Good Deeds

Good Deeds

Businessman Wesley Deeds is jolted out of his scripted life when he meets Lindsey, a single mother who works on the cleaning crew in his office building.

Businessman Wesley Deeds is jolted out of his scripted life when he meets Lindsey, a single mother who works on the cleaning crew in his office building. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (it) wrote: Pretty awesome documentary overall. I really didn't expect it to be any good and was pleasantly surprised. As well, I had never heard of this band before, not necessarily my type of music but I liked what I heard. Tom is a guy we all know, maybe a guy we are all at times. A likable fellow that can to no awareness of his own, ruffle feathers and mess things up even though his heart is in the right place. The dynamic of this film captured how we can all feel insignificant despite our efforts. Tom you are talented and you showed it with this documentary for sure.Ostensibly while looking at the band and its creative process we are given a beautiful look into the organic process of the brother and how he sabotages himself along the way and comes out the other end with a great movie as the result.

Sabena A (it) wrote: I loved first 2 parts of this series and was expecting a lot more from this one but unfortunately this part doesn't live up to expectations, according to my point of view, selection of actors was pretty bad, storyline didn't have typical twists and ending just ruins the whole movie.

Francisco J (kr) wrote: Jason makes an unbelievable, heartfelt performance & the cast of people just takes it to the next level... That sepia, yellow & brownish lighting shooting method just sets the ambient so well for this film... ????? Go see it, share it with EVERYONE and then go see it some more... Best film of 2014 !

Jade S (it) wrote: The children thought it was hilarious, and it was a good family movie.Some low brow comedy for the adults.

Ron S (gb) wrote: Horrible acting, poorly written, plot so transparent it hurt.

Jesse H (es) wrote: Still Waiting... has horrible acting and directing unlike the first film, and in fact it was extremely boring

Kenny N (au) wrote: What's worse than Pauly Shore? A Pauly Shore movie trying to appeal to kids! I thought we all agreed that this man wasn't allowed to have a career anymore, after he spent the turn of the last century making some of the most miserable "comedies" ever made. But, since adults have evolved to not fall for his schtick anymore, he tries it on the kids. I bet even the most Barney-loving tyke will be confused and frightened by this ignoramus. Seriously...when casting a family film, will somebody please think about the children?!

DaljaKpop D (ru) wrote: Versin hot de Relaciones peligrosas. Bae Yong Joon como nunca lo hubiera imaginado.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Mickey Blue Eyes was crafted as a vehicle for the stammering British charm of Hugh Grant. takes the mick outta the mob so what ya think lol?

Don S (es) wrote: This is one terrific film! Fantastic acting all around! Billy Bob, Lucas Black, and Dwight Yoakam are outstanding! And John Ritter and J.T. Walsh totally own their roles too! The main man, Karl, is one of the most interesting characters I've seen! He's creepy, yet kind. Sort of freaks me out, yet I want him to live in my garage too. I guess I'm a bit like the boy, Frank. And he's got such great quotes too: "I like them French fried potaters", "some folks call it a Sling Blade, I call it a Kaiser Blade", "I reckon" "all right then" , and of course, "mmm, hmmm". I agree with the boy, I like the way you talk Karl! And great outfit too! Yes sir, one heck of a film!

Gale P (it) wrote: Good movie I would tell everyone to watch it

Betsy H (us) wrote: I always like to see old movies with celebrities before they were famous.

John C (jp) wrote: Despite the many flaws, the film is still quite hilarious, due mostly to Turturro's spot-on performance, perfectly channelling Groucho Marx.

Jason C (ca) wrote: Another incredibly inept "period piece" from Andy Milligan. This time he rather viciously attacks religious hypocrisy through the character of Guru, a "monk" (who actually seems to just be a priest) with multiple personalities. Not a bad place to start with Milligan-- you can commit to this one, it's over in about 55 minutes!

Chrisanne S (br) wrote: Typical canteen entertainment here with some standouts. Valuable mostly for those who are interested in movie stars of the time period, and there are tons here.

Gavin M (nl) wrote: This is the best movie of 2013. "12 Years a Slave" is without a doubt the most horrifying, true depiction of slavery ever put on screen. It definitely out beats "Django Unchained" by a long shot. Directed by Steve McQueen(not the actor) who also directed "Hunger" which I have not seen yet and "Shame" has definitely made his mark as the new face of directors in Hollywood. This is without a doubt his best film he has made yet, even though I have not seen "Hunger" I did see "Shame" and that's a movie that once was enough for me. Even though "12 Years a Slave" is a movie I could not see all the time, it definitely is a must see as this is without a doubt one of the best movies ever made in my opinion and I cannot imagine "Hunger" coming anywhere as close to this movie. This movie reminded me a lot of "The Thin Red Line" especially the way the cinematography captured beautiful elements of nature in the film the way Terrence Malick captured nature in "The Thin Red Line" it almost felt that at times it was Malick behind the camera, but I had to remind myself that this is Steve McQueen, a director with a fierce vision and a story only he could have told. And I am not just saying that because Steve McQueen is black, but who knows, maybe a white director could have captured the emotion and horrifying depiction of slavery that Steve McQueen captured on film, but in the end it definitely was suited better for McQueen to direct this movie as you can tell this was a personal film for him to make. The movie stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup, a free black man who gets conned into slavery by these two white men pretending to be intrigued in the fact that Solomon is exceptional at playing the violin. They tell him that they would like him to come to Washington D.C. with all expenses paid and Solomon agrees. Afterwards they attend dinner together where Solomon is overwhelmed by the two men's generosity and so they toast on that which ends up to Solomon getting terribly drunk and puking outside the restaurant where they have had dinner and the two men tell him all he needs is a good night sleep and he will be as fresh and new in the morning. But when Solomon wakes up, he is in a barracks chained up and not understanding why he is there is the first place. He tries to tell one of the white men that come into the barracks that there has been a terrible mistake and that he is a free man, but the two white men don't want to hear any of it as they begin to brutally beat him till he falls to his knees yelling at him that he is a slave from Georgia. Chiwetel's character then goes from a series of events being shipped over seas on a ship and brought to another part of the states I am assuming it is somewhere in the south where we meet Paul Giamatti in a small role as the man who sells slaves to slave ranch owners and sell Chiwetel's character to Benedict Cumberbatch along with an African American woman who ends up being seperated by her kids which makes her weep terribly for them. Chiwetel's character does what he can to stay hardy and to not fall into despair offering up his talents to Cumberbatch and impressing him as he does it, but he doesn't impress Paul Dano's character who is a snot nose piece of shit young overseer of the plantation run by Cumberbatch and is as cruel as the next overseer. Throwing every racial slur he can and Chiwetel's character to try and demean him, Chiwetel is not at will to let this little punk push him around as there is a very cruicial scene where Paul Dano's character begins yelling at Chiwetel's character Solomon because he had asked him to put the planks for the house he is building just right so they look good and Chiwetel's character tells him that he has done so and that if there is a problem with the instruction then there is a problem with the instructor and this brings Paul Dano's character to become on fire as he tell Chiwetel's character to strip down and get on his kness as he unbuckles his belt, but Chiwetel tells him he will not. As Paul Dano tries forcing him to get down on the ground Chiwetel ends up throwing Dano on the ground and beating him ferociously as he deserves with his own belt. It's a scene that made he root for Chiwetel as he was doing it, forgetting though the consequences that will fall on Chiwetel's character after he is done beating Dano. After Chiwetel is done beating Dano with his own belt, Dano promises he will get him back and that he will not live to see another day as you know this will not be good for Chiwetel's character. Once another forsser walks over to see what is going on and Chiwetel tells him exactly what happened the overseer tells him to not run off the property as he cannot protect him if he flees from Paul Dano. After Paul Dano and two other men try hanging Chiwetel the other overseer who told Chiwetel to not run comes to his aid and tells Dano at gun point that he has no right to hang Chiwetel because he is the property of Cumberbatch. Dano is furious and tells the other overseer that he has no right to interfere before taking off himself. Chiwetel endsbeing let down but still hangs by his toes as the other overseer tries to find Cumberbatch to tell him of the news and tension that has just risen between Dano and Chiwetel. Once Cumberbatch arrives back to his plantation he cuts Chiwetel down and tell him later at night inside Cumberbatch's residence that he must send Chiwetel to another slave plantation for he fears Dano will strike again until Chiwetel is dead, but before that Chiwetel tries to tell Cumberbatch who he really is, but Cumberbatch cannot hear any of it. That is when he sent to the plantation of Edwin Epps played by Michael Fassbender who gives a riveting performance as the cruel and brutal plantation slave owner. It's terrifying performance from Fassbender an d without a doubt his best one yet. Fassbender has also recently worked with Steve McQueen in "Hunger" and Shame" making them already a little bit of a DeNiro and Scorsese team. Fassbender is already one of my favorite actors to watch right now in Hollywood so it was amazing to see him play such a cruel and brutal character. The things Fassbender does to his slaves is unspeakable. And like Brad P[itt who also produced the film has a small role towards the end of the film, tells Fassbender's character that one day there will be a reckoning for what slave owners do to there slaves, but Fassbender thinks he is full of it. There is a scene that definitely will go down as one of the most brutal scenes ever captured on film where Fassbender makes Chiwetel whip one of the slaves he owns called Patsey played by Lupita Nyong'o who won Best Supporting Actress for her role which really comes out towards the end of the film, who we also learn is having an affair with Fasbender, but not by her choosing, who Fassbender goes nuts and thinks she has run away and brutally yells at his slaves asking them if they know where she has gone, but none of them know and when she does return she tells Fassbender's character that she went to get soap from the local store as she believes she is the one brings in the most cotton from the fields, twice as much than any other slave on the plantation that she has the right to be clean. Fassbender believes she is lying and forces her to be stripped and tied down to a pole where he forces Chiwetel to whip her because he cannot do it himself yelling at Chiwetel "Strike her! Strike her! Strike her!" It's a very cruicial scene to watch and after Chiwetel does whip her it is still not enough as Fassbender takes the whip from Chiwetel and whips her even more until she cannot stand anymore causing her to pass out. It's a scene that as I write this review can't help but think just how brutal we were to African Americans at that time and that it was more than a sin to what we did and that there are no words to describe the brutal actions that the plantation owners to did to African Americans in this film. It is a hard movie to watch, but at the same time you cannot look away as you are just shocked at what is being displayed on film, but this made me fell good in a way that there are still directors out there in the movie buisness who know how to make a good movie and Steve McQueen is one of them and I look very foward to see what he does next as this is without a doubt like I said before the best movie of 2013. Chiwetel gives such a commanding performance in the film as Solomon that we are with him to the very end of the movie. He definitely deserved the Oscar nomination that year for Best Actor as did Michael Fassbender for Best Supporting Actor as these two men gave commanding performances in both their roles. This is a movie to not be missed and a movie that speaks truth to what horrible things these slaves had to endure on those plantations. I believe i saw in an interview or read that Steve McQueen wondered why there were not enough movies about slavery and I don't know either, but I can conclude that it is because maybe people don't want to face the truth to how horrible the slavery era was and that people just can't face the fact that it happened and that it is America's sin as I believe I read in an article for "Django Unchained" or for "12 Years a Slave" I can't remember nut what I can gather from this film is that the truth hurts.

Bill B (br) wrote: Gave this one another look this afternoon, it'd been a good long while and the film holds up very well.Features the usual Tim Burton nuttiness combined with Keaton's scenery-chewing acting, a combo that makes for an enjoyable package, and a cute young Winona Ryder sulking about doesn't hurt either.Recommended.

andy s (de) wrote: Amazing film that should be shown in schools all round the world.

Toshiya T (de) wrote: what a crap movie, I gave hollywood another chance and Hollywood did not fail to disappoint. boring movie, no plot, fell asleep. avoid at all cost.

Kevin R (de) wrote: wonderful film showcasing a wide variety of action sports and the absolute passion and determination it takes to perform at such a high level