Göta kanal 3 - Kanalkungens hemlighet

Göta kanal 3 - Kanalkungens hemlighet

A bad film about a couple of boats.

Kronofogden är återigen på besök hos Anderssons Båtvarv. Men denna gången är det lugnt, menar Janne Andersson. De sista båtmotorerna till Italien är levererade. När betalningen väl är i hamn, är varvet skuldfritt. Allt verkar ordna sig för Andersson.Dottern Petra kör turister i en gammal ångslup på Göta Kanal medan hon berättar myten om kanalbyggaren Baltzar von Platens hemlighet, och kanotisten Svante är ute på sin årliga tur på kanalen. Skall vi äntligen få veta vad han gör här år efter år?Men så slår den italienska maffian till. Det kommer inga pengar. Kronofogden jagar Andersson, men blir också själv jagad. Båtar sjunker, båtar exploderar, andra kör på land. Pengar kommer, pengar försvinner. Allt är som vanligt på Göta Kanal. Kommer Kanalkungens hemlighet att hjälpa de inblandade? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam U (ru) wrote: Five stars because of proving, that it is possible to create brilliant computer animation using free software!

Alex B (es) wrote: A difficult film. Fragmented (partially overheard/translated) speech/sound/silence and images (strangely enough, closely capturing/simulating the vacation/travel experience, and even "normal" life) deployed in (dis)order to stimulate thought (and practical-critical activity!). The fragmentation/dissolution of the middle-class, to be reconstituted as proletariat, communist, revolutionary.

Ching T (fr) wrote: Absolutely heartbreaking since it's based on a true story. WTF is wrong with young women abandoning babies and very young children to run off with new boyfriends? Cinematography was incredibly naturalistic in filming children being children. The lead child actor is an absolute gem because he literally shouldered the responsibility of the entire tone and direction of plot with a most expressive capability to display his burden with very little dialogue. The end was both beautiful and tragic. Incredibly moving and powerful film. This is very sad that there seems to be a pattern of movies depicting incredibly selfish young moms who are criminally neglectful of their children lately. I'm referencing the most recent Korean, "Juvenile Delinquent," which deals with the same child abandonment issue.

Mandela W (mx) wrote: Constantine is an intriguing comic book figure in the DC world, a member of the Dark Justice League and one hell of a badass exorcist. He deals with the mystic arts and has faced demons more times than he can count. in 2005 it was the right time to bring Constantine to the big screen and it had a great leading man in Keanu Reeves. However it's execution fell flat and we didn't see quite the comic book character we wanted to. John Constantine is introduced to us as a unique kind of exorcist. He is tasked by god to send demons who inhabit human bodies back to hell. In the film we see that there is an unusual case of demons trying to break through into the human world. At the same time Constantine is asked by Detective Angela Dodson to help her solve the mysterious suicide of her sister who may have been influenced by demonic voices to kill herself. Constantine helps her out and hopes that maybe his good deeds will finally buy him his way into heaven.The film started out with one of the most impressive introductions to a main character I've ever seen in the apartment exorcism scene. It should the intelligence, poise and unique nature of he character. The CGI was not bad the demons came out real well on screen. the scene where he jumps up and the demons try to catch him was an extraordinary shot well placed by Lawrence. Lawrences' camera usage is impressive here and so is the lighting. His directing here isn't anywhere near as sharp and focused as it was for the Hunger Games films. Some of the sound mixing and editing was lazily done I could hear some distinct mess ups in the sound work. the plot was quite shaky I can see the writers stuggled with the incorportation of theological elements. it did get ridiculous towards the end.On the acting side of things. Keanu reeves performance as the comic book character was pretty solid. It was more on the serious side than the comedic work from Matt Ryan these days. He portrays more of the exorcist or fallen angel that Constantine is with such a zen like calmness. Rachel weisz's character unforuntatly was poorly written. you constantly forget she is a cop weisz makes very little effort to move her away from a damsel in distress type of woman.This was overall an ok film but not a great one

James C (mx) wrote: There's a much better movie lurking in the fringes of this one. Instead we get a disposable horror film with a top-notch cast.

Igor A (us) wrote: urnebesna komedija :) nema veke ovakvi poveke, za zal ...

Chiva l (de) wrote: another history about "anti-heroes". You'll see the best shave in the street jejeje!

Cristi B (de) wrote: genu de film care e total indifirent in timpul desfasuraridar compenseaza cu 1 scenain cazul asta a fost partea cand a cantat lascia che io pianga, divin

Allan C (de) wrote: The first of six Hammer Dracula films and probably the best. There are probably one or two other Hammer Horror films I like better ("The Devil Rides Out" is the only one that comes to mind right now and "Quartermass and the Pit," "Castle of the Living Dead" or "Vampire Circus" are probably on parr), but this is certainly among the best of Hammer's horror offerings. This film follows the original Bram Stoker story for the most part, but what I think sets this film apart from previous Dracula incarnations is that Dracula is more of a visceral and violent, frightening monster and is not the romantic suave Bela Lugosi incarnation. Even the Max Schreck incarnation in "Nosferatu," though monstrous looking was not a bloody or savage a creature as Christopher Lee's Dracula. Director Terence Fisher pours on the atmosphere and blood in equal portions. Peter Cushing is also fine as the vampire hunter Doctor Van Helsing as is the flimsier by Hammer's regular composer James Bernard.

Ben G (fr) wrote: Any one who has ever liked any of the "team flix" made about WWII (Guns of Navarrone, Dirty Dozen, etc.) should watch this. Not only as one of the first ones, it is seminal, but is truly better than anything ever made since. It is extremely gritty, raw and yet full of spirit and admiration for the super-human task these men did. It's not only entertaining, it is also morally right. A great film.

Alec B (gb) wrote: I'm usually wary of historical fiction, but this one is pretty great. Ford keeps the film from straying too much into sentimentality and Fonda is the perfect choice to play the mythologized version of Lincoln.

Jim H (kr) wrote: A Southern belle attempts to manipulate her societal standing and buck social norms.Half the film of its ilk, Gone with the Wind the best example, Jezebel is a classic Southern society drama that assumes as normative racism and misogyny. Julie Marsden (Bette Davis) attempts to pervert the typical Southern culture, but she is "put in her place" by happenstance and her male "betters." Her rebuke symbolizes the film's tacit acceptance that there is such a thing as a "woman's place," and though Davis's performance is enticing and often funny, there's nothing a great actress can do to recover a failed story. Most offensive is the film's portrayal of African-Americans. Elided are the whippings, yearnings for freedom, and the forced labor, and these depictions are replaced with numerous shots of "happy Negros," content with their lower caste and more than willing to serve their "better" white folk. They speak in affected accents, and conscious of the film's problematic portrayal, the modern closed caption writer translated the film's "Yessum" to "Yes, ma'am," a phrase no African-American character actually utters.Overall, despite strong performances by Henry Fonda and Davis, the film's offense and its plodding story cannot be forgiven.

Katarina B (it) wrote: That woman is not stong unless she plays the piano

(ag) wrote: So we're just realizing now that Rocky isn't that great? It's a strange world alright.