Good-bye, My Lady

Good-bye, My Lady

An old man and a young boy who live in the southeastern Mississippi swamps are brought together by the love of a dog.

An old man and a young boy who live in the southeastern Mississippi swamps are brought together by the love of a dog. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (br) wrote: "Is That A Sword In Your Chest...Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?" -Constantine

Matt L (ca) wrote: I wish that everyone would see this movie! There is no way to explain these events other than that God is real. Let me say that again (GOD IS REAL). He justs wants to help you walk you life through and to fully be able to release His love upon you. Many would argue, why is there death, anger, suffering in this world, how can there be a god? You must understand the nature of God to be able to answer this. God loves us so much, that He does not force His way onto you. He wants you to ask and honestly desire and yearn for him. You must choose Him first, then He will help, heal, supply, and bless you.

Grayson D (kr) wrote: Hit and miss farce but colourful and with a good attention to detail.

Roy S (it) wrote: A gleefully cheesy B movie with amateurish acting, primitive special effects, and a director who tries to make up what he lacks in talent with his enthusiasm. It is like some Harryhausen fans got together and decided to make a movie for fun. They are somewhat effective, but I still would have liked to have a script that was a bit more coherent and editing that was a bit more competent. It seems to have been dumped into theaters with zero promotion to die a quick death, but at least it will have the cachet of having had a theatrical release.

Heather M (us) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Olli H (it) wrote: Low on horror for a horror movie, "6 Souls" a.k.a. "Shelter" (that's what Netflix calls this) was more of investigation flick, digging largely on the mystery and giving some cheap thrills that wouldn't scare any living thing. Julianne Moore was ok but nothing more but Jonathan Rhys Meyers steals the show. Overall it was quite bleak and bland but the ending was good.

Andrea P (br) wrote: Watchable but forgettable. I liked the idea of the self-help hero guiding people through their grief when he hasn't confronted his own. It had the basis for a good movie, but the poor casting, acting and muddled storyline (including the obligatory romcom ending) took away any substance the movie could have had.

Obisidiana B (mx) wrote: FUNNY!!...just make sure you have subtitles

Ruben A (it) wrote: pretty fun and entertaining camp movie

Lori B (ru) wrote: I don't think I've ever seen a Paul Greengrass film I didn't love. Why doesn't this guy have an Oscar?

Alex F (au) wrote: Angelina Jolie's performance is one of her best, and Winona Ryder as the shy, vulnerable and troubled girl aspiring to become a writer, is very good. It's like watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest but in a microcosmos populated with teenage girls. Not as edgy as it could be, but it's very watchable.

Genevra P (nl) wrote: I am sad to see that it got ROTTEN tomatoes. It is adorable and funny!!

Steph O (au) wrote: Extremely mushy. I can't stand Ricki Lake, but I watched this for Brendan Fraser and he was decent in it. The story's pretty stupid though. That's probably why most people have forgotten about this movie. Poor Brendan Fraser, he hasn't had the greatest career has he? Meh, I still love him.

Joel S (br) wrote: For a made for TV movie, this is a fantastic film. A very faithful adaption of the same novel that inspied Apocalypse Now!, though of course the movies differ in so many ways that they perhaps shouldn't even be compared. I like this adaption a lot, though I could understand why some people wouldn't.

Steve J (it) wrote: This truly bizarre Greek thriller/ultra-dark comedy is one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. But it is also quite rewarding. Ostensibly a sequel to Otto Preminger's 'Laura', it is actually more of a parody/homage. Panos Thanassoulis plays a wounded detective who is searching for his lover, Laura, who may or may not really exist. In the middle of the night during a furious rainstorm (it constantly rains in this film), he somehow winds up on the doorstep of a remote chateau occupied by two demented women, a young beauty (Meredyth Herold) and an older woman (Michele Valley, who more recently appeared in another transgressive Greek comedy, 'Dogtooth'), who may or may not be the younger woman's mother. These two women divide their time between torturing and murdering their servants, who they then bury in their garden, and playing strange, often sadomasochistic, sex games with each other. In his weakened state the detective is held captive by the women, and must use his wits to turn them against each other and regain his freedom; along the way he must endure all kinds of torture: physical, mental, sexual. All the while, he wonders where his lover Laura has gone to (shades of the Preminger film), and believes that his captors may have something to do with her disappearance. Director Nikos Nikolaidis and cinematographer Aris Stavrou supply some stunningly beautiful black and white imagery; it looks for all the world like a film from the 1940s, which makes the transgressive content seem all the more shocking. Furthermore, the performances, especially by the two women, are phenomenal. This is one film that quite brilliantly generates atmosphere. I will say no more, except that if you're easily offended you should avoid this one. Even I, a connoisseur of trippy/transgressive cinema, found it to be tough-going, but ultimately rewarding. Pretty gross though...especially since some of the really gross moments look uncomfortably authentic. Approach with caution, for mature, open-minded adults only!

Caitlin R (mx) wrote: "supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that Such a waste of pretty face but hanging in your noone's faceI wish that you would take a look and really stop thatTop that, stop thatI don't really give a about tryin to top thatTop that, stop that"so bad its good.

Mic M (de) wrote: WOW, incredible movie about death and regrets !

Benjamin C (fr) wrote: Typical 1976 tv movie in terms of production BUT another incredible rescue performed by the Israeli army...only they know how to deal with terrorists then and throughout history-important film in that aspect and in terrms of its historical relevance! Between this and Munich, they are the best! Courageous, brave, bold and competent! Like Speilberg's Munich, this would be a great feature! Idi Amin- great follow-up to the King of Scotland in terms of historical was the beginning of the end for that madman!

Sam W (nl) wrote: An outstanding film showcasing fine acting from all. The bizarre nature of the story and awkward drama mixed with the great comedy make this a great little movie.

Ray M (us) wrote: Already commented but just watching again. The closing 10 mins are simply breath taking with the best soundtrack I've heard in any film. So much emotion and tension