In 1980, a giant planetoid named Gorath is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth. Even though it is smaller than Earth, its mass is huge enough to crush the Earth and destroy it. A mission sent to observe Gorath is destroyed after all the orbiting ships are drawn into the planetoid. A later mission is sent to observe and the crew barely leaves before suffering the same fate. However Astronaut Tatsuo Kanai is left in a catatonic state due to his near death experience. The Earth's scientists then come up with a desperate plan to build giant rockets at the South Pole to move Earth out of Gorath's path before it is too late.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:star,   disaster,   japan,  

Japanese disaster film about a giant meteor on a collision course with the Earth. The dubbed American version of this film is missing a giant walrus which appeared briefly in the Japanese ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gorath torrent reviews

Shantel D (gb) wrote: Decent little ghost story. I don't think it has any rewatch value, but once was fine.

Lane B (gb) wrote: I'm not quite sure why this film received Golden Globe buzz. It's an impossible task and a questionable romance (her boyfriend is MIA in Afghanistan and she's crying on Ewan's shoulder? Could she be any less likable?) twisted together. Classifying it as a comedy is a stretch. The one highlight was snotty Kristin Scott Thomas.

Mark A (it) wrote: Great film for all. Spectacular all his own stunts.

Perrine B (ag) wrote: No Job Too Small. No Body Too Big. No Questions Asked.Burke et Hare sont 2 amis escrocs en qute de combines pour pouvoir joindre les deux bouts. Ils vivent Edinburgh, capitale du 19e sicle de la mdecine. Ils dcouvrent par hasard qu'un cadavre frais rapporte beaucoup d'argent car ces mdecins en herbe ont besoin de corps pour exercer leur savoir. Ils vont alors s'improviser fournisseurs officiels, en forant lgrement le sort des concitoyens qui croisent leur chemin. Je ne savais pas que c'tait inspir d'une histoire vraie. Les 2 compres taient en fait des tueurs en srie l'poque, et taient bcp moins sympathiques que ceux incarns par Simon Pegg et Andy Serkis. Glauque ? Un peu... ce qui permet cette comdie noire et absurde, avec un humour so british ! Comme c'est un style que j'aime, j'ai pour ma part apprci. Pour les fans de John Landis, il y a pas mal de cameos d'acteurs ayant particip ses vieux films. La relation entre Hare, le plus vicieux des deux, et sa femme apporte une tendresse animale et dcale l'histoire. Le coup de foudre du modr Burke pour une actrice de thtre garantit l'quilibre de couple des 2 hommes et permet de justifier quelque peu la volont de ce dernier de poursuivre perptrer des actes qui le rvulsent. A prendre avec du recul, afin de se laisser aller compatir avec ces antihros et de profiter de l'humour noir du contexte.

Paul D (es) wrote: Pacy sports story with colourful characters with a colourful outlook that shakes up all others, which as the crux of the film is a pleasure to watch.

Steve T (es) wrote: Want to get frustrated by the judicial system? Watch this movie! Definitely a must see!

Sarah T (kr) wrote: It was pretty good, made me jump (a lot) but i get scared easy. More of a suspenseful sort of movie than outright gore.It was decent imo =]

Tony S (mx) wrote: How did Mike Judge see today?

Heather V (nl) wrote: Aside from HBC looking possibly more gorgeous than ever, this movie deserves major credit for truly capturing a moment in history that I remember well. The fear of what was in store for us in January 1991, and the sudden 24/7 access we had to the stories as they happened in Baghdad, are brilliantly put to film here. Carter, Keaton and the whole cast are mesmerizing. It took me back, right to the early days of CNN addiction during times of crisis, and made me realize how much (or little?) has changed since then. A few truly chilling moments, too. See it.

The J (jp) wrote: Pretty good movie. The plot and idea for the film is pretty awesome. I like how it shows society and how money impacts people's lives.

James W (au) wrote: The only DIRTY HARRY movie to be directed by Clint Eastwood. A lot of it was filmed in Santa Cruz, CA with a big shootout at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It's fun if you don't scrutinize the plot too much. Harry is investigating a murder that takes him to a small costal town of San Pablo, CA (actually Santa Cruz, there is no San Pablo). The man was murdered by a woman he raped in a gang rape. The women is seeking revenge on her and her sister's rapist, which includes a nasty lesbian. Of course this was the 80's when homophobia was pretty rampant. Not a great film by any means but fun on a certain level and filmed in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, which I enjoyed. This is the one where he says, "Go ahead! Make my day!"

John B (br) wrote: A Bergman film that I had not seen but which grew on me to a large degree. It is very powerful with very griping performances. Stays with you.

Josh L (mx) wrote: Take away the "I" and "E" from the title, and you'll have an accurate idea of what this film is.

Mike S (ca) wrote: Mike is a 30-year-old male stripper who dreams of owning his own business making custom furniture. He takes as an apprentice a 19-year-old man, Adam, who can't hold down any other job. As Adam is beguiled by the easy money, drugs, and women, Mike starts to realize his stripper job is holding him back. Channing Tatum gives a very good performance as Mike, trying to protect Adam from the more insidious aspects of the stripper life and realizing that the allure is just too strong, even for Mike himself. The film has an interesting visual style; all the exterior scenes are filmed through a yellow filter, making the outdoors look flat and washed out. The dance club scenes, by contrast, are extremely vivid in their lights and colours. The film doesn't exactly condemn the stripper ethos, but it does show it as incompatible with our nobler instincts.

David W (gb) wrote: A 90s Sci-Fi Classic with effects that look cool to today's standards

Jimmy B (nl) wrote: This movie is supposed to be a sort of sequel to Dazed and Confused. On its own the movie is enjoyable, but when compared to D&C it falls short.