Rather boring movie. Too much narration.