Never take a baby from his mother. You'll see why in this action-packed monster thriller as young Gorgo, a creature from the sea, is relocated to London from Ireland, with rampaging mommy-dearest not far behind.

Greedy sailors capture a giant lizard off the coast of Ireland and sell it to a London circus. Then its mother shows up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gorgo torrent reviews

Josh L (nl) wrote: Sucked. I have no other word for it. The bull that is in this movie is outrageous. Ben Carson should not be proud or even admit to the crap that he says happened in this movie. Awful movie.

Conrad H (au) wrote: There are people paid to write reviews who give a movie called Zombie Strippers a fresh and give other movies a rotten. Think about it.

Trinity C (ru) wrote: I saw some of this....not that good even for a crappy horror film.

kyo 9 (kr) wrote: A very strange but fathomable Japanese movie..People do need a 2nd chance; but they usually forgets that we are living in a world where chances are abundant ~ It depends on us to grab it and use it wisely..

Michael B (jp) wrote: Regardless of whether or not the telling of this story is accurate (and I guess we will never know), the film does at least highlight the stupidity in turning teenagers into highly trained killers and placing them in a situation which they undoubtedly do not understand and cannot cope with. American foreign policy is messed up.

Kelly K (ru) wrote: This is a wonderful, feel good film. It makes you want to believe in fairytales and true love. Amy Adams is simply amazing; she is like a real life Disney princess. Worth seeing!

Carlos B (mx) wrote: As a film, it's fast-paced thriller. As a social commentary, it's just plain shallow.

Nek TabbyChan (es) wrote: this is my favorite of the Tomie series

xXViDEO kIDDXx (fr) wrote: Dynamic character study of the lives of five exotic dancers. I personaly know how the industry is and this movie hits the bulls-eye. Honest, true and very powerful. Great dancing as well. Even as an 18 year old gay kid I can still appreciate a beautiful dancer.

Brad S (mx) wrote: I had originally seen this in theatres, it was fun to revisit. Not a great movie but I like John Goodman and the supporting cast is great with Peter O'Toole and John Hurt. Not sure I can recommend this one, but might be worth a watch to you if you like the cast, it was worth it for me.

Sally Z (ca) wrote: I want to see it simply because I like the name Yahoo Serious.

Ken T (es) wrote: Attenborough's second effort behind the camera is a clunky biopic of the British leader's early years. The film is reminiscent of the work of David Lean - the film is at its best in the outdoor battle sequences and sweeping vistas. The indoor scenes of Churchill's childhood and the moments after his father's death do tend to drag. However, Robert Shaw does an admirable job as Churchill's rather strict and unloving father from whom Winston sought approval. Simon Ward tries a little too hard in his portrayal and is never convincing. Also, the script, despite being written by Carl Foreman and being nominated for an Academy Award here, is at times quite clunky - particularly the interview segments where the interviewer often is rather negative toward his subjects, yet he asks a question in which the interviewee is allowed to answer in a manner that lets the viewer know they have the purest and most admirable of intentions! In addition, Churchill is portrayed with Christ-like innocence and we understand his every action is for the utmost good - the film does overplay its hand. Still, for those who enjoy a large scale biopic with thousands of extra, great landscape vistas and nicely done war scenes, this film will fit the bill.

Erulisse A (us) wrote: This is one surreal and bizarre movie resembling dreams that begin & end abruptly... or perhaps I'm the only one lost among the shifting scenes and transforming characters? Irregardless of that, this is one fascinating adventure that took place way before Pan's Labyrinth.

Lea S (de) wrote: whoever wrote that the main character is a chain smoker who wants to quit because she's afraid to fly (because of smoking regulations on aircraft) hasn't paid any attention to this film. She wants to quit because her fiance' is about to land a big promotion and wants to impress his boss at an important dinner. (She does jokingly mention the flying thing but what really gets her to see the hypnotist is her fiance's dinner).

Joel H (au) wrote: I think Mrs. Miniver was both the Best Picture winner of 1942 and the highest grossing film of that same year because it was a movie that people needed to see at that time. It's a well-made film with good performances, and the "stiff upper lip" attitude probably resonated with audiences who were worried about the ongoing war. It may not be as powerful now as it was then, but this is still a film worth watching.

Dr F P (es) wrote: Very evocative score reminiscent of playing the Silent Hill games.