Goodbye, America

Goodbye, America

Documentary about Al Lewis. He sits in the make-up chair and remembers part of his 92 years life.

Documentary about Al Lewis. He sits in the make-up chair and remembers part of his 92 years life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sreekiran M (jp) wrote: Sleezy action film that puts lot of King's energy to display

Riff J (es) wrote: Tom Hardy is exceptional and the movie is marvellous. Highly recommended for lovers of gangster/crime movies.

Dan G (de) wrote: It's an enjoyable, interesting movie. If you're not into mocks and don't commit to it though you'll probably be left behind.

bill s (br) wrote: A few nice kills and gore but like most Rob Zombie movies almost instantly forgettable.

Hanna H (de) wrote: Craig Parker is sooooooo fit!!!

Dave J (kr) wrote: Thursday, March 1, 2012 (1988) Jackie Chan's Who Am I? (In Chinese with English subtitles) ACTION/ COMEDY No strong payoff, but still a great vehicle revolving a nonsensical plot of Jackie Chan with amnesia which is nothing but an excused to showcase him what he does best which is stunts and martial art fights! Some of the highlights include martial art fighting on a ledge and a straight on walk onto a curb glass window and the out takes with Jackie running up a tree chased by a rhino! 3 out of 4

Allan N (br) wrote: Actually really well functioning, but mostly because Patrick Bergin performs the villain to perfection! Kevin Anderson was a bit annoying, and not handsome enough to match Roberts.

Dann M (mx) wrote: The King lives in this trumped up sequel to the 1976 remake of King Kong. After being kept on life support for ten years scientists resurrect Kong with a blood transfusion from a second giant ape, who he then breaks out of captivity and runs off with. The script is ridiculously bad and is full of cliches. Linda Hamilton leads the cast, but the performances are all terrible. There are however, some fun action scenes as Kong wrecks shop. A poorly made B-horror film, King Kong Lives is an atrocious mess that's unworthy of the King.

Ryan D (nl) wrote: A fun, simple movie. Cool to see a young Jim Carey. The dance number was fun. The dialog was sometimes bad, but in a cute way. "Is there such a thing as a female vampire?"

Adam M (ca) wrote: Michael McKean and Sean Young are natural and poised and hold expressions that are interesting to the camera ... And although Sean Young only has to play a luminous mannequin, she's better than Ali MacGraw as a sentimental terminal case and more lifelike than Sean Young as an android secretary. There are a few good performers in here, but the gags are in a weird place between Police Academy and Airplane 2, and the movie is faking being madcap -- it's been cautiously cobbled together. Some of the better actors get too animated once the spotlight inexplicably shifts on them, as though the zaniness of the whole movie depends on them shining like comic stars. A young Taylor Negron plays it soft, weaves in between the dumb jokes they wrote him and comes off like a pro.

Leia C (br) wrote: Very interesting movie, good themes, but it was probably a lot better as a play. Gene Wilder was great as always.

Keisha H (es) wrote: Judy Garland wasn't really a main character in this movie she just sang in the act they were doing, same thing for Red Skeleton, and Mickey Rooney was the host. Lucille Ball also appeared for a few minutes.

Eric J (kr) wrote: Beautifully-made but trite musical comedy shot in flawless Technicolor. Although Carmen Miranda gets top billing in this film she's only on-screen a very short time in the beginning and halfway through. Note Leonid Kinskey (Sasha from "Casablanca") as Tito. This picture drips Hays Code. But wasn't really too bad.

Matthew D (it) wrote: When it was released in 1938, the New York Times called it "sentimental but grand cinema" and, after seeing it, I'd say that's a fine description. The film debut of the Lane sisters is a good one, as all three show fine acting talent and bring some good energy to the picture -- particularly Priscilla, who finds herself in the position of loving two men while wanting to stay a spinster with her older sister. It may be fairly predictable and, at times, preposterous but this romantic drama is utterly charming.

Z P (mx) wrote: This movie is very funny. Carole Lombard is at her peak. Unfortunately, the Technicolor pro on this film really dropped the ball, for the video quality is awful (the same is true with "Life With Father"). But it's worth watching and hopefully one day they'll either clean up the color or make it black and white.

Peter W (es) wrote: Many special effects are horrible, but the Floating City looks nice and Munro is quite fresh. Plummer has some fine closing lines. But best are the space torpedoes! I believe the Italians used something similar in World War II, but in the sci-fi genre this feature is quite unique.

Paul C (fr) wrote: Easily the best movie of all time, perfect in every way possible.

Muhammed S (gb) wrote: Modern science and technology has ruined some of the classic sci fi storylines but still is a great late night watch and real fun.

Timothy P (au) wrote: Despite featuring a bland plot and more bland Rosie O'Donnell, there were enough laughs to make it watchable.