Gösta Berlings saga

Gösta Berlings saga

Gösta Berling is a young and attractive minister. Because he is an alcoholic and his preaches are far too daring, he is finally defrocked. He leaves the town in disgrace and arrives at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (br) wrote: Somewhat dreamlike and disjointed film with an unpredictable narrative and often long, still shots. The beginning is pretty banal but as the plot emerges it quickly becomes more interesting. This won't satisfy action fans but it is a beautifully filmed oddball film as revolutionary in its way as Pulp Fiction. I suspect though a knowledge of Thai culture and events would help, though much of the film occurs away from the "real world". Worth warning (for those who worry about these things) about couple of surprisingly frank sex scenes as well but like everything else in this film they are slightly discomforting and dislocating

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