Good Sam

Good Sam

Sam Clayton has a good heart and likes to help out people in need. In fact, he likes to help them out so much that he often finds himself broke and unable to help his own family buy the things they need--like a house.

Sam Clayton has a good heart and likes to help out people in need. In fact, he likes to help them out so much that he often finds himself broke and unable to help his own family buy the things they need--like a house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (br) wrote: The fifth Ip Man movie covers his later years and is narrated by his son. "The soul of this movie is really in its tireless references to the historical and social conditions of 1950s and 60s Hong Kong, whose street views are recreated in vibrant, saturated colors." Great cast and fights. "More a frequently elegant drama than an outright action movie."

Herbert C (ag) wrote: If you are looking for a refreshing plot, intelligent that keep you engaged and excited on your seats this is one HK film you should not miss. Solid acting from the actors including the veterans.The filmmakers no doubt have done their homework in various aspects of the film. Thumbs up

Stephen C (gb) wrote: This is a good movie with a rather scary idea behind it. One that could just about happen bearing in mind the way that cheap labour is used today in developed countries. Not perfect but really worth a look.

Petros T (kr) wrote: From an emotional standpoint, "Stardust" feels rather confined by its standard fairytale plot, yet remains a charming adventure bolstered by the eye-popping visuals and the strong cast, which features a deliciously out-of-character Robert De Niro.

Andrew G (fr) wrote: A good premise and solid performances brought down by a haphazard tone and lazy melodramatic dialogue.

Ted W (au) wrote: Great 1980's action flick!

Mimi M (fr) wrote: I saw it on hallmark it's awsome

Shawn W (de) wrote: This got fairly compelling. Depicts the relationship between naive Playmate Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider who picked her up at Dairy Queen and convinced her to pose. With his meal ticket slipping away, he ended their union in a murder-suicide.

Rebecca R (mx) wrote: This is funny from the beginning to the end. I cracked up in some scenes and others was horrified. What's best is that it will make you laugh. What isn't is that this movie is chuck full of sin.

Tom A (br) wrote: Given the reputation of The Rolling Stones' debauchery and drug use, it's surprising that they sued to suppress this chronicle of their Exile on Main St. US tour in 1972 -- Mick Jagger told director Robert Frank, "It's a fucking good film, Robert, but if it shows in America we'll never be allowed in the country again." A cinema-verite mix of b&w, colour, stage footage and lots of backstage action (including open drug use and sex with groupies), watching the film makes you feel like you've gone on a four-day heroin bender with Mick and Keef and ended up passed out in a bordello with Anita Pallenberg draped across you. We see Mick snorting coke, Terry Southern in a hotel room rambling incessantly, drug paraphernalia strewn across the coffee table, Keith Richards shuffling around like a zombie, Mick Taylor unconscious most of the time, needles going into arms. Filmmaker Robert Frank (a noted photographer whose work graces the Exile on Main St. cover) wisely chooses to focus on more backstage antics rather than the concert footage (with the exception of Stevie Wonder joining in on a rousing Satisfaction, their performances are pretty sloppy). In fact, the entire film evokes perfectly the mood and content of the Exile album (my favourite Stones record). But Frank is not a Maysles and the film's formlessness and lack of any structure becomes frustrating. Even if you are not a Stones fan, however, it's a vibrant document of the dark side of perhaps the important rock band of its era, at their creative peak, and well worth watching.

Brian O (gb) wrote: Fine, though much of the psychology may be impenetrable to non-Indians (the crude sub-titles don't help). Many beautifully realized scenes.

Roncarlo E (fr) wrote: Another good vampire film.

Brandon L (de) wrote: One of the best remakes out there

Aveeon J (ru) wrote: it the true meaning of a gangsta

Nick E (au) wrote: The movie has a few twist and turns, some of which may be obvious for the casual viewer, but the film is nonetheless a visually striking, well made thriller.

Josh A (au) wrote: Clearly a case of "so bad it's good," it's packed with laughable action sequences, one-liners, a bad 80s soundtrack, and mullets. Definitely entertaining, and I'm reasonably sure nobody involved was taking this seriously, which is a good thing, as it obviously serves as an action/comedy