Gone with the West

Gone with the West

Enlivened by the star turns from James Caan and Sammy Davis Jr., we follow the tale of a not-so-reputable hero. Jud McGraw and a less than innocent Native American maid, known as Little Moon. They have both come to the deserted town of Black Nullar to settle old scores. Out of the smoldering cinders of the town, love finds a way in this deligtful romantic western.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   whipping,   revenge,  

After being framed, a cowboy is sent to jail. After his time is served, he leaves with vengeance in his heart. Soon he meets a young Native American woman and together they go to settle their score with a small town and its corrupt leader. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Loreno R (mx) wrote: Watched and loved Nostalgia for the Light, beautiful doc journey into the need to retain the past. Showing you the intangible. Expect tears.

Grim R (au) wrote: An extremely eerie and well made documentary about the disappearance of young children in the Staten Island Area. Andre Rand would later be convicted of the crimes, but it's anybody's take on this troubling case on whether or not he did it. I believe that he did and wasn't a scapegoat. Also included is the speculation of satanic rituals that may have been performed around the mental hospital near by. Very chilling stuff.

Paul S (it) wrote: Fails in every way possible.

Jose P (gb) wrote: Me gustan las peliculas de National Lampoons, desde la venganza de los Nerds hasta Vacaciones, pero la verdad esta pelicula me desepciono muchisimo, el protagonista es Will Sasso, el mismo que hizo de Curly en la nueva version de los 3 Chiflados, es graciosito pero la verdad que la pelicula es malisima, eso si muchas tetas al aire, chistes sobre homesuxualidad y sexo pero no pasa de ahi. Un punto a su favor es el actor Tony Cox quien simpre me hace reir. Unica y exclusivamente para quemadita.

Jonathan D (es) wrote: Another Sandra Bullock crock

Harry W (nl) wrote: I only ended up with Sliver because it came in a two-movie pack with Fatal Attraction, but then again Sharon Stone is a talented actress. And she has a boneriffic body so another chance to look at that is not one to miss in my books.But Sliver makes that pretty debateable, because save from Sharon Stone's presence as an actress and a goddamn sexy woman, Sliver supplies little worth following.For one thing, it has no interesting characters. It has an attractive book editor in a relationship in a guy who looks like a skinnier Alec Baldwin with a larger skull, but nobody worth caring about. I mean they're nothing interesting, and the story isn't worth telling. For some reason some guy videotaped all his tenants and some other guy murdered them, or maybe it was the same guy, I don't know and I don't care. Sliver gave me no reason to care or want to know why. And whatever Sliver is supposed to be, a thriller or an erotic thriller or a joke, it only succeeds as a joke because its it even funny enough, or dramatic enough, or bad enough, to qualify as entertainment in any category, and its barely sexy enough for a Sharon Stone film, particularly one that is supposed to be an erotic thriller. It really barely emphasises Sharon Stone's good elements as an attractive woman or as an actress, and either way it just decreases her credibility as an actress unfortunately.Phillip Noyce Really missed the ball on this one, because the ending is stupid, the story is stupid, the beginning is stupid. It's all stupid. The script is stupid, the characters are stupid, and the actors have to work with all that.William Baldwin proves he is one of the lesser Baldwin brothers in Sliver, in terms of acting and in terms of picking a film to add to his credibility. Still, he did get to have a naked Sharon Stone ride him so you can't blame him. You can blame him for all the poor acting though.And try as Tom Berenger might, dragged down by the lack of talent around him he fails to shine.Sharon Stone is a lone bright spot here, and I'm not just saying that because she's an easy source of blood rushing to the penis. She downplays her sexual appeal to a point where her character is one that is innocent with a body unfathomed and unravished by the darkness she encounters. Her performance is actually ok and befitting to the character as well as benefitting to the film which is actually pretty challenging. She's just really a good cast member and a good presence in the film, and is as sexy as ever, even though its not her finest hour.But still, Sliver doesn't have a story worth telling so I don't know why Phillip Noyce bothered trying. At least he got Sharon Stone on board, but that saves nothing.

monsieur r (fr) wrote: Candy is cast superbly in this rather predictable plot. Many funny scenes. Well worth your time especially if you like John Candy.

Tom H (ru) wrote: decent lighthearted comedy with some R rated situations. But it was the appearence of George Carlin that really made it a worth while viewing.

Anthony C (gb) wrote: WOW usally Joe D amatoe sucks but this movie is amazing. Its almost like someoen else made it and just gave him credit. The score by Goblins great the films very atophereic and disturbing. Recommened to any horror fan.

Evan H (mx) wrote: This movie is really good! Full of plot twists and fine acting highlighted by superb direction accompanied by a beautiful score!

Jebus B (ru) wrote: Well it was an entertaining anime but I have one problem with it, The alotted time, this was to short to be a feature length film. If it was advertised as a mini-series or a Short film, that would have been alright. The blood Splatter action was awsome along wth the neat CGI animation. I would give it a watch if you would love to see something not so epic but entertaining for 48 minutes.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Great Damon Runyon story!! (I always like Damon Runyon gangsters)

Patrick Y (it) wrote: 'Blue Valentine' for the sixties. Hepburn is as beautifully charming as ever and Finney puts on a wonderful persona for Hepburn's most satisfyingly real on screen romance. The 'bitch' and the 'bastard' play off each other perfectly.

Grant S (nl) wrote: I thought that it had a lot of surprises and has a good story plot. Good movie!