Good Dick

Good Dick

A fidgety, wisecracking video store clerk develops a fixation on a particularly reclusive customer, a frequent visitor to the pornography section of Cinefile, the video store where he works in Los Angeles. After multiple failures to impress her during their brief daily transactions, he finds her street address in the store's database, drives to her apartment building and initiates an unconventional campaign to win her affections.

A look at the relationship between a lonely introverted girl and a young video store clerk vying for her attention. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jane D (mx) wrote: Well put together movie!

Lyle M (au) wrote: It was.. odd. Don't expect anything and you'll be pleasantly confused.

GhostShadow X (au) wrote: Well I rather enjoyed this addition to the Tokyo horror collection. With new actress Aino Kishi playing the lead role as a cute Japanese girl (yes, again..) turned into a lethal killing machine in order to avenge the death of her sisters. Now do I really have to remind you that there is an over abundance of cheesiness here? But I did find this movie very enjoyable with it's sidetracked humor and the almost power ranger like action. I think the thing I enjoyed most was Aino's performance as the Samurai Princess. I hope to see more of her in upcoming films....even in another cheesy foreign camp, such as this one.

MariLiis J (us) wrote: The same Aerican Pie-type of plot, but it still works. This is totally funny!

Cylus O (gb) wrote: Goes against the typical cliches of teen dramas which made the show quite daring.

Sampsa K (us) wrote: As opposed to all other Finnish movies, Sauna is definitely worth watching. The absence of an out-of-place sex scene or a full frontal of Samuli Edelmann(TM)s penis gives it rare credibility and the general quality of the production gives it an air of import cinema. Even the acting supported the immersion instead of aversion. Whereas the story itself is fairly timeless, the historic aspect is a welcome addition to the general tone of the movie. I appreciated the slow pace of the movie and would(TM)ve preferred to see it continue even in the end.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Interesting and very well-made.

Jamie W (de) wrote: Hilarious flick with believable plot. High quality film-making and acting by Rosenbaum, with a crazy funny supporting cast. Must see.

Michael L (kr) wrote: if youve never entered the world of the makhmalbaf family, this is a good place to start. this is a very accesible film that delivers a great message of forcing literary and education on the apathetic. SM might be the best female director working today and with a script and editing from her dad mohsen, this is a truly excellent film

Janua C (de) wrote: adorooooooooooooooo aqui nao acho kirikouuuuuuuuuuuuu

Scott T (au) wrote: Ah where do I start with a 6 % rotten rating movie like this! I FUCKING LOVED IT! It was one of the first movies that opened my mind to psychological horror. It even opened myself to movies like Silence of the Lambs and Seven. Before this I found those two movies to be a yawn because they were not Freddy gore full movies. Strangeland has the torture and believe it or not, not as gory as it is made out to be. The torture of the victims in the movie is shown but not too much blood is used and you are made to intensify the torture in your mind as the viewer. Captain Howdy the horror villain in a way has a Freddy personality here with crazy mind blowing reasonings for his torture of his victims who never actually kills them. One happens to die but of cardiac arrest. Its almost like their put through torture and are tested much like the later Saw series. The midpoint of the movie even includes an identity switch between Captain Howdy and his so called normal self Carlton Hendricks which he would later point out being in a society of no imagination or creativity which you of course would assume that so called normal name comes from in his view. The whole recovery and identity crisis has a nice Psycho II feeling to it like what Norman Bates was going through. So despite what many say this one of my favorite psychological and pre-Saw horror movie to grace us at the end of the 20th century. Also has a quite an interesting take on questioning our society and the limits on our cultural tolerations, for a horror movie.

Bill J (fr) wrote: Anthony Perkins was awesome as was Kathleen Turner.

ld p (au) wrote: I saw this movie on the big screen when it premiered in 1980. It was an impressive film than and maybe even more impressive now!! Read some of the other reviews. Siskle Choose this as one of the best films of 1980. The film plot is rather simple but stands the test of 20 years time. I enjoyed the fantasy of the poor people of the frontier believe in the magic they saw. Of course now at 2009 the back lands of Brazil have changed even more dramatically than ever dreamed during this film!! I just watched the film again this week March 11 2009. I also saw his film Orfeus which was also very neat. Bye bye Brazil gives us a close up look at the back country of brazil Its kind of road trip carnival movie. In a way the film is saying goodbye to a form of life that was beginning to disappear. the lead actress is saying goodbye to her husband.u The road movie premise is used to discuss the impact of television on rural communities in northern Brazil and the displacement and provisional re-integration of older communication technologies and practices under the cathode ray tube regime. I consider this a very fascinating movie. A classic Highest Rating five stars.

Anna J (nl) wrote: has an awesome twist

James F (ca) wrote: Some clever plots, very nice visuals, can't help thinking this would have been better with a different cast, Mila, no, Rachel perhaps, Franco hmm yeah probably not, it's difficult to prop it up when it should walk on its own just fine.

Andy P (br) wrote: Fuller's fable about the dangers and stupidity of prejudice suffers from corny TV movie style production, but is redeemed by a well handled theme and exciting pace.

Larry S (fr) wrote: Interesting and fun for the first hour. But I'm not sure what they were trying to do or say with the ending. It had great potential and could have been excellent. But it wasn't.