A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware.

Based on the series of children's horror fiction novellas, Goosebumps follow child characters, who find themselves in scary situations. Zach Cooper move from New York to the fictional town of Madison, Delaware. Their neighbors are Mr. Shivers and his daughter, Hannah, but when Zach tries to introduce himself, Mr. Shivers warns him to stay away from them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goosebumps torrent reviews

Nick B (au) wrote: Top 10 Lifetime flick, maybe top 5 ??????

Jess A (us) wrote: The movie had a lot of potential. I knew it was a smaller budget film, so I wasn't expecting greatness, but with the cast that it had I knew that would at least be one redeeming factor. Other than the cast though, the movie wasn't that amazing. They stories were a little bland.

Marsha L (gb) wrote: Got to know more about korean classical music, amazing preformance and good acting. But I don't understand why the bro and sis had to play hide and seek for their whole life? I mean the bro looked for the sis again and again throughout the whole movie.

Nicki M (us) wrote: Similar plot to The Other Women, but in high school. Preferable. Silly, but fun and not a long running time, so doesn't outwear it's welcome. Light bit of froth with a like able teen cast.

barry h (ru) wrote: 1/5 stars one of the worst sequels ever made

Pete L (es) wrote: Along with Werner Herzog's "Even Dwarfs Started Small", the strangest thing that I've ever seen on film. If anyone can tell me what the hell happened I'd be really grateful. Absolutely amazing. All films should be like this.

Joel A (ag) wrote: A riveting true story of an inmate in Alcatraz who from a simple relationship with a bird became one of the most infamous bird researchers.Burt Lancaster is utterly fantastic as the birdman, the whole film is reliant in his performance & he simply delivers.The relationship with the bird is second to the incredible story if human spirit and his determination not to be locked up mentally. Although this film runs 2.5 hours it doesn't feel like it, it's touching, enthralling & written so well, a true classic a powerful story...

Glenda Marie A (gb) wrote: One of the worst dance movies I've ever seen. The opening scene of the movie might lure you to watch the rest of it but just a friendly caveat, don't watch it lest you get disappointed. The plot, cinematography, and even the actors were bad. The characters didn't seem credible, at all. In a nutshell, the movie is very amature.

Michael J (ag) wrote: Teen Wolf it wasn't.

Allan C (de) wrote: Writer/Director Andrew Bergman ("The In-Laws" and "The Freshman") would seem to be the right director to bring the offbeat humor of a Carl Hiaasen novel to the screen. However, the tone of the film wasn't quite right and it send up nowhere as good as Hiaasen's book. Similar to Elmore Leonard books, which for years had failed film adaptations until "Jackie Brown" and "Out of Sight," Hiaasen mixes humor and crime stories, often with a wide menagerie of colorful characters, in a way that's hard to translate to film. In a story that mostly revolves around Demi Moore having to strip in order to make a living wage in order to get her daughter back from her crazed ex-husband who has custody. There are also plot threads involving the various characters at the Eager Beaver strip club, a cop (the underused Armand Assante), but the best is Burt Reynolds as the lecherous Senator Dilbeck. Compared to "Jackie Brown" and "Out of Sight," those films weren't playing for laughs, whereas the actors in this film were. The other films let the situations create the twisted laughs, whereas this film had characters with silly haircuts and broad performances that made the film seem pretty lightweight.