Unorthodox, honest, simple-minded, and unemployed Gopi is blamed for a theft he did not commit, and gets thrown out of his home by his elder step-brother.

Unorthodox, honest, simple-minded, and unemployed Gopi is blamed for a theft he did not commit, and gets thrown out of his home by his elder step-brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (ca) wrote: 151217: Brought a tear to my eye more than once. Fun and heartwarming little film that has become a seasonal regular. Features the history of the high technology used by the Santa Claus, his family and their elfin crew to perform that annual miracle known as Christmas.

Areeque T (fr) wrote: The most interesting twist on a zombie thriller that you won't see coming

Harry W (nl) wrote: Bulworth has a great premise on the surface, and the plot mirrors Warren Beatty going out on a limb to take on the challenge of this film. Although, Bulworth isn't consistent in humour because the story becomes strong enough for viewers to embrace the character Jay Bulworth has become. Although this sounds like it benefits the film, it also proves to be certain downfall, because the story sucks the viewers in to the extent that they can no longer look at Bulworth for what is happening on the surface, which is a politician becoming a street-wise rapper all of a sudden. Instead, the viewers may find themselves embracing him like the African-American community in the film which makes him a person being taken seriously by the viewer as opposed to them finding humour in the fact that he is a straight up repetitive politician attempting to be gangsta. Basically, Bulworth takes itself very seriously and becomes more important for its drama than its comedy, and Warren Beatty's performance is practically too good. Although it succeeds in drama, it is supposed to be predominantly a comedic satire which makes it different from what the viewer should expect.However, due to Warren Beatty's hard work as director, writer, producer and actor, Bulworth is a fairly choice success. To see Warren Beatty in the role as a politician results in a feel of nostalgia to the work on his Epic masterpiece Reds, but to see him in the role of a rapper, a completely independent man completely out of place and attempting to build street cred, that's just utterly hilarious. It's a bold and ambitious move of Warren Beatty as an Actor, Director and Producer, with his role as Writer being the standout as he produces a very clever screenplay which he works with very well and ensures that the entire cast is made to as well.Halle Berry in particular gives the strongest supporting performance, assisting the viewer in understanding the streetwise persona that Jay Bulworth has to develop as a character which assists Warren Beatty in doing so, and the two share a fine chemistry.Bulworth is predominantly an entertaining success because of how it rides its eccentric plot with a fine cast, which gives it the necessary satirical edge to pass, but it also succeeds from a technical perspective.The cinematography in Bulworth is strongly atmospheric and the production design is great, as is the costumes which instantly characterise the members of the screen, making it a film which automatically sets itself well before it dives into its demographics. It never let's this down, and its atmosphere shifts as the story develops which makes them work alongside each other and help the story to flow naturally, even though its one of the most comedically unnatural stories ever.Frankly, Bulworth is an ambitious and bold move for Warren Beatty, and although the comedy is inconsistent, it's a clever political satire with clever humour and fine performances, making it a strong political film and strong comedy-drama.

Anders A (mx) wrote: Jarmusch debut, done minimalistic yet unfolded a certain Jarmusch-style, coolness sticking to his director-career. A young trio with really not many life-goals, wakes up daily just living at random.

Vicky P (nl) wrote: It's pretty but its length is really inexcusably long.

Alex C (au) wrote: A breakthrough series - absolutely fantastic.

Pasha A (ca) wrote: You don't have Terence Stamp, Julie Christie, Peter Finch and John Schlesinger in this version, but this version of Hardy's novel is more loyal to the book. In spite of the weaknesses of this TV Film, I enjoy watching it.

M C (au) wrote: A slightly offbeat tongue in cheek thriller, with plenty of clever stuff. 73/100

brianna b (it) wrote: worst movie ever created

Kim N (de) wrote: Great Movie, reminds me of the girls.

Andrew D (ru) wrote: Enjoyed this one! Great movie!