Good Morning... and Goodbye!

Good Morning... and Goodbye!

Tales of eleven losers are told and interwoven. Burt can't satisfy Angel, so she seeks the arms of another man, who is caught by Angel in the arms of another woman. Angel ends up with Justin, who ends up with a co-worker's wife. As Angel and Burt argue, a sorceress watches, and eventually seduces Burt while Angel gets to know Ray, who had previously chased a blonde girl down on the coast. You get the idea.

Tales of eleven losers are told and interwoven. Burt can't satisfy Angel, so she seeks the arms of another man, who is caught by Angel in the arms of another woman. Angel ends up with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine H (de) wrote: This film makes me sick.

Sami L (ag) wrote: Depressing AF. Jesus

Sean L (gb) wrote: For my money, Wes Anderson just doesn't get any better than this. The Royal Tenenbaums is where he strikes that perfect blend of heartstring and humor, spontaneous weirdness and obsessive attention to detail. The family itself has enough history to carry an entire franchise, but the film doesn't bother to wallow in it for long; there's just too much going on in the foreground to spend more than a few savory moments on back story. Loaded with talent, it pulls everything from its cast. Whether it's Gene Hackman as the conniving, two-faced patriarch with a sudden need for intimacy, Anjelica Huston as his long-sacrificing ex-wife, Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson and Gwyneth Paltrow as their never-had-a-childhood offspring, or the vast array of eccentric, colorful supporting characters, it's tough not to appreciate each as a leading-caliber performance. The Royals' tale is vivid and real, emotive and wounded but also spirited and playful. It resonates in a modern setting, especially, when so many of our friends' and family members' tightest circles are similarly dysfunctional. Layered and complex without feeling superficial or overstretched, it's a whole bundle of emotions, flavors, sights and senses smashed into a single, rich, evergreen portrait. I feel this one in my heart's private pantry and my stomach's deepest pit. Wonderful.

Ann L (es) wrote: TO END ALL WARS This is a wartime drama that should really be included on any short list of top/best/greatest classic war movies, but surprisingly is not. The film features extraordinary performances all around. It is extremely disturbing, but I can't exactly say ultimately uplifting. It is based upon a true story set in WWII about a young man's experience surviving capture and incarceration along with thousands of other Allied solders in a Japanese POW work camp in Thailand and their assignment to construct a railroad through Burma so that the Japanese can invade India. The film immediately reminded me of the classic movie "Bridge Over The River Kwai," which is in fact based upon the same events. However, I thought that "To End All Wars" handled the same issues involved in a more profound manner and was much grittier and realistic in the telling. I liked the extra footage at the end of the movie showing the author meeting up with the translator after the war at the cemetery in Thailand where the soldiers who died during the construction are buried was a very nice touch.

David T (kr) wrote: I remember this being unfavorable when originally released. I figured as time went by, it would work.I finally saw it and I wanted to like it because of the cast and Peter Berg, a successful actor turned director. I assumed the dark comedy wasn't what the people wanted at the time. Perhaps it's the mood you're in but I found the film to have a whole lot of potential, held back with a weak script. The best parts, humor wise are in the second and third act. However it did show that the cast did bring their A-game and Peter Berg was a good director. I just think the writing was off.

Daniel A (mx) wrote: So I didn't love the story but I can't deny that director Zhang Yimou is a master of his art and Gong Li a truly tremendous actress. Ju Dou (Gong Li) is a young woman sold into a marriage with a barren and abusive man. However when she falls pregnant with her adopted nephew's child, their world becomes filled with lust, deceit and a seriously messed up little kid. With a story like that, it's no surprise that the film falls prey to an excess of overly dramatic moments, and while it often works, there were a number of moments where I found myself more bemused than emotionally affected. The love story is sincere, and the dynamic between the three leads largely successful, however the idea of falling in love with someone outside your highly abusive marriage as a bad thing is too loud and plain bad ethics. The fact that this film was banned in China for supposedly prompting women to rebel against their husbands seems highly ironic when the moral of the story seems to be that any relationship built on rebellion and lies is doomed to end in death and misery. Gong Li leads the cast with a stirring performance that is entirely in keeping with the film's melodramatic tone. The fact that many of those high-drama moments work is largely down to Li who plays the downtrodden woman so well (see also Raise The Red Lantern, Curse of the Golden Flower). Here she evolves from the silent victim to the desperate seductress to a woman in love, and plays each of these characters with vigour and great power. Around Li and her co-stars, director Zhang Yimou has created a visually impressive environment. The draped cloth of various colours makes for some nifty tricks as Yimou has clearly perfected the art of letting them fall through the air into pools of water in the most sensual and artistic of ways. Similarly he quite literally plays with fire, allowing the flames to lick the screen in several scenes, adding to the sense of danger in a most aesthetically pleasing way. Thus while Ju Dou is no discredit to Yimou's impressive reputation, the film's questionable moral overtones prevent it from having the same effect as his other works. However Gong Li and the beautiful visuals still hold much for audiences to marvel at.

Alden S (au) wrote: 10 out of 10:A very strange yet smart and unpredictable film that also is visually stunning.

Ryan M (au) wrote: Very cute premise. My first Marilyn film.

Calvin C (ca) wrote: The sixth and final installment in the Thin Man series, after the less than stellar fourth and fifth entries, this one, set around a night club, has a little more kick to it. It's doesn't have that charm the first three films in the series had. The side characters are not as interesting anymore, but Nick and Nora are old reliable. This one felt short and for being the final film, I kind of wanted more of Nick and Nora. But, it is nice to know that Nick will eventually solve the case and that he and Nora can finally go home and have a drink.Grade: B

Robert C (ag) wrote: The story isn't especially profound, but it's propelled by snappy dialogue, well-drawn characters, and terrific acting from Susan Hayward and Bill Williams.

Andr D (ca) wrote: Los vampiros y los hombres lobo llevan una batalla cazada por siglos, desconocida por la humanidad. Esta es la premisa de "Underworld", una pelcula descerebrada y sin vida que, al igual que "Resident Evil", nos demuestra la falta de energa e inteligencia del cine fantstico actual.

F B (es) wrote: Not as good as the first but enjoyable nonetheless even though a bit dated and some dreadful fight scenes.

Andrew R (ca) wrote: Meet the Robinson's is Disney's most simple and basic animation but is engaging and enjoyable. The film attempts to explore some deeper topics and includes some unexpected twists. It's only fault is its time travel logic.

James S (ag) wrote: Message for Ivan Reitman...GO BACK TO GHOSTBUSTERS!