Goodbye Texas

Goodbye Texas

A Texan sheriff and his younger brother travel across the frontier into Mexico to confront the man who killed their father.

The tough gun-man Burt Sullivan (Franco Nero) leaves his job as a town sheriff to go to Mexico to find the man, Cisco, who killed his father many years ago. He and his younger brother ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sue P (ru) wrote: This film was crap. I enjoyed every minute of it

Richard D (es) wrote: When a teenage boy's mother overdoses, he moves in with her family who are essentially a criminal gang. He starts out naively enjoying the thrills, but when he finds himself caught between the police and his own family's lethal intentions, he has to figure out how to maneuver his way out. A dark and cynical flick buoyed by amazing performances all around, particularly Ben Mendelsohn as the most psychotic family member. Largely familiar material handled very skillfully and offering a few surprises.

Ginette A (us) wrote: it took me 4 years to watch it but yeah i liked it. good for a girly night or a duvet day :)

Winston W (es) wrote: It's a lot like reading The Illiad, had homer suffered from autism. Pleanty of deapth, just no communication to the audience

John M (au) wrote: Standard ghost story, dragged down by a nothing ending.

Akramul i (ru) wrote: A gritty, darker take of Catch Me If You Can and the American Dream.

Allison B (jp) wrote: Well I saw it and figure I give it a chance. This movie dull, cheesy and wasn't worth to even give a chance. It's highly a DUD

JeanAntoine B (ca) wrote: Weird and long, but the characters are interesting and there was some funny moments.

Teoman P (fr) wrote: This was a very entertaining movie. When I saw the title of the movie I couldn't help but check it out, seeing as it also starred Bruce Campbell. And what we're in is a nice fun ride between slapstick comedy yet it is not too stupid or lame, it is actually rather funny and it's good to see that this movie takes itself half seriously. Not only are Campbell and Raimi very good actors, but they play they are very well fit for their roles, and keep the movie alive. I was glad to see this movie wasn't a bad one-liner movie, the dialog and directing were really good for a B movie, and this is something I'd definitely recommend watching! Another B movie par excellence!

Sawan K (gb) wrote: Brilliant performance by Akshaye Khanna.

Adam R (fr) wrote: A fun family movie about a boy who magically acquires sensational basketball skills and plays in the NBA. A nice fantasy! (First viewing - Teen years)

Gading G (nl) wrote: actually totally forget the story :p

Barney F (nl) wrote: Let me just start off by saying that even though this is one of Tommy Lee's weaker performances the movie is still worth a try. There are a lot comedic misses but when it hits it is pretty good. I just stuck around to gaze at Garner's rocking body, but anyway, this film tends to teeter between rotten and fresh but ultimately falling more towards the fresh.

Scott M (au) wrote: I like it but the only reason I did watch it was to see Madonna naked =)

Sherrill F (nl) wrote: Honestly, I had no idea what the heck was going on from beginning to end. Maybe I'm dense. I keep thinking I should rewatch it but I really don't care that much. One star because the effects are undeniably cool.

IMia K (us) wrote: As much hate as this film gets I enjoyed it with some new faces and some old a different plot and some really crazy moments while it has its flaws I still enjoyed it

Abhinay M (ca) wrote: Brilliantly funny, witty and action-packed.

Charles T (kr) wrote: Great message bad execution.