Goof on the Roof

Goof on the Roof

The Stooges take care of a house while their friend is getting married. Their friend wants them to get a TV and have an antenna installed on the house. The Stooges have a great idea. They ...

The Stooges take care of a house while their friend is getting married. Their friend wants them to get a TV and have an antenna installed on the house. The Stooges have a great idea. They ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goof on the Roof torrent reviews

Andrew D (ag) wrote: An excellent documentary/tribute to the Vans Warped Tour and the touring bands of Warped Tour 2010. It documents struggling bands, up and coming bands, and commercially successful bands dedicated to putting their music out in what some believe is the best outlet .. touring. Great interviews of bands from a variety of genres give their insight to what keeps them touring and making music. Other interviews comment on the decline of the spirit that is now being lost from large-sized tours because of the commercialization and business aspect using teens as cash pawns. The only thing I would suggest that would've made the documentary better is interviews from more bands. I guess thats what the special features are for. Suicide Silence, one my favorite bands, is interviewed multiple times, so that's a plus :).

Mary S (ag) wrote: The camera-work was not too impressive, but the realism is truly striking.

Heather T (gb) wrote: Witty, Warm and Well-cast

Anna B (es) wrote: would love to see this movie again.

Anders A (ag) wrote: Great movie in every aspect, the characters are brilliant, it's action filled without overdoing it like "HongKong" movies always do. The plot is smart and sharp, with a killer end.

Robin W (gb) wrote: If you're into the hardcore surf flicks, you might be happier sticking to the McGillivray-Freeman classics, but if you appreciate some nice surfing scenes as a backdrop to a story with a lot of heart and more than one "main character", do check this out. Probably the best movie I've seen Mark Harmon do. Jeremy Sumpter is particularly impressive as Skeet.

Matt G (kr) wrote: Finding Dory is good on its own, but its biggest accomplishment is the weight and history it gives to Nemo. Not that it even needed it, being among Pixar's best blends of humor, heart, visuals, and characters. We learn everything we need to know about Nemo and Marlin in the first 5 minutes, with an opening that is taut and unbearably sad. It also contains my favorite bit of Pixar dialogue: (Dory): "Time to let go" (Nemo): "How do you know something bad isn't gonna happen?" (Dory): "I don't!"

Esmeralda N (es) wrote: Really great Kids movie! finally a movie that doesn't dumb kids down but empowers them.

Lloyd B (de) wrote: just awesome! the most action-packed of the series so far.. the most moving, shocking and sad moments since the second film..

ca f (fr) wrote: I understand why Kubrick himself doesn't want this film to be shown...

Brian S (gb) wrote: like Roberta, this film features an additional love story between two much less funny people with much less chemistry. Fred & Ginger's roles are much more prominent in this one, however, and together and apart do some of the best dancing of all their movies, even contributing a little slapstick to the hoofing. the songs were great, too. the comedy wasn't as fresh and sharp as some of the other efforts, but it was still amusing.

Conan 3 (us) wrote: A product of America that registers American soldiers' sacrifices. Look past the nationalism and enjoy a good action movie with some factual basis. Like this: try HurtLocker or Lone Survivor.

Molly C (kr) wrote: This movie is bad and it doesn't even have the decency to realize it. The characters are unconvincing and unlikable (except for NPH and the actress playing the maid). I get that some of them are supposed to be unlikable, but they're so exaggerated they're little more than caricatures of played out high school stereotypes (and I mean even worse than normal). I watched this move a second time because I was thinking maybe I was just in a bad mood the first time I saw it. Nope. The lead actor is far from "beastly" even with a shaved head, tattoos, and some weird metal crap glued to his face. He certainly doesn't change enough for everyone to stop recognizing him, as our heroine and his other buddies do. Mary-Kate Olsen is far from ugly too, though everyone keeps talking about how hideous she is. The weirdest thing about her is that she dresses like she's in some goth inspired high fashion runway show while going to high school. Hudgens is pretty lame too. Her character, Lindy, is supposed to be our heroine, but instead she's just grumpy. However, the script may be the worst part of this film. It is absolutely cringe worthy. With words like "bitchcraft" and "frankenskank" and the repeated line of "embrace the suck" its hard to take seriously, which I assume you are supposed to do, since the film isn't at all funny either. You can tell some of the lines are meant to be witty and clever, but they fall flat. Very flat. The whole film is like it was made up by a 13-year-old girl. Except for the cinematography maybe, that at least is on par, but not exceptional.

Jill R (de) wrote: Gigantic piece of trash surprising the directors still get work couldn't Finish the movie Grade F

Hrant B (ru) wrote: Seventh Son is a movie about witches who turn into dragons enough said. The script was quirky and quick with an excellent cast. Great CGI and visual effects with wonderful cinematography. It was an okay movie.

Nik J (nl) wrote: Heartbreaking but brilliant. British cinema at its best.