Good Friends

Good Friends

K (Yeon Jeong-Hun), Tatsuya (Kazuki Kitamura), Joon-Oh (Lee Ji-Hoon) and Yuuji (Kim Young-Hoon) are best friends. They work for Sung-Ho's gang in a Korean neighborhood in Japan. A power ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kirk B (gb) wrote: Yeah not great. Nice action but that's about it.

Jim A (de) wrote: Truly one of the worst comedies ever made. A crass, disgusting, mean spirited vile mess of a movie without a single decent laugh, likeable character, and even with lots of pretty female eye candy I found the movie hard to even look at. May I also add that Dane Cook is an unfunny dipshit and if he is in the movie run away for the hills

Lukas D (fr) wrote: Really good movie - Machulski scores again !! good job !! After all - its a nice story about thief and something really difficult to steal or rather impossible to steal. When I look this one I've got this feeling it's something like Sting and The Score and maybe a little like The Thomas Crown Affair. Really good movie - if u can - watch it !! And got fun !!

Francisco L (au) wrote: Very comic movie for the childreen original for this genre but with a boring cast, and not very creative story.

Cecily B (de) wrote: This is my favourite Mary-Kate and Ashley film one i watched many times as a child. I love this movie...

Jayakrishnan R (ag) wrote: 85%Saw this on 4/11/15Although the action scenes are illogical, extremely over-the-top and at times irritating, Hero has a great story with a compelling narrative and some good performances. When the film is talking about the history as such, it is interesting. Also it has a few well shot scenes of large armies and battlefronts.

Avant S (fr) wrote: A good movie but too long for 2017.

Nilanjana R (es) wrote: fantastic film on the horrors of the hydrogen bomb but on a personal day to day basis,kurosawa is the boss

John B (mx) wrote: Another great performance by the underrated William Holden bolsters this POW film that finds the elusive mix between dark comedy and serious drama.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: Weird, funny or important.

Nicholas W (it) wrote: one of my favorite movie

David K (br) wrote: The animation seems dated by now, but that really doesn't matter when both the characters and and the story lack heart and depth.

Archibald T (es) wrote: Anna is drawing a house while in class when another student disrupts her causing Anna to briefly get even with this fellow classmate. The teacher doesn't stand for Anna's back talk and tells her to stand out in the hall. She carries her drawing with her. While waiting in the hall, she begins to get dizzy while staring at the bitch who disrupted her. She passes out and dreams for a bit about running toward the same house she drew. Then she wakes up.She lives with her mother. Her father isn't there. Not because he's dead, but because he's just never there. While in bed Dr. Nichols, or Sarah, checks on Anna. Sarah mentions of a boy who has been in bed for a year because he can't walk and by some sort of design she draws a boy sitting at the window in the house. She falls asleep and there he is at the window. His name is Mark. "Let me in!" Anna tells him. "I can't," Mark says, "There are no stairs." When she awakes, she draws some stairs. By now you can see how it's developed.Her dizziness, as it would turn out, is the beginning of a flu like symptom or it could be something that deals with her drawings. It's never mentioned. It's probably really just the flu. She stays in bed, drawing many different things, more like additions to the house. She gets to know Mark who isn't really just a made up person that she drew, but an actual person who is suffering because he can't walk and wants to ride his bike. When it comes to Anna's father, there is anger. She draws him simply because she wants him in her life, but knowing that it would only be in her dreams it enrages her. So, she scribbles out his face, the house and even Mark. She tosses it in the trash which is a mistake seeing how Dr. Nichols is extremely worried about the boy she's treating which of course has something to do with what Anna just did. So she rushes to get the wadded up drawing before the trash men send it off.With the stress of finding it and being around trash her symptoms get worse, but she is able to find that drawing! She sleeps, returning back to the house. It's turned into chaos now. Mark is still find, but there was the drawing of her father scribbled out. He carries a hammer around with him wanting to kill Anna and Mark now. Anna, however, can't wake up only putting her and Mark at risk if she doesn't wake up and change things.This film isn't exactly a horror movie. It falls somewhere into the surreal psychological drama territory. The one other film I could think of that reminds me of this, just a little bit, would be 'The Lovely Bones'. Charlotte Burke, who plays Anna, does a stand out job even if she is a bit bossy and loud. I discovered that this was the only film she ever did. She now lives with a different last name, is married and you can find her on Facebook. Very Charlie Bucket-ish and I admire that.Bernard Rose's direction is well paced giving the viewer an experience rather than an idea around that experience. I also loved the musical score by Hans Zimmer and Stanley Myers. As great as everything is the film does plunge into an ending which is suppose to symbolize something with Mark being free, but it felt rushed, over played and a bit disappointing. Overall, a great experience with an old theme that is well polished to suit your interest in dreams and nightmares.