Good People

Good People

Tom and Anna Wright, a young American couple, fall into severe debt while renovating Anna's family home in London. As the couple faces the loss of their dream to have a house and start a family, they discover that the tenant in the apartment below them is dead, and he's left behind a stash of cash—$400,000 worth. Though initially hesitant, Tom and Anna decide that the plan is simple: all they have to do is quietly take the money and use only what's necessary to get them out of debt. But when they start spending the money and can't seem to stop, they find themselves the target of a deadly adversary—the thief who stole it—and that's when very bad things start happening to good people.

Tom Wright and his wife Anna, a couple living in London discover £220,000 in the apartment of dead neighbor. Taking the money to renovate their house, the couple soon becomes the target of both the owner of the money and the thief who stole it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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tp b (gb) wrote: Fairly good much thanks to Pullman.

Joshua G (us) wrote: A great rockumentary! It is sad at times, funny at others, and is, truly, a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking. All the acclaim that the film is getting is well-deserved, I loved it!

Ashley T (us) wrote: Don't be fooled by the opening act, what seems to be a quirky romantic comedy-drama. After the first half hour, there is a complete melt down as the characters come to blows over, believe it or a not, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Two lead characters have never come off as more unlikeable, and ruined an entire movie, in the course of a single scene.

Angela S (nl) wrote: So bad that you should never bother to see this movie.

Jeff B (de) wrote: This had the feel of a simple story that someone wanted to stetch into a feature-length film. The non-linear storyline was sometimes a bit hard to follow as well since the directing was subpar.

Peter S (nl) wrote: Best movie from the series, hot guys too :)

Cali Fornia C (ag) wrote: Painful. Like watching a friend you kind of like (but never thought was very bright) and a slacker you dislike make a terrible mistake. Kept waiting for it to get to the funny part.

Arthur L (fr) wrote: Simple comedy, with an interesting and unusual plot. In other words, unclich.

Jannise M (ru) wrote: This was refreshingly good. I love this sequel.

Alexander H (br) wrote: Pixar first film and the first film completely cgi is an excellent well crafted family film with tones of jokes, heart felt moments and genius writing. It is my favourite of the toy story franchise and one of my all time favourite animated movies.

Haydn E (kr) wrote: This film is just a rip off of Babe but to be surprise, it doesn't rip off it as much. It's just a stupid told story that makes no sense. The pig doesn't talk much, and when he does it looks like he's having a heart attack. The acting is laughably stupid and most of the scenes are just awkward. The only thing that anyone remembers is the Pig Power In The House Music Video. Other than that, you can skip this stupid and just awkward film that will only make your kids confuse after wards.

Neil H (au) wrote: ***** greatest football hooligan film bar none

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: "Wake up!!"- Vaughn "Dap" Dunlap (Laurence Fishburne) That scene was the only part of the movie I like, and it was at the very end, big brother almightie.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Corey n (ca) wrote: This is a odd movie. The basic plot is a young American couple go the Greek Islands for a vacation. They end up having a sexual relationship with a young French women they meet there. The film stars Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah and Valerie Quennessen. The story is simple enough. Solid cast makes the movie work. I liked Daryl Hannah in this. Overall a hit and miss movie. Worth maybe a watch if your a fan of any of the main actors in it.

Alex F (au) wrote: A sort of treasure for us Mexicans made by one of the greatest filmmakers of the world. Mexico as seen by Eisenstein in 1931.

Brian G (nl) wrote: even though i hear it's basically a soft-core porno starring dane cook and the guy from spelling bee

John C (de) wrote: great suspensful character Thriller