Gosford Park

Gosford Park

Multiple storylined drama set in 1932, showing the lives of upstairs guest and downstairs servants at a party in a country house in England.

Robert Altman, one of America's most distinctive filmmakers, journeys to England for the first time to create a unique film mosaic with an outstanding ensemble cast. But when there isĀ investigate a murder involving one of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sakura E (br) wrote: As i said somewhere... this one was pushing it a bit... if only there was more interaction between Alan Rickman and Emma Thomspon's characters

RANJEET P (es) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Bandido G (nl) wrote: Like Heathers with yo-yo kung-fu and more bombs.Super Sukeban!Director's Father = Son's not there yet.

Chris H (fr) wrote: A pretty good effort. It makes you question your views on killing and getting pleasure out of watching films with killing and violence in them. It has absolutely nothing on Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon though!

Rachael H (it) wrote: A bit more entertaining, i'll give the Olsen twins some credit.

Raji K (kr) wrote: Nearly 20 years after the first original Heavy Metal movie, the movie Heavy Metal 2000 is released. The story for Heavy Metal 2000 is finding the key to grant immortality. A mysterious space time fluid grants a person immortality, but the downside is that drinking this liquid causes one to go insane. A crystal is said to be the key to unlocking unlimited a fountain containing infinite source of the liquid. An excavator Tyler comes across the key accidentally as he is mining. He becomes insane instantly, and begins killing everyone in his path as he searches for the source of the liquid with the key at hand. The heroine of the film Julie is located in Eden, and Tyler kills her father, and captures his sister in the process and hunt for the liquid source. Julie vows to get revenge and she travels where Tyler goes to kill him. She chases him across, futuristic cities, molten lava planets, and a desert planet Oroboris. She finds him especially hard to kill as he is able to take vials of the liquid and maintain temporary immortal status. To make matters worse Tyler acquires an army of vile armored lizards, and he plans to do an all attack on unlock the permanent key for immortality. . The film ends with a violent battle between the lizards and the protectors of the key, and of course Julie and Tyler. Heavy Metal 2000 is by no means a film anyone should take super seriously to be enriching or enlightening. The story is pretty one dimensional, but it is entertaining enough. Julie makes for a sexy heroine, and the metal infused tracks in the background combine well enough for the movie's purposes. The soundtrack includes artists such as Monster Magnet, Pantera, System of the Down, Sinisstar and Billy Idol to name a few. The animation is off and on throughout the film and is particularly rough in the computer animation sequences. Julie's design and character keep the film afloat, but the film is a far cry from the originality of the first film. -12.19.2016

Chris C (ru) wrote: Arnold Schwarzenegger vs James Earl Jones's voice.......

Johnathon W (ru) wrote: Classic samurai picture from Kurasawa that remains the best adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' to date. Mifune is superb as Washizu, the 'Macbeth' character, playing him as a tragic lord whose nobility is corrupted by his ambition. He's matched perfectly by Isuzu Yamada's Asaji's (the 'Lady Macbeth), his wife he pushes him along the path. Behind the camera, Kurasawa expertly adapts Macbeth to feudal Japan, capturing the main themes while making it his own story. There are some changes to fit the Japanese setting, such as Asaji playing a more active role in pulling off Washizu's crimes, while also incorporating from Japanese Not theater. While the film isn't quite as epic as "Seven Samurai" or "Ran", this remains one of Kurasawa's finest films and the best adaptation of 'Macbeth' to date.

Paule V (ru) wrote: Is it coinsident? I wonder if the director would have known the lord commander's resurrection. I mean , snow and snow.

Amy H (es) wrote: It started off quite interesting and intriguing but it got silly and feels like they lost the plot and do whatever they want.

Oremo O (us) wrote: Although not as ground breakong as the original Jurasic Park this serves as a worthy reboot of the series. The action is constant, there is jist the right amount of jokes and best of all there are some tributes to the original. Review by Oremo Ochillo

Ryan W (de) wrote: The first Chucky actually had some chills to it because the audience didn't see Chucky in his full glory until closer to the end of the film. It's not the best killer doll film ever made, however always a nice watch.