A student on a trip to France is tricked into smuggling secrets across the Iron curtain by a sexy spy.

Jonathan plays a game called Gotcha in which he hunts and is hunted by other students with paint guns. After a big win, he goes off for a vacation in France where he meets the sexy Sasha ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gotcha! torrent reviews

Allen L (mx) wrote: On Netflix Streaming, worth checking out.

Raphael S (ca) wrote: Mais ou menos... fiquei curioso pra saber mais sobre o caso, mas no achei o filme muito bom, parece mais lento do que o necessrio.

Deke B (mx) wrote: If you are not a fan of B-rated movies and are close minded don't watch this movie. If you are even considering watching this you must have seen the first one, in that case you are going to love this movie. I just watched this last night and it was a mind blowing experience. This is a very crude humor movie and I laughed the entire time. Watch it and have fun with it.

Karen N (us) wrote: I love Morgan Freeman in this. Such a cool character. The story is simple, but the he really carries it.

Sam G (de) wrote: Ok nothing really to write home about , didn't really find it funny more annoying than anything else.

Chris M (us) wrote: Worst movie ever made. See this to understand what really bad movie is

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Victor G (es) wrote: A great adoption of peter pan played by the late great robin Williams. In this version peter rediscovers the meaning of life by rediscovering his inner child. A must watch for all robin Williams and peter pan fans and those who need help rediscovering their own childhoods

Akira J (es) wrote: In this day and age of movies trying to be realistic, it's just good to see a fun movie that does the opposite. Sure it's unrealistic, but like I said about the 1st one it's very entertaining. Watching this movie made me realize that these are parody films. The 1st parodies politically driven Action Movies. This parodies Comic Book/SciFi movies. The action, like the previous film, is top notch, the story can get convoluted at times, but it's not hard to understand. I like it and I can't wait for the Star Wars parody, Machete Kills Again; In Space.

Marilyn C (jp) wrote: Without exaggerating, this could quite possibly be the best movie I have ever seen. Joshua, a 16 year old boy abandoned by his mother and left homeless, must struggle to survive. His talent for art is his saving grace. Without going overboard into "wholesome" territory, The Forger tackles some heavy themes such as integrity and how to treat women. This is one of those films that can be enjoyed by adults, yet could also be shown to a youth group. It's that good. And yes, Josh Hutcherson is amazing. He shows off his acting chops in his portrayal of a confused teenage boy. Oh, and one funny thing...I watched the whole movie without realizing Lauren Bacall was in it (head smack)! I should have known by her voice. Definitely put The Forger as #1 in your Netflix queue.

Shantel D (ca) wrote: What a steamy pile of bad acting and lame CGI!! The only good thing about this horrible movie is the beautiful home it's filmed in.