Goodnight, Mr. Foot

Goodnight, Mr. Foot

Bigfoot checks into Hotel Transylvania to get some sleep but keeps getting disturbed by a zealous witch maid.

Bigfoot checks into Dracula's resort,where he meets an energetic witch-maid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony G (fr) wrote: Not how I expected it to be.

Timm S (br) wrote: Call Me A Nerd. I Don't Care! This Was Down-Right Awesome.

James H (gb) wrote: Sappy film that is intended to be inspiring and feel-good, but there are a lot of crabby people in this movie! It takes away from the "feel-good" effect. The film lacks crediblity, it's too melodramatic.

Trinity C (us) wrote: This is very emotional...

Ian C (nl) wrote: A great example of cultural capital in this off the wall stuff from Woody Allen. Loads of oneliners and gags. Ullman is fantastic.

JohnDaniel (kr) wrote: watchd wen i was 8 or something

Terry D (jp) wrote: This film stands as the most memorable movie-going experience of the my adolescence. It was the first movie I ever went to by myself, and boy, there could not have been a more perfect movie for me to have 'all to myself' at that time, in that place, of my life. I became completely absorbed in this old-style adventure yarn from the opening titles, invested quickly thereafter in the character of Indiana Jones, and my eyes remained wide open until the closing credits. From an emotional standpoint, what George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, John Williams, and company presented on the screen really was like a 1940s-style movie serial, complete with globetrotting action-packed intrigue and cliffhangers galore. Great memories. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for me to watch this again.

Matt H (jp) wrote: Like Playtime, just not my thing.

Derek W (kr) wrote: In a category all of it's own, a truly unique movie experience.

BSH n (br) wrote: Assassins is essentially an updating of a well-established story line. Robert Rath (Stallone) is the best in the world at what he does--killing people for money. But he's getting tired of it all and wants out of the business. Unfortunately, you can't just give two weeks notice to your faceless hit contractor; it's a bit more difficult than that. So it's understandable that Rath barely flinches when he finds out Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas), the #2 assassin, is after him.When you throw into the mix the world's best actress (Julianne Moore) as Electra, a surveillance expert and electronic thief, all hell breaks loose. Electra is his latest "mark," and, fed up with everything, Rath elects not to kill her, as he was charged to do. Instead they team together against a new, common enemy: Bain, who Banderas brings to life with a soul of pure evil.Assassins starts out a little slow in setting up this tricky web, but it pays off the first time Bain and Rath meet. Thereafter, each meeting grows progressively more intense--and more violent--as the two square off like fighting lions. These action sequences are some of the best of the year, and together with Moore's turn as the enigmatic Electra, Assassins develops into a great entry for its genre.Yes, there are some cheap "dog-barks-suddenly" surprises, a few sappy and overdramatic moments, and the story is just on the other side of impossibility, but what the hell, it's an action movie, right? That it is, and it's a pretty good one to boot.

Miguel A (br) wrote: Com (C)dia sobre um tringulo amoroso demora algum tempo a aquecer, mas, assim que descola, (C) um festival de "lines" absolutamente memorveis e palco para uma trama sexual muito frente do seu tempo, em 1933. Custa at (C) acreditar que um filme desse tempo seja muito mais sofisticado do que um monte de contemporneos, no que tem a dizer sobre como os homens e as mulheres se relacionam. Clssico de alto valor acrescido pelo micro-crush com que fiquei Miriam Hopkins. 4/5

Brad S (ru) wrote: I've seen this film many times now, and still get a kick out of it. The movie is cheesy and juvenile, but amusing with some fun cameos and a good soundtrack. one A-lister in particular has a great cameo. Worth watching if in the mood for something light with no thinking involved.

Austin G (ca) wrote: Even though you know that Jim Carry's going to say "yes" to everything just by looking at the title, Carrey's comedic charm just barely saves this film.