Gorillas in the Mist

Gorillas in the Mist

The story of Dian Fossey, a scientist who came to Africa to study the vanishing mountain gorillas, and later fought to protect them.

The film based on the true story. It is about Fossey who adventures in deepest Africa uncovers many interesting things especially she is fascinated with the lives and habits of the rare mountain gorillas. She fights against Ugandan natives to protect beloved gorillas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gorillas in the Mist torrent reviews

Mark S (it) wrote: I highly recommend the 1st half of this film, it has some incredibly funny scenes. However, like a second trip to the all you eat buffet table, I suggest you forego the second half which will leave you feeling bloated and sleepy.

Hugo G (fr) wrote: The premise of the story was a very intriguing one and complex, therefore I had very high expectations from it because it's subject was very provocative and also it had a very good director and actors. Thus, I wasn't disappointed, I suppose, because I was expecting it to be mysterious and go to places no other movie has, and it felt short in that department. But still, it had some "shocking" moments and excellent performances from Nicole Kidman and Cameron Bright, which had some intense scenes and really made a plot that could've been unbelievable and that is, and made it credible and as real as possible. Overall, this was a very good movie that surely stands on its own for its controversial and unusual story, that makes you think and amazed of how vulnerable people can get to be and how the mind is very powerful. ~September 27, 2014~

eddii w (mx) wrote: rally good film, glad i watched it again

Sean O (it) wrote: An entertaining if somewhat rambling last offering by Kurosawa. It is hard not to feel pity, that worst of emotions, for the writer and all like him, who obsess over trivialities like missing cats...

Paul D (fr) wrote: There are twists and turns aplenty in this mystery thriller. While most of the film takes place in the same few rooms, the writing of this just overpowers everything else. Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve both give amazing performances. This one will keep you guessing until the end...but it is occasionally slow.

Matthew J (jp) wrote: Not as good as the others thou fun. It just misses that touch the first had. In some scenes they just look bored.

Jt H (fr) wrote: "Oh lorde," is right. Major technical failures throughout, in addition to headache giving dialogue just makes you want to scream that.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Sheridan's the whole show in this slightly above-average thriller.

Nina S (mx) wrote: I like B&W movies, and this one was good, despite it is 3 hours long.

Daniel C (br) wrote: While on a technical level it is clearly still early in the history of filmmaking and it's also dabbles in plenty of the typical Hollywood sap and patriotism, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-in its last minutes-demonstrates that Capra's classic can be original, challenging, and heartfelt.

Robert C (ag) wrote: The best part of this is Danny Elfman's score.

Alex H (ag) wrote: Pants-on-head retarded. I don't mind dumb fun, but I couldn't get past the floaty flimsy boring fights and the bewildering soundtrack. Whoever puts Disturbed and Drowning Pool in a movie should be murdered.

Benjamin P (us) wrote: "You're Eddie the Eagle."

Eric B (br) wrote: Funny, witty and just a plain old good time! Never stop...